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Bruce Yardley appointed Chief Geologist

Bruce Yardley (Leeds University) has been appointed Chief Geologist by The Radioactive Waste Management Directorate (RWMD) of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA).

Chartership news

Chartership Officer Bill Gaskarth reports on a projected new logo for use by CGeols, advice on applications and company training schemes

Climate Change Statement Addendum

The Society has published an addendum to 'Climate Change: Evidence from the Geological Record' (November 2010) taking account of new research

Cracking up in Lincolnshire

Oliver Pritchard, Stephen Hallett, and Timothy Farewell consider the role of soil science in maintaining the British 'evolved road'

Critical metals

Kathryn Goodenough* on a Society-sponsored hunt for the rare metals that underpin new technologies

Déja vu all over again

As Nina Morgan Discovers, the debate over HS2 is nothing new...

Done proud

Ted Nield hails the new refurbished Council Room as evidence that the Society is growing up

Earth Science Week 2014

Fellows - renew, vote for Council, and volunteer for Earth Science Week 2014!  Also - who is honoured in the Society's Awards and Medals 2014.

Fookes celebrated

Peter Fookes (Imperial College, London) celebrated at Society event in honour of Engineering Group Working Parties and their reports

Geology - poor relation?

When are University Earth Science departments going to shed their outmoded obsession with maths, physics and chemistry?

Nancy Tupholme

Nancy Tupholme, Librarian of the Society and the Royal Society, has died, reports Wendy Cawthorne.

Power, splendour and high camp

Ted Nield reviews the refurbishment of the Council Room, Burlington House

The Sir Archibald Geikie Archive at Haslemere Educational Museum

You can help the Haslemere Educational Museum to identify subjects in Sir Archibald Geikie's amazing field notebook sketches, writes John Betterton.

Top bananas

Who are the top 100 UK practising scientists?  The Science Council knows...

April 2017


Editorial: The blood-dimmed tide

Ted Nield hails the second coming - in a world of 'unenlightenment' values



A new CPD system

David James is concerned that the Society’s new CPD system oversteps the bounds.



Artisanal mining training in Africa

We hear a lot about artisanal mining - none of it good.  Addressing its many challenges needs a step-change in education, says Felix Toteu.


The enlightened Mr Parkinson

Cherry Lewis examines the geological life and work of Society Founder and medical pioneer, James Parkinson


Online Special

Online Special: Meet the External Relations team

From Fossil Festivals to government consultation responses, the Geological Society is involved in more outward facing activities than ever, write Nic Bilham and Flo Bullough


Society News

From the Publishing House

Jenny Davey has the latest from the Geological Society Publishing House


President's Day 2017

Award winners 2017 will receive their medals, prizes and funds on 7 June, writes Stephanie jones


Rocks in the City

The City of London Geoscience Forum, in conjunction with the Natural Resources Forum and the Scottish Oil Club, held a meeting on ‘Trust and Transparency in the Oil & Gas and Mining Industries’. 


Profile - External Relations Team

From Fossil Festivals to government consultation responses, the Geological Society is involved in more outward facing activities than ever, writes Sarah Day.


Books & Arts


Six new books reviewed by Ted Nield, Jonathan Scafidi, James Montgomery, Richard porter, Desmond Donovan and David Nowell.


In the Regions

Birthday bash

The Leeds Engineering Geology MSc course celebrates 50 years, writes Neal Gunn.




Geologist and science writer Nina Morgan sifts through the evidence behind the biggest fossil hoax of the 20th Century



Colin Stewart Exley 1926 – 2016

Igneous petrologist at Keele University who specialised in the Variscan granites of south west England