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From Continental Shelf to Slope: Mapping the Oceanic Realm

Product Code: SP505
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by K. Asch, H. Kitazato, H. Vallius
Publication Date: 02 September 2022
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Special Publication 505

This volume covers multi-disciplinary Research and Development contributions from Europe, Asia and North America on geology, geophysics, bathymetric and biological aspects, towards data sampling, acquisition, data analysis and its results, and innovative ways of data access. It also presents the development of processes to map, harmonize and integrate marine data across EEZ boundaries, an impressive example of which is the European EMODnet (European Marine Observation and Data network) initiative. EMODnet assembles scattered and partially hidden marine data into continentally harmonized geospatial data products for public benefit and increasingly within overseas collaboration. The volume also aims to shed light on an evaluation of biological and mineral resources and environmental assessments at continental shelf to slope depths. Western Pacific examples provide excellent case studies for this topic. Mapping of the ocean realm is not only for scientific purposes, but also for the people who live by the seas. Communication amongst scientists and multiple stakeholders is essential for living sustainably with the seas. In this volume we encourage dialogue amongst all the stakeholders.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 07/09/2022.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204950
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 288
Weight: 0.9 kg



Asch, K., Kitazato, H. and Vallius, H. From Continental Shelf to Slope: Mapping the Oceanic Realm: Introduction

Vallius, H. T. V., Kotilainen, A. T., Asch, K. C., Fiorentino, A., Judge, M., Stewart, H. A. and Pjetursson, B. Discovering Europe’s seabed geology: the EMODnet concept of uniform collection and harmonization of marine data

Ryabchuk, D., Sergeev, A., Zhamoida, V., Budanov, L., Krek, A., Neevin, I., Bubnova, E., Danchenkov, A. and Kovaleva, O. High-resolution geological mapping towards an understanding of post-glacial development and Holocene sedimentation processes in the eastern Gulf of Finland: an EMODnet Geology case study

Breuer, S. and Asch, K. A first approach to a Quaternary geomorphological map of the German seas

Bøe, R., Rún Bjarnadóttir, L., Elvenes, S., Dolan, M., Bellec, V., Thorsnes, T., Lepland, A. and Longva, O. Revealing the secrets of Norway’s seafloor – geological mapping within the MAREANO programme and in coastal areas

O’Toole, R., Judge, M., Sacchetti, F., Furey, T., Mac Craith, E., Sheehan, K., Kelly, S., Cullen, S., McGrath, F. and Monteys, X. Mapping Ireland’s coastal, shelf and deep-water environments using illustrative case studies to highlight the impact of seabed mapping on the generation of blue knowledge

Terrinha, P., Medialdea, T., Batista, L., Somoza, L., Magalhães, V., González, F. J., Noiva, J., Lobato, A., Rosa, M., Marino, E., Brito, P., Neres, M. and Ribeiro, C. Integrated thematic geological mapping of the Atlantic Margin of Iberia

Gozhik, P. F. and Rokitsky, V. E. The Pliocene deposits of the Black Sea Shelf east of the Danube River Delta

Mil-Homens, M., Brito, P., Magalhães, V., Rosa, M., Neres, M., Silva, M., Salgueiro, E., Drago, T., Rodrigues, A. I., Guerra, M. T., Gaudêncio, M. J., Almeida, E., Silva, M., Freitas, M., Pinto, C. A., Bandarra, C. and Terrinha, P. Integrated geophysical and sedimentological datasets for assessment of offshore borrow areas: the CHIMERA project (western Portuguese Coast)

Battaglini, L., D’Angelo, S. and Fiorentino, A. Collating European data on geological events in submerged areas: examples of correlation and interpretation from Italian seas

Greene, H. G. and Barrie, J. V. Faulting within the San Juan–southern Gulf Islands Archipelagos, upper plate deformation of the Cascadia subduction complex

Arai, K. Geological mapping of coastal and offshore Japan (by GSJ-AIST): collecting and utilizing the geological information

Ikehara, K., Katayama, H., Sagayama, T. and Irino, T. Geological controls on dispersal and deposition of river flood sediments on the Hidaka shelf, Northern Japan

Furuyama, S., Sato, T., Arai, K. and Ozaki, M. Tectonic evolution in the Early to Middle Pleistocene off the east coast of the Boso Peninsula, Japan

Sato, T., Furuyama, S., Komatsubara, J., Ozaki, M. and Yamaguchi, K. Bent incised valley formed in uplifting shelf facing subduction margin: case study off the eastern coast of the Boso Peninsula, central Japan

Ohta, A., Imai, N., Tachibana, Y. and Ikehara, K. Application of spatial distribution patterns of multi-elements in geochemical maps for provenance and transfer process of marine sediments in Kyushu, western Japan

Oki, Y., Kitazato, H., Fujii, T. and Yasukawa, S. Habitat mapping for human well-being: a tool for reducing risk in disaster-prone coastal environments and human communities



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