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Global Heritage Stone: Worldwide Examples of Heritage Stones

Product Code: SP486
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J. T. Hannibal, S. Kramar and B. J. Cooper
Publication Date: 06 November 2020
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Special Publication 486

GoogleBooks Preview available

Published online 21/10/2020. Print copies available from 06/11/2020.

Heritage stones are building and ornamental stones that have special significance in human culture. The papers in this volume discuss a wide variety of such materials, including stones from Europe, Asia, North and South America, Africa and Australia. Igneous (basalt, porphyry, granite), sedimentary (sandstone, limestone) and metamorphic (marble, quartzite, gneiss, soapstone, slate) stones are featured. These have been utilized over long periods of time for a wide range of uses contributing to the historic fabric of the built environment. Many of these stones are of international significance, and so are potential Global Heritage Stone Resources, that is stones that have the requisite qualities for international recognition by the Heritage Stones Subcommission of the International Union of Geological Sciences. The papers bring together diverse information on these stones ranging from their geological setting and quarry locations to mechanical properties, current availability, and uses over time. As such the papers can serve as an entry into the literature on these important stones.

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Special Publication 407: Global Heritage Stone: Towards International Recognition of Building and Ornamental Stones

Global Heritage Stone: Towards International Recognition of Building and Ornamental Stones

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204080
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 354
Weight: 0.95 kg


Hannibal, J. T., Kramar, S. and Cooper, B. J. Worldwide examples of global heritage stones: an introduction

Walter, S. M. Victorian Bluestone: A proposed Global Heritage Stone Province from Australia

Primavori, P. and Angheben, A. Trentino Porphyry, Italy

Freire-Lista, D. M. and Fort, R. Cadalso de los Vidrios leucogranite ‘Blanco Cristal’: a widely used heritage stone from Spain

Bulakh, A., Härmä, P., Panova, E. and Selonen, O. Rapakivi granite in the architecture of St Petersburg: a potential Global Heritage Stone from Finland and Russia

Shaffer, N. R. Indiana Limestone: America’s building stone

Kölbl-Ebert, M. and Cooper, B. J. Solnhofener Plattenkalk: a heritage stone of international significance from Germany

Dumont, T. and Sauvegarde du Patrimoine Industriel d’Autrefois. Échaillon stone from France: a Global Heritage Stone Resource proposal

Tourneur, F. Global Heritage Stone: Belgian black ‘marbles’

Kramar, S., Žbona, N., Bedjanič, M., Mladenović, A. and Rožič, B. Drenov Grič Black limestone: a heritage stone from Slovenia

Grissom, C. A., Aloiz, E. M., Vicenzi, E. P. and Livingston, R. A. Seneca sandstone: a heritage stone from the USA

Hannibal, J. T. Berea sandstone: a heritage stone of international significance from Ohio, USA

Ehling, A. Cretaceous building sandstones in northern Germany

de Oliveira Frascá, M. H. B., Neves, R. and Castro, N. F. The white marbles of Brasília, a World Heritage site and capital of Brazil

Hannibal, J. T. and Schnabel, L. Cockeysville marble: a heritage stone from Maryland, USA

Wyse Jackson, P. N., Caulfield, L., Feely, M., Joyce, A. Jr. and Parkes, M. A. Connemara Marble, Co. Galway, Ireland: a Global Heritage Stone Resource proposal

Cavallo, A., Dino, G. A. and Primavori, P. Gneisses (Serizzo and Beola) of the Verbano–Cusio–Ossola District (Piedmont, northern Italy): possible candidates for designation as Global Heritage Stone Resources

Bulakh, A., Selonen, O. and Pirinen, H. Soapstone in Jugend (Art Nouveau) architecture of northern European cities (1890s–1910s)

Bulakh, A. and Touret, J. Shoksha quartzite, a heritage stone of international importance from Russia

Cole, D. Heritage stone in Cape Town, South Africa

Sharma, V. K. Heritage stones in India

Cooper, B. J. The limits of heritage stone designation



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