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Folding and Fracturing of Rocks: 50 Years of Research since the Seminal Text Book of J. G. Ramsay

Product Code: SP487
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by C.E. Bond and H.D. Lebit
Publication Date: 02 January 2020
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Special Publication 487

This Special Publication is a celebration of research into the Folding and Fracturing of Rocks to mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of the seminal textbook by J. G. Ramsay. Folding and Fracturing of Rocks summarised the key structural geology concepts of the time. Through his numerical and geometric focus John pioneered and provided solutions to understanding the processes leading to the folding and fracturing of rocks. His strong belief that numerical and geometric solutions, to understanding crustal processes, should be tested against field examples added weight and clarity to his work. The basic ideas and solutions presented in the text are as relevant now as they were 50 years ago, and this collection of papers celebrates John’s contribution to structural geology. The papers explore the lasting impact of John and his work, they present case studies and a modern understanding of the process documented in the Folding and Fracturing of Rocks. 

Published online 06/01/2020. Print copies available from 02/01/2020.

Cover image: 3D virtual outcrop image of the Den’s Door fold-thrust structure at Broadhaven, Wales; constructed from 172 photographs. Image courtesy of Cawood and Bond (2019), this volume.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204295
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 352
Weight: 0.95 kg


BOND, C. E. & LEBIT, H. D. Celebrating 50 years since the publication of Folding and Fracturing of Rocks by J. G. Ramsay

TREAGUS, S. H. & HUDLESTON, P. J. Folding and Fracturing of Rocks: the birth of modern structural geology

LISLE, R. J., BASTIDA, F. & ALLER, J. Measuring the research impact of the book Folding and Fracturing of Rocks by John G. Ramsay

BUTLER, R. W. H., BOND, C. E., COOPER, M. A. & WATKINS, H. Fold–thrust structures – where have all the buckles gone?

MOULAS, E. & SCHMALHOLZ, S. M. The importance of interfacial instability for viscous folding in mechanically heterogeneous layers

GRIERA, A., GOMEZ-RIVAS, E. & LLORENS, M.-G. The influence of layer-interface geometry on single-layer folding

ALSOP, G. I., WEINBERGER, R., MARCO, S. & LEVI, T. Folding during soft-sediment deformation

CAWOOD, A. J. & BOND, C. E. Broadhaven revisited: a new look at models of fault–fold interaction

LLOYD, G. E. Syntectonic quartz vein evolution during progressive deformation

CZECK, D. M., TRAUT, J. T. & HUDLESTON, P. J. Rheological information determined from cleavage refraction in naturally deformed interlayered quartzites and phyllites

MCCARTHY, D., MEERE, P. & MULCHRONE, K. Determining finite strain: how far have we progressed?

MCCARTHY, D. J., MEERE, P. A. & PETRONIS, M. S. Structure and internal deformation of thrust sheets in the Sawtooth Range, Montana: insights from anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility

WATKINS, H., BOND, C. E., CAWOOD, A. J., COOPER, M. A. & WARREN, M. J. Fracture distribution on the Swift Reservoir Anticline, Montana: Implications for structural and lithological controls on fracture intensity

BURBERRY, C. M., CANNON, D. L., COSGROVE, J.W. & ENGELDER, T. Fracture patterns associated with the evolution of the Teton anticline, Sawtooth Range, Montana, USA

DENG, H., KOYI, H. A. & ZHANG, J. Modelling oblique inversion of pre-existing grabens

FORSTER, M., KOUDASHEV, O., NIE, R., YEUNG, S. & LISTER, G. 40Ar/39Ar thermochronology in the Ios basement terrane resolves the tectonic significance of the South Cyclades Shear Zone

PATTON, R. L. & WATKINSON, A. J. Structural interpretation of gravity, topography and seismicity



Michael Perkins

This book was certainly a worthwhile read, with much thought-provoking and insightful work that will develop your understand¬ing of structural geology and make you question your interpreta¬tions in the field.

Arthur Tingley

This is a very impressive update on how folding and fracturing can be studied, with some very useful and well-illustrated case histories; although some researchers here are treading a fine line between describing technical innovation and some obfuscation. So don’t forget Ramsay’s words - they are still very relevant today.

Rasoul Sorkhabi Ph.D

This new volume, edited by Bond and Lebit, also offers 14 theoretical or field case studies related to rock folding, fracturing and strain. These field case studies mostly come from the UK and the USA, but there is also a paper each from Greece, the Dead Sea and China.

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