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Characterization of Modern and Historical Seismic–Tsunamic Events, and Their Global–Societal Impacts

Product Code: SP501
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by Y. Dilek, Y. Ogawa and Y. Okubo
Publication Date: 22 June 2021
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Earthquakes and tsunamis are devastating geohazards with significant societal impacts. Most recent occurrences have shown that their impact on the stability of nations–societies and the world geopolitics is immense, potentially triggering a tipping point for a major downturn in the global economy. This Special Publication presents the most current information on the causes and effects of some of the modern and historical earthquake–tsunami events, and effective practices of risk assessment–disaster management, implemented by various governments, international organizations and intergovernmental agencies. Findings reported here show that the magnitude of human casualties and property loss resulting from earthquakes–tsunamis are highly variable around the globe, and that increased community, national and global resilience is significant to empower societal preparedness for such geohazards. It is clear that all stakeholders, including scientists, policymakers, governments, media and world organizations must work together to disseminate accurate, objective and timely information on geohazards, and to develop effective legislation for risk reduction and realistic hazard mitigation–management measures in our globally connected world of today.

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Published on the Lyell Collection 30/05/2021.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204783
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 434
Weight: 1.1 kg


Dilek, Y., Ogawa, Y. and Okubo, Y. Characterization of modern and historical seismic–tsunamic events and their global–societal impacts 

Emre, Ö., Kondo, H., Özalp, S. and Elmacı, H. Fault geometry, segmentation and slip distribution associated with the 1939 Erzincan earthquake rupture along the North Anatolian fault, Turkey 

Khalili, M. and Dilek, Y. The 9 April 2013 Kaki earthquake (Mw 6.3) in SW Iran occurred along a blind backthrust in the Fars geological province of the Zagros Fold and Thrust Belt

Mori, S. and Ogawa, Y. Geohazards in coastal areas near the northernmost Sagami Trough, central Japan: review of neotectonic activity in onshore and offshore areas of the Izu island arc collision–subduction zone 

Doke, R., Honda, R., Harada, M., Miyaoka, K., Kato, T. and Satomura, M. Deformation of the seismogenic zone in the northeastern part of the Izu Peninsula, Japan, inferred from GNSS observations 

Nanayama, F. Evidence of giant earthquakes and tsunamis of the seventeenth-century type along the southern Kuril subduction zone, eastern Hokkaido, northern Japan: a review

Okubo, Y., Soe, M., Takahashi, Y., Wongsomsak, S. and Fujita, M. Tectonic interpretation of active fault extending in Myanmar, Laos and China by relief map of ASTER GDEM and harmonized geological map

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Jin, K. and Kim, Y.-S. The importance of surface ruptures and fault damage zones in earthquake hazard assessment: a review and new suggestions

Pagani, M., Johnson, K. and Garcia Pelaez, J. Modelling subduction sources for probabilistic seismic hazard analysis

Silva, R., Carmo, R. and Marques, R. Characterization of the tectonic origins of historical and modern seismic events and their societal impact on the Azores Archipelago, Portugal

Tetsuka, H., Goto, K., Ebina, Y., Sugawara, D. and Ishizawa, T. Historical and geological evidence for the seventeenth-century tsunamis along Kuril and Japan trenches: implications for the origin of the AD 1611 Keicho earthquake and tsunami, and for the probable future risk potential

Kanamatsu, T., Ikehara, K. and Misawa, A. Seafloor morphology and sediment magnetic fabric in a putative 1771 Meiwa tsunami source region in the southern Ryukyu Islands, SW Japan  

Cabral, N. Revision of the Azorean catalogue of tsunamis

Pagnoni, G., Armigliato, A. and Tinti, S. Estimation of human damage and economic lossof buildings related to tsunami inundation in the city of Augusta, Italy 

Kawamura, K., Kuranaga, M., Mochizuki, K. and Kanamatsu, T. The role of pre-subduction sediment diagenesis in a shallow tsunami-generated slip, Sunda Trench, south of Sumatra 

Leelawat, N., Latcharote, P., Suppasri, A., Sararit, T., Srivichai, M., Tang, J., Chua, T., Kumnetrut, D., Saengtabtim, K. and Imamura, F. Today in Thailand: multidisciplinary perspectives on the current tsunami disaster risk reduction 

Weththasinghe, D. S. M., Ratnayake, N. P., Hemalal, P. V. A. and Dushyantha, N. P. Enhancing scientific and societal understanding of geohazards in Sri Lanka 

Kawamura, K., Oguri, K., Toyofuku, T., Radakovitch, O., Fontanier, C., Sasaki, K., Fujii, M. and Murayama, M. Tsunami-triggered dispersal and deposition of microplastics in marine environments and their use in dating recent turbidite deposits

Ikehara, K., Usami, K. and Irino, T. Variations in sediment lithology of submarine flood deposits on the slope off Kumano River, Japan

Doğulu, C., Ikizer, G. and Karanci, A. N. A psychosocial perspective on community resilience and preparedness in the context of earthquakes in Turkey



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