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Colli Albani Volcano

Product Code: IAV003
Series: IAVCEI Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R Funiciello and G Giordano
Publication Date: 17 September 2010
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Special Publication of IAVCEI No. 3

The Colli Albani volcano (also Alban Hills volcano) is the large quiescent volcanic field that dominates the Roman skyline. The Colli Albani is one of the most explosive mafic calderas in the world, associated with intermediate to large volume ignimbrites. At present it shows signs of unrest, including periodic seismic swarms, ground uplift and intense diffuse degassing, which are the main short-term hazards. New studies have discovered deposits related to previously unknown pre-Holocene and Holocene volcanic and phreatic activity. In the fourth Century B.C.E. Roman engineers excavated a tunnel through the Albano maar crater wall to keep the lake from breaching the rim and flooding the surrounding countryside, events that had previously destroyed this region several times.

The Colli Albani Volcano contains 21 scientific contributions on stratigraphy, volcanotectonics, geochronology, petrography and geochemistry, hydrogeology, volcanic hazards, geophysics and archaeology, and a new 1:50 000 scale geological map of the volcano. The proximity to Rome and the interconnection between volcanic and human history also make this volcano of interest for both specialists and non-specialists.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-307-3
Publisher: GSL on behalf of IAVCEI
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 400
Weight: 1.30 kg



FUNICIELLO, R. & GIORDANO, G. The Colli Albani volcano: foreword and previous studies.

Geological background

MATTEI, M., CONTICELLI, S. & GIORDANO, G. The Tyrrhenian margin geological setting: from the Apennine orogeny to the K-rich volcanism
CHIARABBA, C., GIORDANO, G., MATTEI, M. & FUNICIELLO, R. The three-dimensional structure of the Colli Albani volcano

Evolution of the volcanic field and of the plumbing system

GIORDANO, G.& THE CARG TEAM. Stratigraphy, volcano tectonics and evolution of the Colli Albani volcanic field
SOLIGO, M. & TUCCIMEI, P. Geochronology of Colli Albani volcano
CONTICELLI, S., BOARI, E., AVANZINELLI, R., DE BENEDETTI, A. A., GIORDANO, G., MATTEI, M., MELLUSO, L. & MORRA, V. Geochemistry, isotopes and mineral chemistry of the Colli Albani volcanic rocks: constraints on magma genesis and evolution
DANESE, E. & MATTEI, M. The sedimentary substrate of the Colli Albani volcano
DE BENEDETTI, A. A., CAPRILLI, E., ROSSETTI, F. & GIORDANO, G. Metamorphic, metasomatic and intrusive xenoliths of the Colli Albani volcano and their significance for the reconstruction of the volcano plumbing system
DIANO, G., BONAMICO, A. & GIORDANO, G. Three-dimensional reconstruction of the main unconformities of the Colli Albani stratigraphy and deposit volume calculations


MAZZA, R. & CAPELLI, G. Hydrogeology of the Colli Albani volcano
FACCENNA, C., FUNICIELLO, R. & SOLIGO, M. Origin and deposition of the Lapis Tiburtinus travertine

The Albano Maar lake

ANZIDEI, M. & ESPOSITO, A. Lake Albano: bathymetry and level changes
VIGLIOTTI, L., ARIZTEGUI, D., GUILIZZONI, P. & LAMI, A. Reconstructing natural and human-induced environmental change in central Italy since the late Pleistocene: the multi-proxy records from maar lakes Albano and Nemi
CARAPEZZA, M. L., LELLI, M. & TARCHINI, L. Geochemistry of the Albano crater lake
ELLWOOD, N. T. W., GALVEZ, R., ALBERTANO, P., VIAGGIU, E. &MOSELLO, R. Physico-chemical and biological aspects of Lake Albano

Volcanic hazard

CARAPEZZA, M. L., BARBERI, F., TARCHINI, L., RANALDI, M. & RICCI, T. Volcanic hazards of the Colli Albani
ANZIDEI, M., RIGUZZI, F. & STRAMONDO, S. Current geodetic deformation of the Colli Albani volcano: a review
TODESCO, M. & GIORDANO, G. Modelling of CO2 circulation in the Colli Albani area

Volcanic activity and archaeology

FUNICIELLO, R., HEIKEN, G., DE BENEDETTI, A. A. & GIORDANO, G. Volcanic activity of the Lake Albano Maar in Roman history and mythology
ANZIDEI, A. P., BARBARO, B., CARBONI, G., CASTAGNA, A., CELANT, A., EGIDI, R., FAVORITO, S., MALVONE, M. & SPADONI, D. Geomorphological and environmental transformations during the recent prehistory: a reconstruction of the landscape and the peopling of the territory southeast of Rome
GIOIA, P., ARNOLDUS-HUYZENDVELD, A., CELANT, A., ROSA, C. & VOLPE, R. Archaeological investigations in the Torre Spaccata valley (Rome): human interaction with the recent activity of the Albano Maar



Review by A. Pittari (The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand) in Bulletin of Volcanology (2012) 74:1577–1578

The monograph is a well-organized compilation of paper chapters, each covering a distinct topic, linked in a logical progression to develop a comprehensive scientific analysis of the Colli Albani volcano.

The themes presented in each chapter are supported by extensive literature reviews and strong scientific data sets and observations. All chapters are well illustrated, and data sets are plotted or tabulated by the most effective means. The writing style is coherent across all chapters and would even be accessible to the non-specialist. A huge bonus for the purchaser of this monograph is the new 1:50,000 Geological Map of the Colli Albani Volcano, which also includes central Rome and effectively highlights the intimate relationship between the volcanic geology and the ancient city. The Colli Albani Volcano provides an ideal model for future volumes on other volcanic systems.

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