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Structure Topology (Landmark Paper 2)

Product Code: LMK02
Series: Mineralogical Society Landmark Papers
Author/Editor: Edited by F C Hawthorne
Publication Date: 01 October 2006
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Landmark Papers 2

Published by the Mineralogical Society of Great Britain & Ireland  



Papers selected and commentary by F.C. Hawthorne

Structure Topology the second volume of collected papers in the Landmark series. Prof. Frank Hawthorne of the University of Manitoba re-examines a series of seminal papers which help us to focus on the key issues concerning structural connectivity in inorganic solids, of which minerals are a key component. and to look at where we are today in our understanding of crystal structures.

Diego Gatta in Mineralogical Magazine writes that, "the publication of these landmark papers, accompanied by Hawthorne's comentaries, will be useful not only for undergraduate or PhD students, but for all structural mineralogists. This collection provides valuable insights into the evolution of structural mineralogy and its wider application to petrology."

Topics covered:
  • Bond topology and minerals
  • The structure of complex ionic crystals
  • The structure of silicates
  • Stereoisomerism among octahedral crystals and tetrahedral chains
  • Empirical bond-valence — bond-length curves for oxides
  • Systematic retrieval and classificvation ofedge-sharing clusters
  • Non-existent silicates
  • Chemical structuring and bonding
  • Graphical enumeration of polyhedral crystals
  • Energetic content of bond topology
  • The Role of OH and H2O and oxysalt minerals

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9780903056236
Publisher: Mineralogical Society
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 301
Weight: 1.10 kg



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