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Fold and Thrust Belts: Structural Style, Evolution and Exploration

Product Code: SP490
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by J.A. Hammerstein, R. Di Cuia, M.A. Cottam, G. Zamora & R.W.H. Butler
Publication Date: 14 October 2020
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Special Publication 490

The outer parts of collision mountain belts are commonly represented by fold and thrust belts. Major advances in understanding these tectonic settings have arisen from regional studies that integrate diverse geological information in quests to find and produce hydrocarbons. Drilling has provided tests of subsurface forecasts, challenging interpretation strategies and structural models. This volume contains 19 papers that illustrate a diversity of methods and approaches together with case studies from Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region. Collectively they show that appreciating diversity is key for developing better interpretations of complex geological structures in the subsurface – endeavours that span applications beyond the development of hydrocarbons.

Front cover image: The Alpine mountain front in the northern Vercors district of SE France. Thought to be a once functioning hydrocarbon system, the visible hillside contains thrust-repetitions of Cretaceous platform carbonates that over-ride Miocene syn-orogenic deposits, influenced by earlier rift faults. Photograph by Rob Butler

Published online 17/09/2020. Print copies available from 14/10/2020.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204479
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 454
Weight: 1.2 kg



Hammerstein, J. A., Di Cuia, R., Cottam, M. A., Zamora, G. and Butler, R. W. H. Fold and thrust belts: structural style, evolution and exploration – an introduction  

Modelling of fold & thrust belts and petroleum systems

Butler, R. W. H., Bond, C. E. and Cooper, M. A. Henry Cadell’s ‘Experimental researches in mountain building’: their lessons for interpreting thrust systems and fold–thrust structures 

Hughes, A. Mechanical controls on structural styles in shortening environments: a discrete-element modelling approach

Butler, R. W. H. Syn-kinematic strata influence the structural evolution of emergent fold–thrust belts  

Kendall, J., Vergés, J., Koshnaw, R. and Louterbach, M. Petroleum tectonic comparison of fold and thrust belts: the Zagros of Iraq and Iran, the Pyrenees of Spain, the Sevier of Western USA and the Beni Sub-Andean of Bolivia 

Grant, N. T. Modelling the evolution of seal integrity in deepwater toe thrust anticlines 105

Muirhead, D. K., Bond, C. E., Watkins, H., Butler, R. W. H., Schito, A., Crawford, Z. and Marpino, A. Raman spectroscopy: an effective thermal marker in low temperature carbonaceous fold–thrust belts 


Pharaoh, T., Haslam, R., Hough, E., Kirk, K., Leslie, G., Schofield, D. and Heafford, A. The Môn–Deemster–Ribblesdale fold–thrust belt, central UK: a concealed Variscan inversion belt located on weak Caledonian crust 

García-Senz, J., Pedrera, A., Ayala, C., Ruiz-Constán, A., Robador, A. and Rodríguez-Fernández, L. R. Inversion of the north Iberian hyperextended margin: the role of exhumed mantle indentation during continental collision 

Malz, A., Madritsch, H., Jordan, P., Meier, B. and Kley, J. Along-strike variations in thin-skinned thrusting style controlled by pre-existing basement structure in the easternmost Jura Mountains (Northern Switzerland)

Pace, P., Di Cuia, R. and Mascolo, V. Revitalizing exploration and redevelopment of deep carbonate targets in the Southern Apennines thrust belt (southern Italy): reappraising vintage data with modern approaches

Casabianca, D., Auzemery, A., Barrier, A., Ricciato, A., Borello, S., Lecardez, A. and Di Cuia, R. Latest fold and thrust tectonics conceals extensional structures inherited from Cretaceous syn-sedimentary deformation: insights for exploration in fold-and-thrust belts from the Maiella Mountain 

Tămaș, D. M., Schléder, Z., Tămaș, A., Krézsek, C., Copoț, B. and Filipescu, S. Middle Miocene evolution and structural style of the Diapir Fold Zone, Eastern Carpathian Bend Zone, Romania: insights from scaled analogue modelling 


McArthur, A. D., Claussmann, B., Bailleul, J., Clare, A. and McCaffrey, W. D. Variation in syn-subduction sedimentation patterns from inner to outer portions of deep-water fold and thrust belts: examples from the Hikurangi subduction margin of New Zealand 

Ollarves, R., Zhao, S. and Gilby, F. Interaction between the folded structures of the Western Papua New Guinea Highlands: an example of how surface observations can assist in subsurface Understanding 

Martinez Duran, P., Baillie, P., Carrillo, E. and Duval, G. Geological development of the Timor Orogen

Baillie, P., Keep, M., Duran, P. M., Carrillo, E. and Duval, G. Broadband seismic imaging around the Banda Arc: changes in the anatomy of offshore fold-and-thrust belts

Middle East

Legeay, E., Ringenbach, J.-C., Kergaravat, C., Pichat, A., Mohn, G., Vergés, J., Kavak, K. S. and Callot, J.-P. Structure and kinematics of the Central Sivas Basin (Turkey): salt deposition and tectonics in an evolving fold-and-thrust belt

Tozer, R. S. J., Hertle, M., Petersen, H. I. and Zinck-Jørgensen, K. Quantifying vertical movements in fold and thrust belts: subsidence, uplift and erosion in Kurdistan, northern 

Ginés, J., Edwards, R., Lohr, T., Larkin, H. and Holley, R. Remote sensing applications in the Fars Region of the Zagros Mountains of Iran



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