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Permo-Carboniferous Carbonate Platforms and Reefs (CD ROM)

Product Code: 868B
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by Wayne M. Ahr, Paul M. (Mitch) Harris, William A. Morgan
Publication Date: 18 July 2006
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AAPG Memoir 83 Co-published by AAPG and SEPM (SEPM Special Publication 78). CD-Rom version.

Stemming from presentations given at the SEPM- and IAS-sponsored research conference held in May 2000, this volume provides new material and global insight into Permo-Carboniferous geology.

Within the evolving Permo-Carboniferous "landscape," a wide diversity of carbonate platforms and reefs flourished. They ranged in size from small mounds to mega-platforms, some of which are important mineral and petroleum reservoirs. It is the diversity which Permo-Carboniferous rocks offer that has led to their intensive study by researchers from industry and academia around the globe.

The papers in Permo-Carboniferous Carbonate Platforms and Reefs are grouped into these three major themes: Platform Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy • Reefs, Mounds, and Paleoenvironments • Diagenesis and Reservoir Characterization

Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN: 1565760875
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781565760875
Publisher: AAPG
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• Permo-Carboniferous carbonate platforms and reefs?Introduction and summary of articles, WAYNE M. AHR, PAUL M. (MITCH) HARRIS, WILLIAM A. MORGAN, AND IAN D. SOMERVILLE
Platform Architecture and Sequence Stratigraphy
Sequence response of a distal-to-proximal foreland ramp to glacio-eustasy and tectonics: Mississippian, Appalachian Basin, West Virginia--Virginia, U.S.A., AUS AL-TAWIL, THOMAS WYNN, AND J. FRED READ
• Late Mississippian (Late Meramecian--Chesterian) glacio-eustatic sequence development on an active distal foreland ramp, Kentucky, U.S.A., AUS AL-TAWIL AND J. FRED READ
• Stratigraphic setting in the development of microbial mud mounds of the Lower Carboniferous of the Guadiato area (SW Spain), PEDRO CÓZAR, MARTA RODRIGUEZ-MARTINEZ, SANTIAGO FALCES, RAMÓN MAS, AND SERGIO RODRIGUEZ
• Mississippian carbonate buildups and development of cool-water-like carbonate platforms in the Illinois Basin, Midcontinent, U.S.A., ZAKARIA LASEMI, RODNEY D. NORBY, JOHN E. UTGAARD, WILLIAM R. FERRY, ROGER J. CUFFEY, AND GARLAND R. DEVER, Jr.
• Build-and-fill sequences: How subtle paleotopgraphy affects 3-D heterogeneity of potential reservoir facies, JASON R. McKIRAHAN, ROBERT H. GOLDSTEIN, AND EVAN K. FRANSEEN
Reefs, Mounds, and Paleoenvironments
• Contributions of rugose corals to Late Viséan and Serphukovian bioreconstructions in the Montagne Noire (southern France), MARKUS ARETZ AND HANS-GEORG HERBIG
• Early Permian buildups (Tolkein Reefs) associated with subaqueous evaporites, Canadian Arctic: A record of syn-tectonic to-post-tectonic reciprocal uplift and subsidence, BENOIT BEAUCHAMP AND BEATA OLCHOWY
• Foraminiferal fauna and zonation from the Lower Carboniferous of the Guadiato area (SW Spain): Comparison with European and North African foraminiferal zonal schemes and their paleobiogeographical implications, PEDRO CÓZAR
• A new synthesis of Permo-Carboniferous phylloid algal reef ecology, GRAHAM T.W. FORSYTHE
• Upper Viséan Saccamminopsis--sponge microbial mud mounds, Sierra de la Estrella, southwestern Spain, MARTA RODRIGUEZ-MARTINEZ, PEDRO CÓZAR, RAMÓN MAS, AND SERGIO RODRIGUEZ
• Upper Carboniferous-Lower Permian buildups of the Carnic Alps, Austria?Italy, ELIAS SAMANKASSOU
• Constructional and accumulational modes of fabrics in selected Pennsylvanian algal-dominated buildups in eastern Kansas, Midcontinent, U.S.A., ELIAS SAMANKASSOU AND RONALD R. WEST
• Review of Irish Lower Carboniferous (Mississippian) mud mounds: Depositional setting, biota, facies, and evolution, IAN D. SOMERVILLE
• Controls on localization and morphology of Moscovian (Late Carboniferous) carbonate buildups, southern Amdrup Land, North Greenland, LARS STEMMERIK
Diagenesis and Reservoir Characterization
• Effects of subaerial exposure on porosity evolution in the Carboniferous Lisburne Group, northeastern Brooks Range, Alaska, U.S.A., RANDALL C. CARLSON, ROBERT H. GOLDSTEIN, AND PAUL ENOS
• The heterogeneity of paleocavern systems developed along syndepositional fault zones: The Upper Permian Capitan Platform, Guadalupe Mountains, U.S.A., EDUARD KOSA, DAVID HUNT, WILLIAM M. FITCHEN, MARIE-ODILE BOCKEL-REBELLE, AND GERALD P. ROBERTS
• Organodiagenetic dolomite on a deep subtidal shelf, Fort Payne Formation (Mississippian), in Tennessee, U.S.A., DAVID N. LUMSDEN
• Diagenesis and late-stage porosity development in the Pennsylvanian Strawn Formation, Val Verde Basin, Texas, U.S.A., K. DAVID NEWELL, ROBERT H. GOLDSTEIN, AND CARL J. BURDICK
• Stratigraphy, facies, and reservoir distribution, Tengiz Field, Kazakhstan, L. JAMES WEBER, BRENT P. FRANCIS, P.M. (MITCH) HARRIS, AND MICHAEL CLARK
• Dolomitization and neomorphism of Irish Lower Carboniferous (Early Mississippian) limestones: Evidence from petrographic and isotopic data, W. WRIGHT, I. SOMERVILLE, J.M. GREGG, A.W. JOHNSON, AND K.L. SHELTON
• Index


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