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Cretaceous Climate Events and Short-Term Sea-Level Changes

Product Code: SP498
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Wagreich, M. B. Hart, B. Sames, I. O. Yilmaz
Publication Date: 07 July 2020
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Special Publication 498

Published online 14/04/2020. Print copies available from 07/07/2020.

Sea-level constitutes a critical planetary boundary for geological processes and human life. Sea-level fluctuations during major greenhouse phases are still enigmatic and strongly discussed in terms of changing climate systems. The geological record of the Cretaceous greenhouse period provides a deep-time view on greenhouse-phase Earthsystem processes that facilitates a much better understanding of the causes and consequences of global, geologically short-term, sea-level changes. In particular
, Cretaceous hothouse periods can serve as a laboratory to better understand a near-future greenhouse Earth. This volume presents high-resolution sea-level records from globally distributed sedimentary archives of the Cretaceous involving a large group of scientists from the International Geoscience Programme IGCP 609. Marine to non-marine sedimentary successions were analysed for revised age constraints, the correlation of global palaeoclimate shifts and sea-level changes, tested for climate-driven cyclicities, and correlated within a high-resolution stratigraphic framework of the Geological Timescale. For hothouse periods, the hypothesis of significant global groundwater-related sea-level change, i.e. aquifer-eustasy as a major process, is reviewed and substantiated.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204745
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 266
Weight: 0.8 kg


Wagreich, M., Sames, B., Hart, M. and Yilmaz, I. O. An introduction to causes and consequences of Cretaceous sea-level changes (IGCP 609) 


Sames, B., Wagreich, M., Conrad, C. P. and Iqbal, S. Aquifer-eustasy as the main driver of short-term sea-level fluctuations during Cretaceous hothouse climate phases 


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Joeckel, R. M., Ludvigson, G. A., Möller, A., Hotton, C. L., Suarez, M. B., Suarez, C. A., Sames, B., Kirkland, J. I. and Hendrix, B. Chronostratigraphy and terrestrial palaeoclimatology of Berriasian–Hauterivian strata of the Cedar Mountain Formation, Utah, USA 


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Wolfgring, E., Wagreich, M., Yilmaz, I. O., Shasha, L. and Boehm, K. Late Cretaceous stratigraphy in the Mudurnu–Göynük Basin (Turkey) and inferences on sea-level change in the Late Campanian to Early Maastrichtian 


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Vishnevskaya, V. S. and Kopaevich, L. F. Microfossil assemblages as key to reconstruct sea-level fluctuations, cooling episodes and palaeogeography: The Albian to Maastrichtian of Boreal and Peri-Tethyan Russia 


Mulayim, O., Yilmaz, O. I., Sarı, B., Tasli, K. and Wagreich, M. Cenomanian–Turonian drowning of the Arabian Carbonate Platform, the İnişdere section, Adıyaman, SE Turkey 


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Gebhardt, H., Akande, S. O. and Adekeye, O. A. Cenomanian to Coniacian sea-level changes in the Lower Benue Trough (Nkalagu Area, Nigeria) and the Eastern Dahomey Basin: palaeontological and sedimentological evidence for eustasy and tectonism 




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