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Fossil Plants and Spores: Modern techniques - hardback

Product Code: FPASH
Series: GSL Miscellaneous Titles - print copy
Author/Editor: T. P. Jones and N. P. Rowe
Publication Date: 22 April 1999
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In recent years the study of fossil plants, spores and pollen has produced an abundance of new methods and modifications of old ones. This volume provides the first comprehensive collection of these practical methods – balancing the techniques that have been perfected over decades of research with the very latest methods and ideas.The volume is divided in to 10 sections, with 60 compact chapters written by an international array of specialists. They describe detailed accounts of the methods used to obtain information from the fossil record, the problems that may be encountered and ways in which these may be overcome. The layout of the chapters follows a logical sequence of locating, collecting, extracting, analysing and preserving plant fossils and palynomorphs. A comprehensive bibliography, glossary and list of equipment suppliers is also provided. While many of the methods in the book have been specifically designed for fossil plants, they can be adapted for other branches of palaeontology and related subjects.Fossil Plants and Spores: modern techniques demonstrates that the study of fossil plants is a modern science and one increasingly applied in many disciplines to address such issues of current concern as evolution, environmental change and occurrence of fossil fuels. It is essential reading for palaeobotanists, palynologists, palaeontologists and academics teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in earth and life science university departments. It will be used as both a laboratory manual and a source of inspiration for what can be discovered from the fossil plant record.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-035-5
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-035-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 396
Weight: 1.20 kg


Part One Extraction techniques Locating and collecting fossil plants and spores• Extraction of lignitic and fusainized plant fragments from unconsolidated sandy and clay-rich sediments• Extracting plant mesofossils and megafossils by bulk acid maceration• Small palynomorphs• Large palynomorphs and debris• Palynomorph extraction from peat, lignite and coals•Part Two Morphology• Surface preparation of macrofossils (dégagement) • Plant and spore compression in sediments Macrophotography• Light microscopy of fossil pollen and spores• Light microscopy of cuticles• Scanning electron microscopy of megafossils and mesofossils•Part Three Anatomy• The acetate peel technique• Embedding techniques: adhesives and resins• Thin sections and wafering• Polished blocks and reflected light microscopy• Opaque petrifaction techniques• Lignified and charcoalified fossil wood• Fabric analysis and plant anatomy• Biomechanical analysis•Part Four Ultrastructure• The ultrastructure of fossil cuticle• Plant cell walls. • Megaspore ultrastructure• The ultrastructure of fossil pollen and spores•Part Five Geochemistry• Collection and storage of fossil plant remains for organic geochemical analyses• Carbon stable isotope analysis of fossil plants• Pyrolysis and chemolysis of fossil plant remains: applications to palaeobotany• Solid-state 13C nuclear magnetic resonance of fossil plants and spores• Isolation, identification, and authentication of DNA sequences derived from fossil material• Mineralogical and geochemical analyses• Spore colour measurement• Bulk geochemistry as a guide to provenance and diagenesis•Part Six Conservation, databases and protocols• The plant fossil record on the internet• Taxonomic and nomenclatural alternatives • Curation in museum collections•Part Seven Sedimentology, taphonomy and stratigraphy• Experimental sedimentology• Palynofacies analysis• Particle orientation and palaeoenvironments• Coal ball sampling and quantification• Taphonomy: field techniques in modern environments• Palaeosols• Plant macrofossil biostratigraphy• Spore and pollen biostratigraphy•Part Eight Palaeoclimatology• Fossil leaf character states: multivariate analyses• Palaeobotanical databases and palaeoclimate signals• Fossil tree-ring analysis: palaeodendrology• Stomatal density and index: theory and application• Stomatal density and index: the practice• The nearest living relative method•Part Nine Palaeoecology• Palynology/ecology interfaces• Techniques for analysing uncompacted lake sediments• Collection and analysis techniques for palaeoecological studies in coastal-deltaic settings•. Calcareous algae: analytical techniques• Archaeobotany: collecting and analytical techniques for sub-fossils•Dendrochronology•14C dating sub-fossil plant remains •13C/12C in growth rings and leaves: carbon distribution in trees•Techniques in the study of plant-arthropod interactions•Plants and animal diets•Part 10 International laws•International laws: collecting transporting and ownership of fossils•AUSTRALIA•BELGIUM•CANADA•CHINA•FRANCE•THE NETHERLANDS•SOUTH AFRICA•UK•USA•References•Glossary of terms•Appendix: list of commonly used chemicals, equipment, and suppliers•Index


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