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The Fermor Meeting

The Fermor Meeting

The Fermor Meeting is held every couple of years and usually runs over two to three days. The meeting covers any aspect of economic geology, igneous and metamorphic petrology, fundamental research on Archaean rocks and planetary geology. We encourage meetings to discuss broad topics crossing disciplines, as well as focused specialist themes.

Past meetings

Fermor 2014

Fermor Meeting 2017: Factory Earth

The meeting addressing the fundamental controls on metal transport and deposition in magmatic systems. Asking questions such as what role do sulfide melts play in metal transport?

Fermor 2014

Fermor Meeting 2014: Comparative planetology

A joint meeting of the Geological Society of London & the Royal Astronomical Society, bringing together scientists studying planetary science on terrestrial planets in the inner solar system.

Fermor Meeting 2012

Fermor Meeting 2012: The Neoproterozoic Era - evolution, glaciation and oxygenation

This interdisciplinary meeting brought together the broad community of geoscientists actively researching the Neoproterozoic Earth System.
Fermor Meeting 2011

Fermor Meeting 2011: Ore deposits in an evolving Earth

This conference brought together researchers to address topical subjects in mineral deposit studies viewed in the context of Earth evolution.

Fermor Meeting 2009: Rodinia - supercontinents, superplumes and Scotland

The 2009 Fermor Meeting & field trip focused on the formation, configuration and break-up of Rodinia, pre-Rodinia palaeogeography, Rodinian to Gondwanan reconstructions and supercontinent transitions.

Fermor Meeting 2006: Minerals, magmas and megastructures

Co-organized by the Mineral Deposits Studies, Tectonic Studies, Volcanic & Magmatic Studies and Geochemistry Groups of the Geological Society, together with the Applied Mineralogy Group of the Mineralogical Society, this multidisciplinary meeting focused on megastructures, their control on magmatic activity at all levels of the Earth, and their control on the formation of mineral deposits globally.