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Parent Paper: A composite stratigraphy for the Neoproterozoic Huqf Supergroup of Oman: integrating new litho-, chemo- and chronostratigraphic data of the Mirbat area, southern Oman.

Rieu, R., Allen, P. A., Cozzi, A., Kosler, J. & Bussy, F.
Appearing in Journal of the Geological Society, Vol. 164, Part 5, September 2007, pp. 997-1011.
  • Figure S1 Outcrop map of Oman (a) and geological maps showing the sampled localities (stars) for detrital zircons of the Mirbat Group (b), the Abu Mahara Group in the Jabal Akhdar (Ghubrah in green; Saqlah in red; Fiq in black) (c), and the Masirah 
  • Table S1 LA-ICPMS isotopic data and U-Pb ages (in 106 yrs) for all samples
  • Supplementary methods