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President's Day 2017

Last month the Society announced the winners of its medals and funds for 2017, write Stephanie Jones 

RotundaPicResized.jpgThe winners are:

  • Richard Alley (Wollaston Medal);
  • Rosalind Rickaby (Lyell Medal);
  • Tim Elliott (Murchison Medal);
  • John Walsh (William Smith Medal);
  • Mark Anderson (Coke Medal);
  • Ian Fairchild (Coke Medal);
  • Caroline Lear (Bigsby Medal);
  • Mott Greene (Sue Tyler Friedman Medal);
  • Richard Hinton and Ian Kenyon (Distinguished Service Award);
  • Rotunda – the William Smith Museum of Geology  (Pictured, left - R H Worth Prize);  
  • Russell Garwood (Wollaston Fund);
  • Richard Walters (William Smith Fund);
  • Susannah Maidment (Lyell Fund);
  • Sami Mikhail (Murchison Fund). 
  • The President’s Awards for 2017 will be announced in the May issue.

President’s Day

The Awards will be presented at President’s Day on 7 June 2017.  On that day there will be research talks by the four senior medallists:  Richard Alley (Pennsylvania State University); Ros Rickaby (University of Oxford); Tim Elliott (University of Bristol); John Walsh (University College Dublin) on their current or most recent work.

All Fellows are welcome to attend the events of President’s Day, though lunch with the Award winners will incur a charge.  Full details of charges, and instructions for registration, will be published in the May issue.