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Fermor Meeting 2017: Factory Earth

25 - 27 September 2017
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2017 Year of Risk
Burlington House, London
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It is more than 10-years since the last detailed look at the role that volcanic and magmatic processes play in the role of ore deposits formation. The topic is still current and ready for a wide-ranging reassessment.

This meeting addressed the fundamental controls on metal transport and deposition in magmatic systems and questions such as:

  • What role do sulfide melts play in metal transport?
  • What are the key components of fertile magmas and how can they be identified?
  • What role do volatiles and semi-metals play in transporting and depositing metals?
  • How are ore metals concentrated during magmatic differentiation and transferred to the hydrothermal environment?

Topics for Discussion

  • Volcanic and ore processes: timescales and catastrophes
  • Magmatic hydrothermal plumbing systems
  • Sulfides through the crust: melts, minerals and volatiles
  • Volatile compositions
  • Magmatic and hydrothermal systems from mantle to surface

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Professor Jon Blundy, University of Bristol

Professor Tamsin Mather, University of Oxford

Professor John Mavrogenes, Australian National University

Massimo Chiaradia, University of Geneva

Jamie Wilkinson, Imperial College London

Wim Degruyter, Cardiff University


Jon Naden (, 

Dan Smith 

Frances Cooper

Rich Siddle

Marie Edmonds

Mike Widdowson

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Naomi Newbold

The Geological Society
Burlington House
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United Kingdom