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Hydrocarbon Migration and It's Near-Surface Expression - Memoir 66 CD

Product Code: 075
Series: AAPG Memoirs
Author/Editor: Edited by Dietmar Schumacher and Michael A. Abrams
Publication Date: 01 January 2009
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AAPG Memoir 66 Digital Reprint

A compilation of 33 papers directed at examining the process of hydrocarbon migration and its varied near-surface expressions.

This publication is a direct outgrowth of the AAPG Hedberg Research Conference held in April 1994 entitled "Near-Surface Expression of Hydrocarbon Migration." The purpose of this research conference was to gather international experts from industry and academia to critically examine the process of hydrocarbon migration and its varied near-surface expressions. The wide range of manifestations of hydrocarbon migration, hydrocarbon-induced alteration of soils and sediments, migration mechanisms, hydrocarbon flux measurements, sampling and analytical techniques, survey design and interpretation, physical and geological implications of hydrocarbon leakage, and finally, exploration case studies.

Type: CD
Ten Digit ISBN: 1588612066
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781588612069
Publisher: AAPG
Weight: 0.17 kg


Foreword -- Utilization of Hydrocarbon Seep Information, Hollis D. Hedberg • Preface -- Dietmar Schumacher and Michael Abrams • Characteristics of Hydrocarbon Seepage • Distribution of Subsurface Hydrocarbon Seepage in Near-Surface Marine Sediments, Michael A. Abrams • Detecting Fluid Migration in Shallow Sediments: Continental Slope Environment, Gulf of Mexico, Michael J. Kaluza and Earl H. Doyle • Remote Sensing Inventory of Active Oil Seeps and Chemosynthetic Communities in the Northern Gulf of Mexico, Ian R. MacDonald, J.F. Reilly, Jr., S.E. Best, R. Venkataramaiah, R. Sassen, N.L. Guinasso, Jr., and J. Amos • Geological Controls on the Distribution of Chemosynthetic Communities in the Gulf of Mexico, James F. Reilly, Jr., Ian R. MacDonald, E.K. Biegert and James M. Brooks • Geochemistry of the Hydrocarbon Seepages in Azerbaijan, I.S. Guliev and A.A. Feizullayev • Hydrocarbon-Induced Alteration • Hydrocarbon-Induced Alteration of Soils and Sediments, Dietmar Schumacher • Test of Hydrocarbon-Induced Magnetic Patterns in Soils: The Sanitary Landfill as Laboratory, Brooks B. Ellwood and Burke Burkart • Magnetic Contrasts as a Result of Hydrocarbon Seepage and Migration, Hans G. Machel • Relationship of Near-Surface Magnetic Anomalies to Oil- and Gas-Producing Areas, Robert S. Foote • Induced Polarization Effects Associated with Hydrocarbon Accumulations: Minimization and Evaluation of Cultural Influences, Norman R. Carlson and Kenneth L. Zonge • Hydrocarbon Migration Mechanisms and Seepage Models • Hydrocarbon Migration -- A View from the Top, Martin D. Matthews • Comparison of Light Hydrocarbon Microseepage Mechanisms, Ronald W. Klusman and Mahyoub A. Saaed • Comparison of Seepage and Seal Leakage Rates, Chris J. Clayton and Paul R. Dando • Molecular Diffusion of Light Hydrocarbons in Sedimentary Rocks and Its Role in Migration and Dissipation of Natural Gas, B.M. Krooss and D. Leythaeuser • Ascending Fluid Plumes Above Devonian Pinnacle Reefs: Numerical Modeling and Field Example from West-Central Alberta, Canada, B.J. Rostron and J. Tóth • Hydrocarbon Flux Variations in Natural and Anthropogenic Seeps, Victor T. Jones III and Stephen G. Burtell • Interpretive Methods and Analytical Techniques • Understanding Geology as the Key to Using Seepage in Exploration: The Spectrum of Seepage Styles, Jane Thrasher, Andrew J. Fleet, Stephen J. Hay, Martin Hovland and Stephan Düppenbecker • Importance of Sampling Design and Density in Target Recognition, Martin D. Matthews • Flow of Formation Waters: Likely Cause for Poor Definition of Soil Gas Anomalies over Oil Fields in East-Central Alberta, Canada, Stephan Holysh and József Tóth • Thoughts of a Hydrogeologist on Vertical Migration and Near-Surface Geochemical Exploration For Petroleum, József Tóth • Research-Derived Insights into Surface Geochemical Hydrocarbon Exploration, Leigh C. Price • Interpretation of Methane Carbon Isotopes Extracted from Surficial Marine Sediments for Detection of Subsurface Hydrocarbons, Michael A. Abrams • A Method for Processing Adsorbed Methane Stable Isotope Data from the Near-Surface Based on Fractionation, Dirk Kettel • Postulated Generation of Bacterial Methane from Seepage Petroleum in Sea Floor Sediments of the Gulf of Mexico, K.F.M. Thompson • Potential Variations in Bacterial Methane in Assessing Origin of Environmental Methane, A.M. Zyakun • Long-Term and Seasonal Trends in Responses of Hydrocarbon-Utilizing Microbes to Light Hydrocarbons in Shallow Soils, James Tucker and Daniel Hitzman • Contamination of Shallow Cores: A Common Problem, Tony Barwise, Steve Hay, and Jane Thrasher • Predicting Oil Properties from Core Fluorescence, Tony Barwise and Steve Hay • Exploration Case Histories • Surface Geochemistry as an Exploration Tool in the South Caribbean, Jane Thrasher, David Strait, and Ricardo Alvarez Lugo • Near-Surface Coring in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas, Northern Alaska, N. Piggott and M.A. Abrams • Hydrocarbon Prospecting in the Amazon Rain Forest: Application of Surface Geochemical, Microbiological, and Remote Sensing Methods, M.R. Mello, F.T. Gonçalves, N.A. Babinski, and F.P. Miranda • Petroleum Geology and Geochemistry of Miocene Source Rocks and Heavy Petroleum Samples from Huasna Basin, California, Alan S. Kornacki • Significance of Geochemical Anomalies in Hydrocarbon Exploration: One Company’s Experience, Robert W. Potter II, Paul A. Harrington, Alan H. Silliman, and James H. Viellenave


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