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The Changing Role of Geological Surveys

Product Code: SP499
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P.R. Hill, D. Lebel, M. Hitzman, M. Smelror and H. Thorleifson
Publication Date: 07 December 2020
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Special Publication 499

Published online 10/11/2020. Print copies available from 07/12/2020.

Senior managers and Heads of Geological Survey Organizations (GSOs) from around the world have contributed a collection of papers to provide a benchmark on how GSOs are responding to national and international needs in a rapidly changing world. GSOs continue to provide key scientific information about Earth systems, natural hazards and climate change. As countries adopt sustainable development principles and the public increasingly turns to social media to find information about resource and environmental issues, the generation and communication of Earth science knowledge become increasingly important. This volume provides a snapshot of how GSOs are adapting their activities to this changing world. The different national perspectives presented converge around several common themes related to resources, environment and big data. Climate change and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals provide an increased incentive for GSOs of the world to work in harmony, to generate knowledge of Earth systems and to provide solutions for sustainable management of the planet.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204769
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 305
Weight: 0.85 kg


Hill, P. R., Lebel, D., Hitzman, M., Smelror, M. and Thorleifson, H. The changing role of Geological Surveys: introduction 

Smelror, M. Geology for society in 2058: some down-to-earth perspectives 

Lebel, D. Geological Survey of Canada 8.0: mapping the journey towards predictive Geoscience 

Ludden, J. Where is geoscience going? 

Watzel, R. Challenges for geological surveys deriving from global megatrends: The Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources of Germany’s perspective and answers 

Abdullah Azizi, S. E., Ling, N.-L., Sia, S.-G. and Ismail, B. The changing role of geological surveys in Malaysia 

Thorsnes, T., Misund, O. A. and Smelror, M. Seabed mapping in Norwegian waters: programmes, technologies and future advances 

Verbruggen, K., Braiden, A. K., Lee, M., Scanlon, R., Cullen, S. and Finlay, S. Relevant and flexible geosurveys: how Geological Survey Ireland is adapting 

Vidovic, J., Schavemaker, Y., Witteman, T., Tulstrup, J., van Gessel, S., Piessens, K. and Solar, S. EuroGeoSurveys: from a non-profit association to a geological service for Europe 

Yan, G., Lin, L., Ren, S. and Situ, Y. The fundamental and pioneering role of the Geological Survey in China’s social development 

Satkūnas, J. How to demonstrate the role of geology in a modern society: the case of Lithuania, where geology is not visible

Nurmi, P. A. The Geological Survey of Finland strengthening its role as a key player in mineral raw materials innovation ecosystems 

Christiansen, F. G. and Larsen, F. The Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS): from classical geological services to long-term environmental monitoring programmes, energy transformation and advice on political sensitive topics 

Söderberg, L., Stölen, L.-K., Levén, J., Snowball, L. Z. and Reginiussen, H. How the Geological Survey of Sweden contributes digital data for sustainable development 

Stumpf, A. J., Berg, R. C. and Curry, B. B. Changing roles of State Geological Surveys in the USA: experiences from Illinois

Kimball, S., Goldhaber, M., Baron, J. and Labson, V. The modern geological survey: a model for research, innovation, synthesis. A USGS perspective 

Rattenbury, M., Jolly, G., Benfell, P. and Smillie, R. Geological surveys as research-focused organizations: New Zealand’s experience and opportunities 

Cheng, Q., Oberhänsli, R. and Zhao, M. A new international initiative for facilitating data-driven Earth science transformation 

Petrov, O. V. From the Geological Committee of Russia to the Russian Geological Research Institute: solving problems of state geological mapping 

Heirman, K. and Adiyaman Lopes, O. The UNESCO–IUGS International Geoscience Programme (IGCP) in the service of society since 1972  

Lee, Y. J., Tulyatid, D., Uzarraga, M., Kwak, J. and Seo, J. Building the future of the geoscience community in Asia: CCOP beyond history and borders 

Lebel, D. and Hill, P. R. Epilogue – The rhymes, musings and riddles of the International Community of Geological Surveys (ICOGS) 



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