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Passive Margins: Tectonics, Sedimentation and Magmatism

Product Code: SP476
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by K. R. McClay and J. A. Hammerstein
Publication Date: 01 July 2020
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Special Publication 476

Published online 09/05/2020. Print copies available from 01/07/2020.

This volume has evolved from papers written in memory of Professor David Roberts. They summarize the key findings of recent research on passive margins, from tectonics, bathymetry, stratigraphy and sedimentation, structural evolution and magmatism.  Papers include analyses of the central and southern Atlantic margins of South America and Africa, papers on magmatism and extension in the NE Brazilian margin and on the Cote de Ivoire margin, rift architectures of the NW Red Sea margin, tectonics of the eastern Mediterranean margin, salt tectonics of passive margins of the Gulf of Mexico and Brazil, and papers on the NW Shelf margin of Australia.  The volume provides readers with new insights into the complexities of passive margin systems that are in reality, not so passive.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786203854
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 447
Weight: 1.2 kg


McClay, K. and Hammerstein, J. Introduction

Gerdes, K. D. Professor David Gwyn Roberts – a Life in Geoscience 

Tugend, J., Gillard, M., Manatschal, G., Nirrengarten, M., Harkin, C., Epin, M.-E., Sauter, D., Autin, J., Kusznir, N. and McDermott, K. Reappraisal of the magma-rich versus magma-poor rifted margin archetypes  

Khalil, S. M. and McClay, K. R. Extensional fault-related folding in the northwestern Red Sea, Egypt: segmented fault growth, fault linkages, corner folds and basin evolution  

Kusznir, N. J., Roberts, A. M. and Alvey, A. D. Crustal structure of the conjugate Equatorial Atlantic Margins, derived by gravity anomaly inversion  

Scarselli, N., Duval, G., Martin, J., McClay, K. and Toothill, S. Insights into the Early Evolution of the Côte d’Ivoire Margin (West Africa) 

Pérez-Díaz, L. and Eagles, G. Estimating palaeobathymetry with quantified uncertainties: a workflow illustrated with South Atlantic data 

Tamara, J., McClay, K. R. and Hodgson, N. Crustal structure of the central sector of the NE Brazilian equatorial margin 

Restrepo-Pace, P. A. ‘Ductile v. Brittle’ – Alternative structural interpretations for the Niger Delta 

McCormack, K. D. and McClay, K. R. Orthorhombic faulting in the Beagle Sub-basin, North West Shelf, Australia

Bilal, A., McClay, K. and Scarselli, N. Fault-scarp degradation in the central Exmouth Plateau, North West Shelf, Australia

Deng, H. and McClay, K. Tectono-stratigraphy of the Dampier Sub-basin, North West Shelf of Australia 

Dooley, T. P., Hudec, M. R., Pichel, L. M. and Jackson, M. P. A. The impact of base-salt relief on salt flow and suprasalt deformation patterns at the autochthonous, paraautochthonous and allochthonous level: insights from physical models 

Pindell, J., Graham, R. and Horn, B. W. Role of outer marginal collapse on salt deposition in the eastern Gulf of Mexico, Campos and Santos basins

Rowan, M. G. The South Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico salt basins: crustal thinning, subsidence and accommodation for salt and presalt strata 

Jagger, L. J., Bevan, T. G. and McClay, K. R. Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of the SE Mediterranean passive margin, offshore Egypt and Libya

Llave, E., Hernández-Molina, F. J., García, M., Ercilla, G., Roque, C., Juan, C., Mena, A., Preu, B., Van Rooij, D., Rebesco, M., Brackenridge, R., Jané, G., Gómez-Ballesteros, M. and Stow, D. Contourites along the Iberian continental margins: conceptual and economic Implications 



Gavin Elliott

The book does exactly what it says on the tin and with 16 papers covering passive margins with case studies from both sides of the South Atlantic, Gulf of Mexico and Australia along with the Mediterranean Sea so there is something for everyone.

Louise Perryman

Overall, this is an interesting collection of papers covering a wide range of features of passive margins and describing many of the techniques used to study them.

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