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Celebrating 100 Years of Female Fellowship of the Geological Society: Discovering Forgotten Histories

Product Code: SP506
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C.V. Burek and B. M. Higgs
Publication Date: 18 March 2021
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Special Publication 506

The Geological Society of London was founded in 1807. At the time, membership was restricted to men, many of whom became well-known names in the history of the geological sciences. On the 21 May 1919, the first female Fellows were elected to the Society, 112 years after its formation.

This Special Publication celebrates the centenary of that important event. In doing so it presents the often untold stories of pioneering women geoscientists from across the world who navigated male-dominated academia and learned societies, experienced the harsh realities of Siberian field-exploration, or responded to the strategic necessity of the ‘petroleum girls’ in early American oil exploration and production.

It uncovers important female role models in the history of science, and investigates why not all of these women received due recognition from their contemporaries and peers. The work has identified a number of common issues that sometimes led to original work and personal achievements being lost or unacknowledged, and as a consequence, to histories being unwritten.

Cover image: The winning entry in a competition to design the cover of Geoscientist (May 2019 edition): an original painting portraying two female field geologists, one hundred years apart, painted by Elizabeth Pickett

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Published on the Lyell Collection 15/03/2021. 

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204967
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 312
Weight: 0.9 kg


Frostick, L. Foreword
Burek, C. V. and Higgs, B. M. Celebration of the Centenary of the first female Fellows: Introduction
Burek, C. V. Female medal and fund recipients of the Geological Society of London: a historical perspective
Burek, C. V. Margaret Chorley Crosfield, FGS: the very first female Fellow of the Geological Society
Kölbl-Ebert, M. Ladies with hammers – exploring a social paradox in early nineteenth-century Britain
Orr, M. Collecting women in geology: opening the international case of a Scottish ‘cabinétière’, Eliza Gordon Cumming (c. 1798–1842)
Sendino, C. and Porter, J. Female aristocrats in the natural history world before the establishment of the Geological Society of London
Panciroli, E., Wyse Jackson, P. N. and Crowther, P. R. Scientists, collectors and illustrators: the roles of women in the Palaeontographical Society
Thompson, C. Maria Graham and the Chilean earthquake of 1822: contextualizing the first female-authored article in Transactions of the Geological Society
Hegarty, S. Female students of geology in Victorian Dublin
Burek, C. V. Mabel Elizabeth Tomlinson and Isabel Ellie Knaggs: two overlooked early female Fellows of the Geological Society
Tubb, J. and Burek, C. V. Gertrude Elles: the pioneering graptolite geologist in a woolly hat. Her career, achievements and personal reflections from her family and colleagues
Mather, J. D. and Bennett, J. A. Eileen Mary Lind Hendriks (1887–1978), whose meticulous research resolved the Paleozoic stratigraphy and structure of SW England
Lewis, C. L. E. Two for the price of one: Doris Livesey Reynolds (1899–1985)
Boylan, P. J. Dr Dorothy Helen Rayner FGS (1912–2003): vertebrate palaeontologist and academic
Hobbs, B. A. and Jones, A. G. A pioneering geophysicist: Rosemary Hutton Higgs, B. M. Understanding the Earth: the contribution of Marie Tharp Gries, R. P. Buried Discoveries of Early Female Petroleum Geologists
Kiseeva, E. S. and Yuzmukhametov, R. N. Women at the dawn of diamond discovery in Siberia or how two women discovered the Siberian diamond province
Turner, S. Far-flung female (and fossil bone hunting) Fellows: an autoethnographical approach


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