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Metamorphic Geology: Microscale to Mountain Belts

Product Code: SP478
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S. Ferrero, P. Lanari, P. Goncalves and E. G. Grosch
Publication Date: 17 April 2019
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Special Publication 478

In Earth evolution, mountain belts are the loci of crustal growth, reworking and recycling. These crustal-scale processes are unravelled through microscale investigations of textures and mineral assemblages of metamorphic rocks. Multiple episodes of metamorphism, re-equilibration and deformation, however, generally produce a complex and tightly interwoven pattern of microstructures and assemblages. Over the last two decades, the combination of advanced computing and technological capabilities with new concepts has provided a vast array of novel petrological tools and high-resolution/high-sensitivity techniques for microanalysis and imaging. Such novel approaches are proving fundamental to untangling the enigma represented by metamorphism with an unprecedented level of detail and confidence. As a result, the first decade and a half of this century has already seen the tumultuous development of new research avenues in metamorphic petrology. This book aims to provide a timely overview of the state of the art of this field, of newly developed petrological techniques, future advancements and significant new case studies.

Published online 08/04/2019. Print copies available from 17/04/2019.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786204004
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 482
Weight: 1.2 kg


Lanari, P., Ferrero, S., Goncalves, P. & Grosch, E. G. Metamorphic geology: progress and perspectives


Ferrero, S., O’Brien, P. J., Borghini, A., Wunder, B., Wälle, M., Günter, C. & Ziemann, M. A.  A treasure chest full of nanogranitoids: an archive to investigate crustal melting in the Bohemian Massif

Lanari, P., Vho, A., Bovay, T., Airaghi, L. & Centrella, S. Quantitative compositional mapping of mineral phases by electron probe micro-analyser

Riel, N., Bouilhol, P., van Hunen, J., Cornet, J., Magni, V., Grigorova, V. & Velic, M. Interaction between mantle-derived magma and lower arc crust: quantitative reactive melt flow modelling using STyx

Likhanov, I. I. Mass-transfer and differential element mobility in metapelites during multistage metamorphism of the Yenisey Ridge, Siberia

Tropper, P. Experimental simulation of contact metamorphism using natural quartzphyllite materials: advantages and pitfalls

Cárdenes, V., Merinero, R., López-Mungira, A., Rubio-Ordoñez, Á., Pitcairn, I. K. & Cnudde, V. Size evolution of micropyrite from diagenesis to low-grade metamorphism


Warren, C. J., Greenwood, L. V., Argles, T. W., Roberts, N. M. W., Parrish, R. R. & Harris, N. B.W. Garnet–monazite rare earth element relationships in sub-solidus metapelites: a case study from Bhutan

Pownall, J. M., Armstrong, R. A., Williams, I. S., Thirlwall, M. F., Manning, C. J. & Hall, R. Miocene UHT granulites from Seram, eastern Indonesia: a geochronological–REE study of zircon, monazite and garnet

Martin, C. P–T conditions of symplectite formation in the eclogites from the Western Gneiss Region (Norway)

Hyppolito, T., Cambeses, A., Angiboust, S., Raimondo, T., García-Casco, A. & Juliani, C. Rehydration of eclogites and garnet-replacement processes during exhumation in the amphibolite facies

Centrella, S. The granulite- to eclogite- and amphibolite-facies transition: a volume and mass transfer study in the Lindås Nappe, Bergen Arcs, west Norway

Ni, P., Wang, T.-G., Wang, G.-G., Li, W.-S. & Pan, J.-Y. Metamorphic fluid superimposition of the Changba–Lijiagou Pb–Zn deposit, West Qinling Orogen, central China

Abu-Alam, T., Abd El Monsef, M. & Grosch, E. Shear-zone hosted gold mineralization of the Arabian–Nubian Shield: devolatilization processes across the greenschist–amphibolite-facies transition


Grosch, E. G. Metamorphic processes preserved in early Archean supracrustal rocks of the Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa

Waters, D. J., Law, R. D., Searle, M. P. & Jessup, M. J. Structural and thermal evolution of the South Tibetan Detachment shear zone in the Mt Everest region, from the 1933 sample collection of L. R. Wager

Gervais, F. Three modes of isograd formation in the northern Monashee Complex of the Canadian Cordillera

Plissart, G., Diot, H., Monnier, C. & Mărunţiu, M. New insights into the building of the Variscan Belt in Eastern Europe (Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria)

Wang, C., Song, S., Allen, M. B., Su, L. & Wei, C. High-pressure granulite from Jixian, Eastern Hebei, the North China Craton: implications for Neoarchean to early Paleoproterozoic collision tectonics

Oh, C. W. & Lee, B. C. The relationship between systematic metamorphic patterns and collisional processes along the Qinling–Sulu–Odesan collisional belt between the North and South China Cratons



Simon Wellings

The choice of papers and excellent introductory chapter, stylishly ending with a quote from T. S. Eliot, is what makes this a book worth having. An online search could provide the papers, each with a microscopic focus on a particular area. But it’s the expert editing that joins them together, giving the reader a birds-eye view of the heights the subject has reached and glimpses of the undiscovered peaks beyond.

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