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Engineering Group Committee


Elected members

  • Richard Brown
  • Harry Eady
  • Tom Morgan
  • Lorraine O'Leary
  • John Perry
  • Phil Renforth
  • Richard Seddon
  • James Walker

Co-opted members

  • Tom Hall
  • Chris Martin
  • Helen Reeves
  • Emma Singleton

Representative members

  • Michael Turner (Science Committee (SC))
  • Ian Duncan (Groundwater Working Party)
  • Bill Gaskarth (Chartership Panel)
  • Helen Reeves (IAEG UK Representative)
  • Richard Fox (APG)
  • Vicky Corcoran (PIC, Library Users Group)
  • Chris Martin (Offshore Engineering Geology Working Party)
  • David Giles (Geohazards Working Party)