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Thrust Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Systems - AAPG Memoir 82 CD

Product Code: 872B
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by K.R. McClay
Publication Date: 01 June 2006
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AAPG Memoir 82 on CD-ROM

Thrust Tectonics and Hydrocarbon Systems resulted from an international conference at Royal Holloway University in London. The volume contains 33 chapters divided into four sections: Geodynamics of Thrust Systems, Analog Modeling of Thrust Systems, Fault-Related Folds in Thrust Systems,and Case Studies. These papers summarize recent advances in thrust studies and their application to hydrocarbon exploration and production.

Key topics addressed include the application of the critically tapered Coulomb wedge model to thrust systems both in nature and in experiments, the interaction of surface proceses with thrust systems, basement-involved thrust systems and inversion, fault-related folds in thrust belts, and growth stratal development in thrust belts.

Fold-and thrust belts described and discussed in this volume include the Alps, the Andes, the Apennines, the Appalacians, the Alice Springs Orogen in Australia, the Albanides, the Atlas in Morocco, the Canadian Cordillera and the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Kutei Basin, Kalimantan, the Himalayas, the New England Orogen, Papua New Guinea, and the Spanish Pyrenees, as well as depwater fold and thrust belts such as the Niger Delta and the Gulf of Mexico.

Memoir 82 provides an in-depth look at thrust tectonics and hydrocarbon systems, and is a milestone publication as a major new examination of thrust fault systems.


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Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN: 1588612317
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781588612311
Publisher: AAPG
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Introduction by K. R. McClay
Frictional Mechanics of Seismogenic Thrust Systems in the Upper Continental Crust— Implications for Fluid Overpressures and Redistribution, R. H. Sibson
Properties of Thrusts and Upper Bounds for the Size of Thrust Sheets, Robert D. Hatcher Jr.
The Andean Thrust System—Latitudinal Variations in Structural Styles and Orogenic Shortening, Victor A. Ramos, Tomás Zapata, Ernesto Cristallini, and Antonio Introcaso
Thrust-belt Accretion and Hinterland Underplating of Orogenic Wedges—An Example From the Canadian Cordillera, Richard L. Brown
Basement Double-wedge Thrusting in the Northern Sierras Pampeanas of Argentina (27°S)— Constraints from Deep Seismic Reflection, Ernesto O. Cristallini, Alberto Comínguez, Victor A. Ramos, and E. Diego Mercerat
Episodicity and Rates of Thrust-sheet Motion in the Himalayas (Western Nepal), Jean-Louis Mugnier, Pascale Huyghe, Pascale Leturmy, and François Jouanne
Kinematics and Sedimentary Balance of the Sub-Himalayan Zone, Western Nepal, Laurent Husson, Jean-Louis Mugnier, Pascale Leturmy, and Gérard Vidal
Salients, Recesses, Arcs, Oroclines, and Syntaxes—A Review of Ideas Concerning the Formation of Map-view Curves in Fold-thrust Belts, Stephen Marshak
Gravity-driven Fold Belts on Passive Margins, Mark G. Rowan, Frank J. Peel, and Bruno C. Vendeville
Analog Modeling of Doubly Vergent Thrust Wedges, K. R. McClay and P. S. Whitehouse
The Significance of Penetrative Strain in the Restoration of Shortened Layers—Insights from Sand Models and the Spanish Pyrenees, Hemin A. Koyi, Maura Sans, Antonio Teixell, James Cotton, and Hermann Zeyen
Physical (Centrifuge) Modeling of Fold-thrust Shortening Across Carbonate Bank Margins—Timing, Vergence, and Style of Deformation, John M. Dixon
Deformation at Lateral Ramps and Tear Faults—Centrifuge Models and Examples from the Canadian Rocky Mountain Foothills, John M. Dixon and Deborah A. Spratt
Changes in Structural Style Controlled by Lithofacies Contrast Across Transverse Carbonate Bank Margins—Canadian Rocky Mountains and Scaled Physical Models, Deborah A. Spratt, John M. Dixon, and Edward T. Beattie
3-D Analog Modeling of Inversion Thrust Structures, Yasuhiro Yamada and Ken McClay
Shear Fault-bend Folding, John Suppe, Christopher D. Connors, and Yikun Zhang
Detachment Folds versus Fault-propagation Folds, and Their Truncation by Thrust Faults, Wesley K. Wallace and Thomas X. Homza
Trishear Kinematic Modeling of Structures, with Examples from the Neuquén Basin, Argentina, Richard W. Allmendinger, Tomás Zapata, René Manceda, and Francisco Dzelalija
Plots of Crestal Structural Relief and Fold Area versus Shortening—A Graphical Technique to Unravel the Kinematics of Thrust-related Folds, J. Poblet, M. Bulnes, K. McClay, and S. Hardy
Structural Controls on Growth Stratigraphy in Contractional Fault-related Folds, John H. Shaw, Enrique Novoa, and Chris D. Connors
Influence of Growth Strata on the Evolution of Fault-related Folds—Distinct-element Models, Luther M. Strayer, S. Gregg Erickson, and John Suppe
Numerical Modeling of Hinge-zone Migration in Fault-bend Folds, S. Gregg Erickson, Luther M. Strayer, and John Suppe
Active-hinge-folding-related Deformation and its Role in Hydrocarbon Exploration and Development—Insights from HCA Modeling, Francesco Salvini and Fabrizio Storti
Kinematic Evolution and Petroleum Systems—An Appraisal of the Outer Albanides, François Roure, Shaqir Nazaj, Kristaq Mushka, Ilia Fili, Jean-Paul Cadet, and Michel Bonneau
Structure and Hydrocarbon Potential of the New Guinea Fold Belt, Kevin C. Hill, Jeffrey T. Keetley, R. Dan Kendrick, and Edy Sutriyono
A Permian-Triassic Retroforeland Thrust System—The New England Orogen and Adjacent Sedimentary Basins, Eastern Australia, R. J. Korsch
Thrust Tectonic Styles of the Intracratonic Alice Springs and Petermann Orogenies, Central Australia, T. Flottmann, M. Hand, D. Close, C. Edgoose, and I. Scrimgeour
Structural Style from the Southern Apennines’ Hydrocarbon Province—An Integrated View, C. Turrini and P. Rennison
Structural Models of Subsurface Thrust-related Folds in the Foothills of British Columbia— Case Studies of Sidetracked Gas Wells, Mark Cooper, Chris Brealey, Peter Fermor, Rick Green, and Mike Morrison
Fold and Thrust Belt along the Western Flank of the Eastern Cordillera of Colombia: Style, Kinematics and Timing Constraints Derived from Seismic Data and Detailed Surface Mapping, Pedro A. Restrepo-Pace, Fabio Colmenares, Camilo Higuera, and Marcela Mayorga
Thin-skinned and Thick-skinned Inversion-Related Thrusting—A Structural Model for the Kutai Basin, Kalimantan, Indonesia, John L. C. Chambers, Ian Carter, Ian R. Cloke, Jonathan Craig, Steve J. Moss, and David W. Paterson
Superposed Folding Resulting from Inversion of a Synrift Accommodation Zone, Atlas Mountains, Morocco, Weldon Beauchamp
Applying Thick-skinned Tectonic Models to the Appenine Thrust Belt of Italy—Limitations and Implications, R. W. H. Butler, S. Mazzoli, S. Corrado, M. De Donatis, D. Di Bucci, R. Gambini, G. Naso,C. Nicolai, D. Scrocca, P. Shiner, and V. Zucconi


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