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Mineralization and Sustainable Development in the West African Craton: From Field Observations to Modelling

Product Code: SP502
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by T. Aïfa
Publication Date: 22 July 2021
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Special Publication 502

This Special Publication combines results obtained by interdisciplinary groups from numerous academic institutions working on Paleoproterozoic formations to decipher the origins of the main mineralization resources in the West African Craton (WAC) and their impacts on African economic development. Structural, geophysical, sedimentological, stratigraphical, geochemical, petrophysical and mineralogical analyses have been used to highlight the complexities involved in mineralization emplacement and its origin and evolution within the WAC. Fourteen articles contribute to new knowledge in mineral research. They show that the geodynamic evolution of the WAC is complex from one area to another: it involves subduction, collision and obduction during several deformation phases ranging from Birimian (2.3–2.0 Ga) to Pan-African (650–450 Ma) events. Various modelling techniques, when integrated, help in understanding the mechanisms of mineralization emplacement, some of which are still a matter of debate. The challenge for further studies is mitigation for sustainable development that can be appropriately used to minimize such damage.

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Published online on the Lyell Collection 09/07/2021.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204899
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 353
Weight: 1 kg


Tribute to Professor Théophile Lasm: a generous man, in every way

Aïfa, T. Mineralization and sustainable development in the West African Craton: from field observations to modelling 

Ait Hmeid, H., Akodad, M., Aalaoul, M., Baghour, M., Moumen, A., Skalli, A., Anjjar, A., Conti, P., Sfalanga, A., Ryazi Khyabani, F., Minucci, S. and Daoudi, L. Clay mineralogy, chemical and geotechnical characterization of bentonite from Beni Bou Ifrour Massif (the Eastern Rif, Morocco) 

Ikenne, M., Souhassou, M., Saintilan, N. J., Karfal, A. H., Hassani, A. E. L., Moundi, Y., Ousbih, M., Ezzghoudi, M., Zouhir, M. and Maacha, L. Cobalt–nickel–copper arsenide, sulfarsenide and sulfide mineralization in the Bou Azzer window, Anti-Atlas, Morocco: one century of multi-disciplinary and geological investigations, mineral exploration and mining

Outigua, A., Essaifi, A., Corsini, M., Outhounjite, M. and Zouhair, M. Sidi M’Barek: a representative example of the Moroccan massive sulfide deposits 

Hallarou, M. M., Konaté, M., Olatunji, A. S. and Ahmed, Y. The Paleoproterozoic porphyry copper–molybdenum deposit of Kourki (Liptako Province, western Niger)

Tchaptchet, T. W., Tematio, P., Guimapi, T. N., Happi, E., Tiomo, I. and Momo, N. M. Morphological, mineral and geochemical characterization of soil profiles in Meïganga as tools for rock weathering intensity and trend evaluation and residual ore deposit prospection in the mineralized domain of central Cameroon

Ouattara, Z., Coulibaly, Y. and Boiron, M.-C. Shear-hosted gold mineralization in the Oumé-Fettèkro greenstone belt, Côte d’Ivoire: the Bonikro deposit

Aïfa, T. and Merabet, N.-E. Rock magnetic study on the Yetti–Eglab Intrusions, Sahara: contribution to the West African Craton geology

Kwékam, M., Dunkl, I., Fozing, E. M., Hartmann, G., Njanko, T., Tcheumenak, K. J. and Njonfang, E. Syn-kinematic ferroan high-K I-type granites from Dschang in southwestern Cameroon: U–Pb age, geochemistry and implications for crustal growth in the late Pan-African Orogeny

Amadou, D. A., Konaté, M. and Ahmed, Y. Geodynamic context of the Proterozoïc deposits of the Firgoun Region (eastern border of the West African Craton, West Niger)

Baraou, I. S. and Konaté, M. New radiometric data from the South Maradi Pan-African formations, southern Niger

Gouedji, F., Picard, C., Audet, M.-A., Goncalvès, P., Coulibaly, Y. and Bakayoko, B. The Samapleu mafic–ultramafic intrusion (western Ivory Coast): cumulate of a high-Mg basaltic magma with (coeval) ultrahigh-temperature–medium-pressure metamorphism

Ilboudo, H., Sawadogo, S., Zongo, G. H., Naba, S., Wenmenga, U. and Lompo, M. Geochemistry and geodynamic constraint of volcanic and plutonic magmatism within the Banfora Belt (Burkina-Faso, West-Africa): contribution to mineral exploration

Aïfa, T. and Lo, K. Aeromagnetic modelling of Precambrian subsurface structures of the Tasiast area, NW Mauritania 

Nyame, F. K., Armah, T. K. E., Ibrahim, K., Baah-Acheamfour, J., Manu, J. and Tigme, J. Manganese occurrence in the Mankwadzi Area, southern Kibi–Winneba metavolcanic belt, Ghana: typical or atypical palaeoproterozoic Birimian Mn mineralization? 



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