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Pannotia to Pangaea: Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic Orogenic Cycles in the Circum-Atlantic Region

Product Code: SP503
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by B. Murphy, R.A. Strachan, C. Quesada
Publication Date: 28 January 2021
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Special Publication 503

This volume celebrates the career of R. Damian Nance. It features 27 articles, with more than 110 authors based in 18 different countries.  These articles include contributions on the processes responsible for the formation and breakup of supercontinents, the controversies concerning the status of Pannotia as a supercontinent, the generation and destruction of Paleozoic oceans, and the development of the Appalachian-Ouachitan-Caledonide-Variscan orogens.  In addition to field work, the approaches to gain that understanding include examining the relationships between stratigraphy and structural geology, precise geochronology, geochemical and isotopic fingerprinting, geodynamic modelling, regional syntheses, palaeogeographic modelling, and good old-fashioned arm-waving!

The wide range of topics mirrors the breadth and depth of Damian’s contributions, interests and expertise. Like Damian’s papers, the contributions range from the predominantly conceptual to detailed field work, but all are targeted at understanding important tectonic processes. Their scope not only varies in scale from global to regional to local, but also in the range of approaches required to gain that understanding.

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Published on the Lyell Collection 13/01/2021.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204929
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 664
Weight: 1.55 kg


Murphy, B., Strachan, R. and Quesada, C. R. Damian Nance: a biography and appreciation

Murphy, J. B., Strachan, R. A. and Quesada, C. Pannotia to Pangaea: Neoproterozoic and Paleozoic Orogenic Cycles in the Circum-Atlantic Region: A celebration of the career of Damian Nance

Murphy, J. B., Nance, R. D., Cawood, P. A., Collins, W. J., Dan, W., Doucet, L. S., Heron, P. J., Li, Z.-X., Mitchell, R. N., Pisarevsky, S., Pufahl, P. K., Quesada, C., Spencer, C. J., Strachan, R. A. and Wu, L. Pannotia: in defence of its existence and geodynamic significance

Heron, P. J., Murphy, J. B., Nance, R. D. and Pysklywec, R. N. Pannotia’s mantle signature: the quest for supercontinent identification 

Evans, D. A. D. Pannotia under prosecution 

Kroner, U., Stephan, T., Romer, R. L. and Roscher, M. Paleozoic plate kinematics during the Pannotia–Pangaea supercontinent cycle  

Hoffman, P. F. Cusp tectonics: an Ediacaran megakarst landscape and bidirectional mass slides in a Pan-African syntaxis (NW Namibia)  

van Staal, C. R., Barr, S. M., McCausland, P. J. A., Thompson, M. D. and White, C. E. Tonian–Ediacaran tectonomagmatic evolution of West Avalonia and its Ediacaran–early Cambrian interactions with Ganderia: an example of complex terrane transfer due to arc–arc collision? 

Arenas, R., Sánchez Martínez, S., Albert, R., Haissen, F., Fernández-Suárez, J., Pujol-Solà, N., Andonaegui, P., Díez Fernández, R., Proenza, J. A., Garcia-Casco, A. and Gerdes, A. 100 myr cycles of oceanic lithosphere generation in peri-Gondwana: Neoproterozoic–Devonian ophiolites from the NW African–Iberian margin of Gondwana and the Variscan Orogen  

Lindner, M., Dörr, W., Reither, D. and Finger, F. The Dobra Gneiss and the Drosendorf Unit in the southeastern Bohemian Massif, Austria: West Amazonian crust in the heart of Europe 

Errami, E., Linnemann, U., Hofmann, M., Gärtner, A., Zieger, J., Gärtner, J., Mende, K., El Kabouri, J., Gasquet, D. and Ennih, N. From Pan-African Transpression to Cadomian Transtension at the West African Margin: New U–Pb zircon Ages from the Eastern Saghro Inlier (Anti-Atlas, Morocco) 

Andresen, A. Lithostratigraphic and structural data from Hardangervidda, southern Norway supporting extended interaction between Avalonia and Baltica 

