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Engineering Group Committee


Elected members

  • David Roy
  • Richard Seddon
  • Scott O'Neill
  • James Todd
  • Emily Riley
  • Emma Singleton
  • Stephanie Boffey-Rawlings
  • Jarleth Paterson
  • Chris Pressdee
  • Matt Howard

Co-opted members

  • Tasos Stavrou
  • David Ingram
  • Josh Dunlop
  • Helen Reeves
  • Amber Pavey

Representative members

  • David Giles RoGEP, QRA, Ground Engineering Advisory Board, Annual Conference
    subcommittee, field trip
  • Paul Jennings (Library Users Group)
  • Tracey Radford (Medals and Awards)
  • Ursula Lawrence (Working parties and QJEGH; Groundwater; Impact of Weathering on
    Engineering Geology (Chair))
  • Chris Martin (Offshore & Nearshore WP Eng Geol Chair)
  • Phil Raybould (Applied Petrography Group)