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Subaqueous Mass Movements and Their Consequences: Advances in Process Understanding, Monitoring and Hazard Assessments

Product Code: SP500
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A. Georgiopoulou, L.A. Amy, S. Benetti, J.D Chaytor, M.A. Clare, D. Gamboa, P.D.W. Haughton, J. Moernaut and J.J. Mountjoy
Publication Date: 08 July 2020
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Special Publication 500. Published with IUGS.

This GSL volume focuses on underwater or subaqueous landslides with the overarching goal of understanding how they affect society and the environment. The new research presented here is the result of significant advances made over recent years in directly monitoring submarine landslides, in standardising global datasets for quantitative analysis, constructing a global database, and leading international research projects. This volume demonstrates the breadth of investigation taking place into subaqueous landslides, and shows that while events like the recent ones in the Indonesian archipelago can be devastating they are at the smaller end of what the Earth has experienced in the past. Understanding the spectrum of subaqueous landslide processes, and therefore the potential societal impact, requires research across all spatial and temporal scales. This volume delivers a compilation of state-of-the-art papers covering topics from regional landslide databases to advanced techniques for in situ measurements, to numerical modelling of processes and hazards.

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Published on the Lyell Collection 11/06/2020. 

Special Publication 477: Subaqueous Mass Movements and Their Consequences: Assessing Geohazards, Environmental Implications and Economic Significance of Subaqueous Landslides

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204776
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 639
Weight: 1.5 kg


Mountjoy, J. J., Georgiopoulou, A., Chaytor, J., Clare, M. A., Gamboa, D. and Moernaut, J. Subaqueous mass movements in the context of observations of contemporary slope failure

Section A: consequences and implications
Barrett, R., Lebas, E., Ramalho, R., Klaucke, I., Kutterolf, S., Klügel, A., Lindhorst, K., Gross, F. and Krastel, S. Revisiting the tsunamigenic volcanic flank collapse of Fogo Island in the Cape Verdes, offshore West Africa
Mollison, K. C., Power, H. E., Clarke, S. L., Baxter, A. T., Lane, E. M. and Hubble, T. C. T. The sedimentology and tsunamigenic potential of the Byron submarine landslide off New South Wales, Australia
Zengaffinen, T., Løvholt, F., Pedersen, G. K. and Harbitz, C. B. Effects of rotational submarine slump dynamics on tsunami genesis: new insight from idealized models and the 1929 Grand Banks event
Dignan, J., Micallef, A., Mueller, C., Sulli, A., Zizzo, E. and Spatola, D. A scenario-based assessment of the tsunami hazard in Palermo, northern Sicily, and the southern Tyrrhenian Sea
Strupler, M., Anselmetti, F. S., Hilbe, M., Kremer, K. and Wiemer, S. A workflow for the rapid assessment of the landslide-tsunami hazard in peri-alpine lakes
Lintern, D. G., Rutherford, J., Hill, P. R., Campbell, C. and Normandeau, A. Towards a national-scale assessment of the subaqueous mass movement hazard in Canada
Geersen, J., Festa, A. and Remitti, F. Structural constraints on the subduction of mass-transport deposits in convergent margins
Moernaut, J., Wiemer, G., Kopf, A. and Strasser, M. Evaluating the sealing potential of young and thin mass-transport deposits: Lake Villarrica, Chile
Bull, S., Browne, G. H., Arnot, M. J. and Strachan, L. J. Influence of mass transport deposit (MTD) surface topography on deep-water deposition: an example from a predominantly fine-grained continental margin, New Zealand

Section B: initiation, triggers and preconditioning
Gatter, R., Clare, M. A., Hunt, J. E., Watts, M., Madhusudhan, B. N., Talling, P. J. and Huhn, K. A multi-disciplinary investigation of the AFEN Slide: the relationship between contourites and submarine landslides
Brackenridge, R. E., Nicholson, U., Sapiie, B., Stow, D. and Tappin, D. R. Indonesian Throughflow as a preconditioning mechanism for submarine landslides in the Makassar Strait
Locat, J., Azizian, A., Stronach, J., Hospital, A., Young, C., Turmel, D. and Bevan, A. Morphological signature of gully development by rapid slide retrogression in a layered coarse-grained delta foreslope
Daxer, C., Sammartini, M., Molenaar, A., Piechl, T., Strasser, M. and Moernaut, J. Morphology and spatio-temporal distribution of lacustrine mass-transport deposits in Wörthersee, Eastern Alps, Austria
Urlaub, M., Kratzke, I. and Hjelstuen, B. O. A numerical investigation of excess pore pressures and continental slope stability in response to ice-sheet dynamics
Micallef, A., Georgiopoulou, A., Green, A. and Maselli, V. Impact of sea-level fluctuations on the sedimentation patterns of the SE African margin: implications for slope instability
Kaminski, P., Urlaub, M., Grabe, J. and Berndt, C. Geomechanical behaviour of gassy soils and implications for submarine slope stability: a literature analysis
Mencaroni, D., Llopart, J., Urgeles, R., Lafuerza, S., Gràcia, E., Le Friant, A. and Urlaub, M. From gravity cores to overpressure history: the importance of measured sediment physical properties in hydrogeological models
Silver, M. M. W. and Dugan, B. The influence of clay content on submarine slope failure: insights from laboratory experiments and numerical models
Vargas, C. A., Gutiérrez, G. A. and Sarmiento, G. A. Subduction of an extinct rift and its role in the formation of submarine landslides in NW South America