Dalslåen, B. H., Gasser, D., Grenne, T., Augland, L. E. and Andresen, A. Early–Middle Ordovician sedimentation and bimodal volcanism at the margin of Iapetus: the Trollhøtta–Kinna Basin of the central Norwegian Caledonides 

Slagstad, T., Saalmann, K., Kirkland, C. L., Høyen, A. B., Storruste, B. K., Coint, N., Pin, C., Marker, M., Bjerkgård, T., Krill, A., Solli, A., Boyd, R., Larsen Angvik, T. and Larsen, R. B. Late Neoproterozoic–Silurian tectonic evolution of the Rödingsfjället Nappe Complex, orogen-scale correlations and implications for the Scandian suture 

Walker, S., Bird, A. F., Thirlwall, M. F. and Strachan, R. A. Caledonian and Pre-Caledonian orogenic events in Shetland, Scotland: evidence from garnet Lu–Hf and Sm–Nd geochronology 

McConnell, B., Riggs, N. and Fritschle, T. Tectonic history across the Iapetus suture zone in Ireland 

Archibald, D. B. and Murphy, J. B. A slab failure origin for the Donegal composite batholith, Ireland as indicated by trace-element geochemistry 

Schofield, D. I., Leslie, A. G., Wilby, P. R., Dartnall, R., Waldron, J. W. F. and Kendall, R. S. Tectonic evolution of Anglesey and adjacent mainland North Wales 

Dostal, J., Wilson, R. A. and Jutras, P. Petrogenesis of Siluro-Devonian rhyolites of the Tobique Group in the northwestern Appalachians (northern New Brunswick, Canada): tectonic implications for the accretion history of peri-Gondwanan terranes along the Laurentian margin

Hildebrand, R. S. and Whalen, J. B. Arc and slab-failure magmatism of the Taconic Orogeny, western New England, USA 

Piper, D. J. W. and Pe-Piper, G. Evolution of late Paleozoic shearing in the Cobequid Highlands: constraints on the fragmentation of the Appalachian Orogen in Nova Scotia along intra-continental shear zones 

Park, A. F. and Hinds, S. J. Structure and stratigraphy in the Pennsylvanian tectonic zone of southern New Brunswick, Canada: the ‘Maritime coastal disturbance’ revisited

Dennis, A. J., Miller, B. V., Hibbard, J. P., Tappa, E. and Thunell, R. C. Gondwanan fragments in the southern Appalachians 

Juárez-Zúñiga, S., Solari, L. A. and Ortega-Obregón, C. Permian igneous clasts from the Matzitzi Formation, southern Mexico: isotopic constraints on the final amalgamation of Pangaea 

Sánchez Martínez, S., Arenas, R., Albert, R., Gerdes, A. and Fernández-Suárez, J. Updated geochronology and isotope geochemistry of the Vila de Cruces Ophiolite: a case study of a peri-Gondwanan back-arc ophiolite 

Álvaro, J. J., Casas, J. M. and Quesada, C. Reconstructing the pre-Variscan puzzle of Cambro-Ordovician basement rocks in the southwestern European margin of Gondwana

Gutiérrez-Alonso, G., López-Carmona, A., Núñez-Guerrero, E., Martínez García, A., Fernández-Suárez, J., Pastor-Galán, D., Gutiérrez-Marco, J. C., Bernárdez, E., Colmenero, J. R., Hofmann, M. and Linnemann, U. Neoproterozoic–Paleozoic detrital sources in the Variscan foreland of northern Iberia: primary v. recycled sediments 

Paslawski, L. E., Braid, J. A., Quesada, C. and McFarlane, C. M. Geochronology of the Iberian Pyrite Belt and the Sierra Norte Batholith: lower plate magmatism during supercontinent amalgamation? 

Pereira, M. F., Gama, C., Dias da Silva, Í, Fuenlabrada, J. M., Silva, J. B. and Medina, J. Isotope geochemistry evidence for Laurussian-type sources of South Portuguese Zone Carboniferous turbidites (Variscan Orogeny) 



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