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The Geology of England and Wales, 2nd edition (Paperback)

Product Code: GOEWP
Series: GSL Geology of - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P J Brenchley & P F Rawson
Publication Date: 24 October 2006
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This second edition of The Geology of England and Wales is considerably expanded from its predecessor, reflecting the increase in our knowledge of the region, and particularly of the offshore areas.  Forty specialists have contributed to 18 chapters, which cover a time range from 700 million years ago to 200 million years into the future. A new format places all the chapters in approximately temporal order. Both offshore and economic geology now form an integral part of appropriate chapters. 

Most of England and Wales is formed from part of a single terrane, Avalonia, and its pre-Cambrian (Neoproterozoic) history is preserved in patches. However the time intervals from the Cambrian to the present day are well represented in our sequences and the Cambrian, Ordovician, Silurian and Devonian systems were all defined here. William Smith’s map of England and Wales was the world’s first geological map of a country and the British Geological Survey’s copy is reproduced in the introductory chapter. This chapter, by the editors, consists of a broad overview aimed particularly at the non-specialist while guiding the reader towards the appropriate succeeding chapters. The volume concludes with a look at the future, from the short-term effects of climate change and sea-level rise to the position of our region in a possible plate tectonic configuration 200 million years hence.
While the authors have taken a ‘dynamic’ view of the evolution of the area over geological time, they have also ensured that the geological evidence on which the interpretations are based is reviewed thoroughly.  Hence the volume provides a valuable resource for both Earth scientists and the broader community.

Reprinted June 2020 and April 2022.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-200-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-200-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 592
Weight: 1.8 kg


England and Wales through geological time, P J Brenchley and P F Rawson •  Neoproterozoic: the late Precambrian terranes that formed Eastern Avalonia, D McIlroy and J M Horák • Early Palaeozoic History • Cambrian and Ordovician: the early Palaeozoic tectonostratigraphic evolution of the Welsh Basin, Midland, and Mona Terranes of Eastern Avalonia, P J Brenchley, A W A Rushton, M F Howells and R Cave •  Silurian: the influence of extensional tectonics and sea-level changes on sedimentation in the Welsh Basin and on the Midland Platform, L Cherns, L R M Cocks, J R Davies, R D Hillier, R A Waters and M Williams • The Lakesman Terrane: the Lower Palaeozoic record of the deep marine Lakesman Basin, a volcanic arc and foreland basin, R P Barnes, M J Branney, P Stone and N H Woodcock • Late Palaeozoic History The Acadian Orogeny: the mid-Devonian phase of deformation that formed slate belts in England and Wales, N H Woodcock and N J Soper • Caledonian intrusive rocks of northern England and the Midlands, D Millward • The alluvial Old Red Sandstone: fluvial basins, R D Hillier and B P J Williams • Carboniferous: extensional basins, advancing deltas and coal swamps, C N Waters and S J Davies • The Variscan Orogeny: the development and deformation of Devonian/ Carboniferous basins in SW England and South Wales, B E Leveridge and A J Hartley • Cornubian granites and mineralization of SW England, R C Scrivener • Permian: arid basins and hypersaline seas, A H Ruffell, D W Holliday and D B Smith • Mesozoic to Quaternary History • Triassic: seasonal rivers, dusty deserts and saline lakes, M W Hounslow and A H Ruffell • Jurassic: the returning seas, J C W Cope • Cretaceous: sea levels peak as the North Atlantic opens, P F Rawson • Paleogene and Neogene: uplift and a cooling climate, C King •  Quaternary: ice sheets and their legacy, J A Catt, P L Gibbard, J J Lowe, D McCarroll, J D Scourse, M J C Walker and J J Wymer • What next? • The future: climate and sea-level changes, glaciation and a northward drift, P L Gibbard, J E  Rawson and A G Smith  


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