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ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering Volume 2

Product Code: ICE004
Series: ICE publications
Author/Editor: Edited by John Burland; Tim Chapman; Hilary D. Skinner & Michael Brown
Publication Date: 06 February 2012
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Part of the ICE manuals series, ICE manual of geotechnical engineering is the definitive geotechnical reference, providing best practice knowledge for civil and structural engineers. Written and edited by leaders in their fields, ICE manual of geotechnical engineering delivers the core geotechnical engineering principles, practical techniques, and the major questions engineers should keep in mind when dealing with real-world engineering challenges.
Volume II covers design of foundations, retaining structures and earthworks, slopes and pavements, construction processes and verification.
This volume uses and builds on the principles and concepts, problematic soils and site investigation detail covered in Volume I.

ICE manual of geotechnical engineering is an essential guide and invaluable reference for practising civil and structural engineers, architects, designers, consultants and contractors, working on projects of all sizes.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-7277-5709-8
Publisher: Institution of Civil Engineers
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 826
Weight: 2.45 kg


Volume II

Foreword and endorsement


List of contributors


SECTION 5: Design of foundations

Chapter 51: Introduction to Section 5

Chapter 52: Foundation types and conceptual design principles

Chapter 53: Shallow foundations

Chapter 54: Single piles

Chapter 55: Pile-group design

Chapter 56: Rafts and piled rafts

Chapter 57: Global ground movements and their effects on piles

Chapter 58: Building on fills

Chapter 59: Design principles for ground improvement

Chapter 60: Foundations subjected to cyclic and dynamic loads


SECTION 6: Design of retaining structures

Chapter 61: Introduction to Section 6

Chapter 62: Types of retaining walls

Chapter 63: Principles of retaining wall design

Chapter 64: Geotechnical design of retaining walls

Chapter 65: Geotechnical design of retaining wall support systems

Chapter 66: Geotechnical design of ground anchors

Chapter 67: Retaining walls as part of complete underground structure


SECTION 7: Design of earthworks, slopes and pavements

Chapter 68: Introduction to Section 7

Chapter 69: Earthworks design principles

Chapter 70: Design of new earthworks

Chapter 71: Earthworks asset management and remedial design

Chapter 72: Slope stabilisation methods

Chapter 73: Design of soil reinforced slopes and structures

Chapter 74: Design of soil nails

Chapter 75: Earthworks material specification, compaction and control

Chapter 76: Issues for pavement design


SECTION 8: Construction processes

Chapter 77: Introduction to Section 8

Chapter 78: Procurement and specification

Chapter 79: Sequencing of geotechnical works

Chapter 80: Groundwater control

Chapter 81: Types of bearing piles

Chapter 82: Piling problems

Chapter 83: Underpinning

Chapter 84: Ground improvement

Chapter 85: Embedded walls

Chapter 86: Soil reinforcement construction

Chapter 87: Rock stabilisation

Chapter 88: Soil nailing construction

Chapter 89: Ground anchors construction

Chapter 90: Geotechnical grouting and soil mixing

Chapter 91: Modular foundations and retaining walls


SECTION 9: Construction verification

Chapter 92: Introduction to Section 9

Chapter 93: Quality assurance

Chapter 94: Principles of geotechnical monitoring

Chapter 95: Types of geotechnical instrumentation and their usage

Chapter 96: Technical supervision of site works

Chapter 97: Pile integrity testing

Chapter 98: Pile capacity testing

Chapter 99: Materials and material testing for foundations

Chapter 100: Observational method

Chapter 101: Close-out reports


Index to volumes I and II


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