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The Basins, Orogens and Evolution of the Southern Gulf of Mexico and Northern Caribbean

Product Code: SP504
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by I. Davison, J. Hull and J. Pindell
Publication Date: 25 March 2021
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Special Publication 504

This volume brings together 17 comprehensive, data-rich analyses to provide an updated perspective on the Mexican Gulf of Mexico, Florida and northern Caribbean. The papers span a broad range of scales and disciplines from plate tectonic evolution to sub-basin scale analysis. Papers are broadly categorised into three themes: 1) geological evolution of the basins of the southern Gulf of Mexico in Mexico, Bahamas and Florida and their hydrocarbon potential; 2) evolution of the region’s Late Cretaceous to Neogene orogens and subsequent denudation history; and 3) geological evolution of the basins and crustal elements of the northern Caribbean. This book and its extensive data sets are essential for all academic and exploration geoscientists working in this area. Two large wall maps are included as fold-outs.

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Published on the Lyell Collection 11/02/2021.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204943
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 560
Weight: 1.5 kg



Dedication: Professor Kevin Burke 1929–2018 

Davison, I., Pindell, J. and Hull, J. The basins, orogens and evolution of the southern Gulf of Mexico and Northern Caribbean

Pindell, J., Villagómez, D., Molina-Garza, R., Graham, R. and Weber, B. A revised synthesis of the rift and drift history of the Gulf of Mexico and surrounding regions in the light of improved age dating of the Middle Jurassic salt

Erlich, R. N. and Pindell, J. Crustal origin of the West Florida Terrane, and detrital zircon provenance and development of accommodation during initial rifting of the southeastern Gulf of Mexico and western Bahamas

Shann, M. V. The Sureste Basin of Mexico: its framework, future oil exploration opportunities and key challenges ahead

Davison, I. Salt tectonics in the Sureste Basin, SE Mexico: some implications for hydrocarbon Exploration

Pindell, J., Molina-Garza, R., Villagómez, D., Martens, U., Graham, R., Stockli, D., Weber, B. and Sierra-Rojas, M. I. Provenance of the Miocene Nanchital conglomerate, western Chiapas Foldbelt, Mexico: implications for reservoir sands in the Sureste Basin, Greater Campeche Province

Miranda-Madrigal, E. and Chávez-Cabello, G. Regional geological analysis of the southern deep Gulf of Mexico and northern Yucatán Shelf

Kenning, J. J. and Mann, P. Regional thermal maturity modelling of hydrocarbons along the deep-water Yucatan margin, southern Gulf of Mexico

Snedden, J. W., Stockli, D. F. and Norton, I. O. Palaeogeographical reconstruction and provenance of Oxfordian aeolian sandstone reservoirs in Mexico offshore areas: comparison to the Norphlet aeolian system of the northern Gulf of Mexico

Gray, G. G., Villagomez, D., Pindell, J., Molina-Garza, R., O’Sullivan, P., Stockli, D., Farrell, W., Blank, D. and Schuba, J. Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic thermotectonic history of eastern, central and southern Mexico as determined through integrated thermochronology, with implications for sediment delivery to the Gulf of Mexico

Graham, R., Pindell, J., Villagómez, D., Molina-Garza, R., Granath, J. and Sierra-Rojas, M. Integrated Cretaceous–Cenozoic plate tectonics and structural geology in southern Mexico

Hernández-Vergara, R., Fitz-Díaz, E., Brocard, G. and Morán-Zenteno, D. J. Illite 40Ar–39Ar dating of Eocene deformation in the Chiapas Fold and Thrust Belt, southern Mexico

Romito, S. and Mann, P. Tectonic terranes underlying the present-day Caribbean plate: their tectonic origin, sedimentary thickness, subsidence histories and regional controls on hydrocarbon resources

Sun, L., Mann, P. and Bird, D. E. Integration of tectonic geomorphology and crustal structure across the active obliquely collisional zone on the island of Hispaniola, northeastern Caribbean

Tillman, T. and Mann, P. Regional hydrocarbon potential of the northeastern Caribbean based on integration of sediment thickness and source rock maturity data

Mann, P. and Pierce, S. Stratigraphy and structure of regionally-isolated hydrocarbon occurrences in the Azua Basin, south-central Dominican Republic (Northeastern Caribbean)

Gorosabel-Araus, J. M., Granja-Bruña, J. L., Gallego-Mingo, A., Gómez de la Peña, L., Rodríguez-Zurrunero, A., Mas, R., Carbó-Gorosabel, A. and Navarro-Comet, J. New constraints on the tectonosedimentary evolution of the offshore San Pedro Basin (southeastern Dominican Republic): implications for its hydrocarbon potential

Mitchell, S. F. Cretaceous geology and tectonic assembly of Jamaica 


Steel, I. and Davison, I. Explanatory note: the basins and orogens of the Southern Gulf of Mexico map

Steel, I. and Davison, I. Explanatory note: map of the geology of the Northern Caribbean and the Greater Antillean Arc

Foldout maps

Steel, I. and Davison, I. The basins and orogens of the Southern Gulf of Mexico

Steel, I. and Davison, I. Geology of the Northern Caribbean and the Greater Antillean Arc


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