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The Science Council has succumbed to the latest Internet meme and published a list of Britain’s ‘top 100 scientists’, notes Dwain Eldred...

On 14 January, as part of its tenth birthday celebrations, the Science Council announced a list of the ‘top 100 UK Practising Scientists’. You can see it for yourself at The Council canvassed its members to create this list, and seven of the nine nominations made by the Geological Society made the final cut, which aims to ‘highlight the different types of skills and challenges a career in science involves.’

The Science Council’s competition was arranged around 10 categories, each to contain 10 members, in order ‘to give a broad picture of the many different ways people work with science, making valuable contributions across UK society and the economy.’

GSL Fellows on the list are: Jane Francis (Explorer category); James Jackson (Explorer category); Trisha Henton (Monitor/regulator category); Sir Mark Moody-Stuart (Business category); Andrew Mackenzie (Business category); Alan Gibbs (Entrepreneur category); Lord Ron Oxburgh (Policy category).