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Fermor Meeting 2006: Minerals, Magmas & Megastructures

The meeting was co-organized by the Mineral Deposits Studies, Tectonic Studies, Volcanic and Magmatic Studies and Geochemistry Groups of the Geological Society, together with the Applied Mineralogy Group of the Mineralogical Society.

The meeting focused on megastructures, their control on magmatic activity at all levels of the Earth, and their control on the formation of mineral deposits globally. This breadth reflects the eclectic philosophy of Sir Lewis Fermor. The meeting structure and high quality keynotes aimed to encourage significant cross-fertilization of ideas between the specialist groups.

Bridging these disciplines, we were honoured to announce Professor Bob Bodnar of Virginia Tech as the Fermor Lecturer.


  1. Lithospheric Controls on Minerals, Magmas and Megastructures

    • Regional distributions, super volcanoes, crustal scale structures, diamonds and the deep mantle.


    • John Thompson (Teck Cominco)
    • Basil Tikoff (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  2. Minerals. Magmas. Megastructures

    • Giant magma chambers, timing and rates of processes, giant ore deposits.


    • Martin Sharpe (Veremo Minerals / Ridge Mining)
    • Valerio Acocella (Rome)
    • Lucilla Benedetti (Aix-en-Provence)
  3. 1 + 2 = M3 - Integration & Synthesis

    • Fluid, metal and magma fluxes through structures.


    • Steve Cox (Australian National University)
    • Brent McInnes (CSIRO Exploration & Mining)

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Event Details

Date: 3-15 September 2006
Venue: Natural History Museum, London