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Integrated Fault Seal Analysis

Product Code: SP496
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S. Ogilvie, S. Dee, R.W. Wilson, W. Bailey
Publication Date: 03 August 2020
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Special Publication 496

Published online 17/07/2020. Print copies available from 03/08/2020.

Faults commonly trap fluids such as hydrocarbons and water and therefore are of economic significance. During hydrocarbon field development, smaller faults can provide baffles and/or conduits to flow. There are relatively simple, well established workflows to carry out a fault seal analysis for siliciclastic rocks based primarily on clay content. There are, however, outstanding challenges related to other rock types, to calibrating fault seal models (with static and dynamic data) and to handling uncertainty. 

The variety of studies presented here demonstrate the types of data required and workflows followed in today’s environment in order to understand the uncertainties, risks and upsides associated with fault-related fluid flow. These studies span all parts of the hydrocarbon value chain from exploration to production but are also of relevance for other industries such as radioactive waste and CO2 containment.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204592
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 288
Weight: 0.85 kg



Ogilvie, S. R., Dee, S. J., Wilson, R. W. and Bailey, W. R. Integrated Fault Seal Analysis: An Introduction

van Ojik, K., Silvius, A., Kremer, Y. and Shipton, Z. K. Fault seal behaviour in Permian Rotliegend reservoir sequences: case studies from the Dutch Southern North Sea

Nogueira Kiewiet, M., Lima, C., Giwelli, A., Delle Piane, C., Lemiale, V., Esteban, L., Falcao, F., Clennell, M. B., Dautriat, J., Kiewiet, L., Raimon, J., Kager, S. and Dewhurst, D. An experimental and numerical investigation on the hydromechanical behaviour of carbonate fault zones upon reactivation: the impact of carbonate mud sealing layers and overall research outcomes

Ferrill, D. A., Smart, K. J. and Morris, A. P. Fault failure modes, deformation mechanisms, dilation tendency, slip tendency, and conduits v. seals

Torabi, A., Ellingsen, T. S. S., Johannessen, M. U., Alaei, B., Rotevatn, A. and Chiarella, D. Fault zone architecture and its scaling laws: where does the damage zone start and stop?

Shipton, Z. K., Roberts, J. J., Comrie, E. L., Kremer, Y., Lunn, R. J. and Caine, J. S. Fault fictions: systematic biases in the conceptualization of fault-zone architecture

Murray, T. A., Power, W. L., Johnson, A. J., Christie, G. J. and Richards, D. R. Validation and analysis procedures for juxtaposition and membrane fault seals in oil and gas exploration

Grant, N. T. Stochastic modelling of fault gouge zones: implications for fault seal analysis

Knai, T. A. and Lescoffit, G. Efficient handling of fault properties using the Juxtaposition Table Method

Bretan, P. G., Yielding, G. and Sverdrup, E. A knowledge database of hanging-wall traps that are dependent on fault-rock seal

Wilkins, S. J., Davies, R. K. and Naruk, S. J. Subsurface observations of deformation bands and their impact on hydrocarbon production within the Holstein Field, Gulf of Mexico, USA

Osmond, J. L. and Meckel, T. A. Enhancing trap and fault seal analyses by integrating observations from HR3D seismic data with well logs and conventional 3D seismic data, Texas inner shelf



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