Section C: characterization and regional controls
Boggild, K., Mosher, D. C., Travaglini, P., Gebhardt, C. and Mayer, L. Mass wasting on Alpha Ridge in the Arctic Ocean: new insights from multibeam bathymetry and sub-bottom profiler data
Cattaneo, A., Badhani, S., Caradonna, C., Bellucci, M., Leroux, E., Babonneau, N., Garziglia, S., Poort, J., Akhmanov, G. G., Bayon, G., Dennielou, B., Jouet, G., Migeon, S., Rabineau, M., Droz, L. and Clare, M. The Last Glacial Maximum Balearic Abyssal Plain megabed revisited
Badhani, S., Cattaneo, A., Collico, S., Urgeles, R., Dennielou, B., Leroux, E., Colin, F., Garziglia, S., Rabineau, M. and Droz, L. Integrated geophysical, sedimentological and geotechnical investigation of submarine landslides in the Gulf of Lions (Western Mediterranean)
Katz, O., Ashkenazi, L., Sultan-Levi, S., Abramovich, S., Almogi-Labin, A. and Hyams-Kaphzan, O. Characterization of recent deep-sea debrites in the eastern Mediterranean based on foraminiferal taphonomy
Casalbore, D., Clementucci, R., Bosman, A., Chiocci, F. L., Martorelli, E. and Ridente, D. Widespread mass-wasting processes off NE Sicily (Italy): insights from morpho-bathymetric analysis
Strasser, M., Berberich, T., Fabbri, S., Hilbe, M., Huang, J-J. S., Lauterbach, S., Ortler, M., Rechschreiter, H., Brauer, A., Anselmetti, F. and Kowarik, K. Geomorphology and event-stratigraphy of recent mass-movement processes in Lake Hallstatt (UNESCO World Heritage Cultural Landscape, Austria)
Stacey, C. D., Lintern, D. G., Shaw, J. and Conway, K. W. Slope stability hazard in a fjord environment: Douglas Channel, Canada
Hill, J. C., Watt, J. T., Brothers, D. S. and Kluesner, J. W. Submarine canyons, slope failures and mass transport processes in southern Cascadia
Watson, S. J., Mountjoy, J. J. and Crutchley, G. J. Tectonic and geomorphic controls on the distribution of submarine landslides across active and passive margins, eastern New Zealand
León, R., Urgeles, R., Pérez-López, R., Payo, E., Vázquez-Izquierdo, A., Giménez-Moreno, C. J. and Casas, D. Geological and tectonic controls on morphometrics of submarine landslides of the Spanish margins

Section D: mobility and kinematics
Nwoko, J., Kane, I. and Huuse, M. Megaclasts within mass-transport deposits: their origin, characteristics and effect on substrates and succeeding flows
Bull, S. and Cartwright, J. A. Line length balancing to evaluate multi-phase submarine landslide development: an example from the Storegga Slide, Norway
Couvin, B., Georgiopoulou, A., Mountjoy, J. J., Amy, L., Crutchley, G. J., Brunet, M., Cardona, S., Gross, F., Böttner, C., Krastel, S. and Pecher, I. A new depositional model for the Tuaheni Landslide Complex, Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand
Roy, S., Georgiopoulou, A., Benetti, S. and Sacchetti, F. Mass transport deposits in the Donegal Barra Fan and their association with British–Irish Ice Sheet dynamics
Chaytor, J. D., Baldwin, W. E., Bentley, S. J., Damour, M., Jones, D., Maloney, J., Miner, M. D., Obelcz, J. and Xu, K. Short- and long-term movement of mudflows of the Mississippi River Delta Front and their known and potential impacts on oil and gas infrastructure
Clare, M., Lintern, D. G., Rosenberger, K., Hughes Clarke, J. E., Paull, C., Gwiazda, R., Cartigny, M. J. B., Talling, P. J., Perara, D., Xu, J., Parsons, D., Jacinto, R. S. and Apprioual, R. Lessons learned from the monitoring of turbidity currents and guidance for future platform designs



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