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The Making of a Land - Geology of Norway

Product Code: GNOR
Series: Miscellaneous titles
Author/Editor: Edited by Ivar B Ramberg, Inge Bryhni, Arvid Nottvedt and Kristin Rangnes
Publication Date: 24 November 2008
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Published by Norsk Geologisk Forening

The Making of a Land - Geology of Norway takes the reader on a journey in geological time, from primordial times to the present day. A fantastic journey from the summits of Norway's spectacular rugged and weather-beaten mountains to the riches concealed in the sedimentary rocks on the continental shelf. This book displays the treasures of Norwegian geology for everyone to see.

Norway's geological resources represent the foundation of its welfare state. During several centuries first the mining, and then the oil, industries have been economic mainstays, and this will continue in the future.

The book presents a description both of Norway and the planet we inhabit and depend on for our survival. It is lavishly illustrated with photographs and maps from all over the country.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9788292394427
Publisher: Distributed by GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 624
Weight: 3.00 kg


Introduction - The geology of Norway from its primeval origins to the present day, Ivar B. Ramberg, Inge Bryhni and Arvid Nottvedt

The changing face of the Earth - Geological processes, Johan Petter Nystuen

The Precambrian - The oldest rocks are formed; 4600-850 Ma(*) oystein, Nordgulen and Arild Andresen

Break-up of the Precambrian continent - Late Precambrian, from Precambrian to Palaeozoic; 850-542 Ma Johan Petter Nystuen

The Lower Palaeozoic - Cambrian, Ordovician and Silurian - the sea teems with life; 542-416 Ma, David Worsley and Hans Arne Nakrem

Creation of a mountain chain - The building up of the Caledonides; about 500-405 Ma, Haakon Fossen, Rolf-Birger Pedersen, Steffen Bergh and Arvld Andresen

The mountain chain rebounds and founders - The Caledonides are worn down; 405-359 Ma, Haakon Fossen, Winfried Dallmann and Torgeir B. Andersen 

Volcanoes and faulting in an arid climate - The Oslo Rift and North Sea in the Carboniferous and Permian; 359-251 Ma, Bjorn T Larsen, Snorre Olaussen, Bjorn Sundvoll and Michel Heeremans

Vast lowland plains, coal and salt - Carboniferous and Permian in the north; 359-251 Ma, David Worsley and Arvid Nottvedt

From desert to alluvial plain -- from land to sea - Triassic; 251-200 Ma, Johan Petter Nystuen, Reidar Muller, Atle Mork and Arvid Nottvedt

Norway encircled by coastal plains and deltas - Early and Middle Jurassic; 200-161 Ma, Erik P johannessen and Arvid Nottvedt

The source of Norway's oil wealth - Late Jurassic -- a sea of islands emerges; 161-146 Ma, Arvid Nottvedt and Erik P. johannessen

High seas and low horizons - The Cretaceous; 146-66 Ma, Harald Brekke and Snorre Olaussen

Norway rises from the sea - Palaeogene and Neogene (Cenozoic) - the modern continents take shape; 66-2.6 Ma, Ole Martinsen and Arvid Nottvedt

Glaciations come and go - Quaternary to Holocene (Pleistocene); 2.6 Ma-11,500 years ago, Tore O. Vorren and jan Mangerud

The emergence of modern Norway - The last 11,500 years - the Holocene, Tore O. Vorren, Jan Mangerud, Lars Blikra, Atle Nesje and Harald Sveian

What does the future hold? - Geohazards, climate change and continental drift, Ivan B. Ramberg, Eystein Jansen, Odleiv Olesen and Trond H. Torsvik

Index - Kristin Rangnes

Bibliography - Kristin Rangnes 

Geological maps

Geological Map of Norway - (1: 2 000 000 - inserted in back cover) - Arne Solli and Oystein Nordgulen


T.J.A. Reijers

The editors, translators and many authors, all contributing voluntarily, have done a wonderful job. The sponsors could not have supported a worthier project. The book is well written and translated, lavishly illustrated with beautiful scenic- and detailed photographs, clear geological maps and cross sections, well chosen seismic profiles and maps etc. The various textboxes are functional and a nice source of supplementary information. There is no doubt in my mind that this book is a must for anybody interested in geology, in particular so divers a geology as encountered in Norway

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