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Application of Modern Stratigraphic Techniques: Theory and Case Histories

Product Code: ES494
Series: SEPM Special Publications
Author/Editor: Edited by: Kenneth T. Ratcliffe and Brian A. Zaitlin
Publication Date: 26 July 2010
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Much has been written and debated about the various methodologies applied to modern stratigraphic analysis and the ever increasing complexity of terminologies. However, there exist numerous stratigraphic techniques that are reliant upon precise, quantitative, reproducible data, rather than qualitative interpretive stratigraphic methodologies. Such stratigraphic techniques are applied in an entirely pragmatic non-biased manner within the petroleum industry to provide enhanced stratigraphic understanding of petroleum systems. The petroleum industry is a key driver behind the development of new stratigraphic techniques and a major provider of new stratigraphic data, which has resulted in several of these new techniques having been developed as a requirement to the industry. Furthermore, because techniques, such as isotope chemostratigraphy, elemental chemostratigraphy, magnetic susceptibility stratigraphy, numerical biostratigraphy and heavy mineral stratigraphy are based around precise, quantified and reproducible analytical data, they provide an independent means to test the more interpretive stratigraphic methodologies. This volume attempts an overview of stratigraphic methodologies, but largely focuses on data-generative stratigraphic techniques such as chemostratigraphy, magnetic susceptibility stratigraphy, numerical biostratigraphy and heavy mineral stratigraphy. Where appropriate, each paper discusses data generation methods including sample preparation and analytical methods as well outlining data interpretation methods. This is followed by case histories that demonstrate how those data are used to resolve stratigraphic problems, commonly using material derived from petroleum basins around the World.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-56576-199-5
Publisher: SEPM
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 238
Weight: 1.20 kg


Sequence Stratigraphic Methodologies

The sequence stratigraphy family tree: understanding the portfolio of sequence methodologies, Arthur D. Donovan
Correlating siliciclastic successions with sequence stratigraphy, Ashton F. Embry

Biostratigraphic Methodologies

Recent advances in the application of biostratigraphy to hydrocarbon exploration and production, Jason A. Crux,
Anthony Gary, Gunilla Gard and William E. Ellington
A technique to provide digital biostratigraphic information for the seismic interpreter, Paul Watson, Caroline Reid and Elisabeth Nairn

Chemostratigraphic Methodologies

The application of chemostratigraphic techniques to distinguish compound incised valleys in low-accommodation
incised-valley systems in a foreland-basin setting: an example from the Lower Cretaceous Mannville Group and Basal Colorado Sandstone (Colorado Group), Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin, Amelia M. Wright, Kenneth T. Ratcliffe, Brian A. Zaitlin and David S. Wray
Chemostratigraphy of Upper Carboniferous (Pennsylvanian) sequences from the southern North Sea (United Kingdom), Tim J. Pearce, John H. Martin, Diana Cooper and David S. Wray
Strontium isotope stratigraphy, J.M. McArthur
Constraining the depositional framework of Lower Carboniferous strata in northern Britain using stable-isotope
Chemostratigraphy, A.R. Prave, A.E. Fallick and R.A.J. Robinson

Magnetic Susceptibility Stratigraphy Methdologies

Magnetostratigraphy susceptibility used for high-resolution correlation among Paleocene-Eocene boundary sequences in Egypt, Spain and the U.S.A., Brooks B. Ellwood,
Aziz M. Kafafy, Ahmed Kassab, Jonathan H. Tomkin, Abdelaziz Abdeldayem, Nageh Obaidalla, Kelli W. Randall and David E. Thompson
Magnetostratigraphy susceptibility used for high-resolution correlation among Santonian (Upper Cretaceous) marine sedimentary sequences in the U.S. Western Interior Seaway and the Western Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, Brooks Ellwood, Aziz Kafafy, Ahmed Kassab, Abdelaziz Abdeldayem, Nageh Obaidalla, Richard W. Howe and Paul Sikora

Miscellaneous Stratigraphy Methodologies

Heavy-mineral stratigraphy of the Clair Group (Devonian-Carboniferous) in the Clair Field, West of Shetland, U.K., Andrew Morton, Claire Hallsworth, John Kunka, Ewan Laws, Simon Payne and Dave Walder
The sequence stratigraphic significance of paralic coal and its use as an indicator of accommodation space in terrestrial sediments, Jennifer Wadsworth, Claus Diessel and Ron Boyd
A whole-rock geochemical approach to the recognition and correlation of “marine bands”, Tim J. Pearce, Duncan
McLean, John E. Martin, Kenneth T. Ratcliffe and David S. Wray


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