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Terms and Conditions

Fellowship terms and conditions for the access and use of electronic services

  1. Fellows are provided with login details (username and password) with which they may access restricted sections of the Society’s website, as well as GSL subscribed journals chosen from the Lyell Collection. Additional Geological Society of London journals in the collection can be added to membership for a small additional fee.

  2. Login details are provided solely for the personal use of Fellows (ie to assist in their own learning, research or work). Login details may not be shared with, or provided to, any other person for any purpose, nor may material accessed or downloaded by any Fellow be shared with, or provided to, any other person.  

  3. Fellows are permitted to make reasonable use of electronic content hosted on the Lyell Collection. “Reasonable use” is considered to be up to 75 article downloads per month, but should in no case exceed 100 article downloads per month.  

  4. The Society actively monitors usage and will contact Fellows whose download rates appear excessive. If excessive downloads continue the Society reserves the right to re-set Fellows’ login details or, in extreme cases, bar access to electronic services altogether.  

  5. From 2010 all Fellows’ journal subscriptions derived as a benefit of Society membership are online-only. Additional print copies may be available on payment of a surcharge provided membership registration or renewal is complete by 1st January of the relevant journal subscription year. There is no guarantee that late requests for print subscriptions (ie those received after 1st January) can be honoured.  

  6. Fellows who wish to retain a copy of record of their journal(s) of choice should download and save PDFs of relevant journal articles for safe keeping, or secure print copies as described in 5, above.  

  7. The Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society (PYGS) and the Scottish Journal of Geology (SJG) are not GSL journals. Fellows can access content of the relevant journal by using Pay-per-view Access, purchasing a non-member subscription or by joining:

    • The Yorkshire Geological Society for PYGS;
    • The Geological Society of Glasgow or Edinburgh Geological Society for SJG (and also Transactions of these two societies)

    Once you have joined another membership organisation you will be provided with a separate username and password to access the relevant content, by that organisation. Please contact the relevant membership secretary if you do not have your membership number.


Fellowship terms and conditions for the access and use of Library services

  1. Fellows can borrow maps from the Geological Society Library but must note that if a map is within its period of copyright protection, the laws of the United Kingdom currently forbid any copying or scanning of maps without permission of the copyright holder.