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Stiff Sedimentary Clays

Product Code: ICE002
Series: ICE publications
Author/Editor: by R. May
Publication Date: 07 February 2011
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Many major cities are built on stiff sedimentary clays and the increasing demands for large earthworks, major foundations, deep excavations and tunnels, often in close proximity to each other, stretches our scientific understanding and engineering skills to their limits. The fourteenth Géotechnique Symposium in Print, returned to geo-materials, focusing on the genesis and engineering behaviour of stiff sedimentary clays and was divided into four sessions – Formation and engineering geology of stiff clays; Laboratory and in situ techniques and their interpretation; Engineering characterisation of stiff clay formations and material models; and Engineering in stiff clays. This book brings together all the Symposium papers, by leading international researchers, published in Géotechnique, keynote speeches, informal discussions on key submissions that were presented at the Symposium at the Institution of Civil Engineers on 14 May 2007 and additional papers, published in Géotechnique between 2000 and 2006, which add further insights on the major topics of the Symposium.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-0-7277-4108-0
Publisher: Institution of Civil Engineers
Binding: Hardback
Weight: 1.55 kg



Keynote Speeches

Stiff sedimentary clays: geological origins and engineering properties

Engineering in stiff sedimentary clays

Session 1: Formation and Engineering Geology of Stiff Clays

A biostratigraphy for the London Clay in London

Geotechnical variation of London Clay across central London

Structure and mechanical response of sub-Apennine Blue Clays in relation to their geological and recent loading history

Informal discussion


Session 2: Laboratory and In Situ Techniques and their Interpretation

The influence of structure on the behaviour of London Clay

The stiffness of natural London Clay

Shear strength anisotropy of natural London Clay

Influence of structure on the time-dependent behaviour of a stiff sedimentary clay

In situ behaviour of a stiff layered clay subject to thermal loading: observations and interpretation

Technical Notes

Suction effects in deep Boom Clay block samples

Void ratio function for elastic shear moduli for Boom Clay

Manufacture of samples of overconsolidated clay by laboratory sedimentation

Informal discussion


Session 3: Characterisation of Formations and Material Models

Characteristics of the London Clay from the Terminal 5 site at Heathrow Airport

Peak strength of overconsolidated clays

A constitutive model for soft clayey rocks that includes weathering effects

An experimental investigation into the mechanical behaviour of a structured stiff clay

Twenty-five years’ geotechnical observation and testing in the Tertiary Boom Clay formation

Informal discussion


Session 4: Engineering in Stiff Clays

Predicting the stand-up time of temporary London Clay slopes at Terminal 5, Heathrow Airport

Modelling of long-term ground response to tunnelling under St James’s Park, London

Undrained behaviour of brecciated Upper Lias Clay at Empingham Dam

Pore water pressure and horizontal stress changes measured during construction of a contiguous bored pile multi-propped retaining wall in Lower Cretaceous clays

Informal discussion


Selected related articles from Ge´otechnique

Anisotropic stiffness parameters and their measurement in a stiff natural clay

Modelling of a 3D excavation in finite element analysis

Seasonal changes in pore water pressure in a grass-covered cut slope in London Clay

Installation effects of a bored pile wall in overconsolidated clay

Technical Note

Techniques for performing small-strain probes in the triaxial apparatus


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