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Fermor Meeting 2009: Rodinia:
Supercontinents, Superplumes & Scotland

The 2009 Fermor Meeting and field trip focused on the formation, configuration and break-up of Rodinia, pre-Rodinia palaeogeography, Rodinian to Gondwanan reconstructions and supercontinent transitions. 

Contributions ranged from geochronology, geochemistry and palaeomagnetism to geodynamic modeling.  The meeting was hosted in Edinburgh and followed by a 4 day field trip to see some fabulous and classic geology in the beautiful western Highlands of Scotland.

Session Themes:

  • Formation, configuration & break up of Rodinia: inter & intra-cratonic correlations
  • Beyond Rodinia: evidence for, & reconstruction of, older supercontinents
  • Palaeogeography of Supercontinental Transitions
  • Supercontinents, Superplumes & True Polar Wander
  • Neoproterozoic oceans - oxygenation, evolution & oceanography
  • Neoproterozoic palaeogeography, Gondwana & the Iapetus
  • The Neoproterozoic petroleum systems & hydrocarbon potential   

Keynote Speakers:

  • Chris Hawkesworth (University of Bristol)    
  • Dave Evans (Yale University)         
  • Peter Betts (Monash University)                 
  • Ian Dalziel (University of Texas)
  • Zheng-Xiang Li (Curtin University)              
  • Shijie Zhong (University of Colorado)
  • Graham Shields (University College London)  
  • Galen Halverson (University of Adelaide)
  • Peter Cawood (University of W Australia)     
  • Jonathan Craig (ENI)   
  • Alan Collins (University of Adelaide)             
  • Brendan Murphy (St Francis Xavier University, Nova Scotia)
  • John Goodge (University of Minnesota)         
  • Udo Zimmermann (University of Stavanger)

Conference Convenors:

  • Jenny Tait, Sergei Pisarevsky, Colin Graham (Edinburgh University)        
  • Kathryn Goodenough, Martin Smith (BGS)                
  • Rob Strachan (University of Portsmouth)         
  • Svetlana Bogdanova (Lund University)     
  • Ian Dalziel (University of Texas)         
  • David Evans (Yale University)         
  • Alan Collins (Adelaide University)
  • Peter Cawood (University of W Australia)      
  • Zheng-Xiang Li (Curtin University)         
  • Jonathan Craig (ENI)


Event Details

Date: 6-9 September 2009
Venue: The Carlton Hotel, Edinburgh