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Paleozoic Plays of NW Europe

Product Code: SP471
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A. A. Monaghan, J. R. Underhill, A. J. Hewett and J. A. E. Marshall
Publication Date: 06 March 2019
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Special Publication 471

North Sea and onshore Netherlands and Germany, Paleozoic hydrocarbon plays across parts of NW Europe remain relatively under-explored both onshore and offshore. This volume brings together new and previously unpublished knowledge about the Paleozoic plays of NW Europe to describe significant additional exploration opportunities outside and below existing plays. 

The volume contains papers on Paleozoic plays in the North Sea, Irish Sea, onshore UK, France and Switzerland. They highlight how improvements in seismic data quality and the availability of previously unpublished well datasets form the basis for improved understanding of local to regional interpretations that move forward from generalized basin development models. The improved structural trap and source rock basin definition feeds to better constrained, locally variable burial, uplift, maturation and migration models. Particularly notable are the significant mapped extents and thickness of Paleozoic source, reservoir and seal rocks in areas previously dismissed as regional highs and platforms.

Published online 22/02/2019. Print copies available from 06/03/2019.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786203953
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 398
Weight: 1.1 kg




North Sea

Besley, B. Exploration and development in the Carboniferous of the Southern North Sea: a 30-year retrospective

Arsenikos, S., Quinn, M., Kimbell, G., Williamson, P., Pharaoh, T., Leslie, G. & Monaghan, A. A. Structural development of the Devono-Carboniferous plays of the UK North Sea

Kearsey, T. I., Millward, D., Ellen, R., Whitbread, K. & Monaghan, A. A. Revised stratigraphic framework of pre-Westphalian Carboniferous petroleum system elements from the Outer Moray Firth to the Silverpit Basin, North Sea, UK

Ter Borgh, M. M., Jaarsma, B. & Rosendaal, E. A. Structural development of the northern Dutch offshore: Paleozoic to present

Ter Borgh, M. M., Eikelenboom, W. & Jaarsma, B. Hydrocarbon potential of the Visean and Namurian in the northern Dutch offshore

Mulholland, P., Esestime, P., Rodriguez, K. & John Hargreaves, P. The role of palaeorelief in the control of Permian facies distribution over the Mid North Sea High, UK Continental Shelf Patruno, S., Reid, W., Berndt, C. & Feuilleaubois, L. Polyphase tectonic inversion and its role in controlling hydrocarbon prospectivity in the Greater East Shetland Platform and Mid North Sea High, UK

Marshall, J. E. A., Glennie, K. W., Astin, T. R. & Hewett, A. J. The Old Red Group (Devonian) – Rotliegend Group (Permian) Unconformity in the Inner Moray Firth

Onshore and Irish Sea

Brown, J. F., Astin, T. R. & Marshall, J. E. A. The Paleozoic petroleum system in the north of Scotland – outcrop analogues

Pharaoh, T. C., Gent, C. M. A., Hannis, S. D., Kirk, K. L., Monaghan, A. A., Quinn, M. F., Smith,

N. J. P., Vane, C. H., Wakefield, O. & Waters, C. N. An overlooked play? Structure, stratigraphy and hydrocarbon prospectivity of the Carboniferous in the East Irish Sea–North Channel basin complex 

Butler, M. Seismostratigraphic analysis of Paleozoic sequences of the Midlands Microcraton

Pullan, C. P. & Butler, M. Paleozoic gas potential in the Weald Basin of southern England

Pullan, C. P. & Berry, M. A Paleozoic-sourced oil play in the Jura Mountains of France and Switzerland



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