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Petroleum Geology of the Black Sea

Product Code: SP464
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by: M. D. Simmons, G. C. Tari and A. I. Okay
Publication Date: 13 August 2018
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Special Publication 464

The Black Sea remains one of the largest underexplored rift basins in the world. Future success is dependent on a better understanding of a number of geological uncertainties. These include reservoir and source rock presence and quality, and the timing of migration of hydrocarbons relative to trap formation. An appreciation of the geological history of the Black Sea basins and the surrounding orogens is therefore key. The timing of basin formation, uplift of the margins, and of facies distribution remain issues for robust debate. This Special Publication presents the results of 15 studies that relate to the tectono-stratigraphy and petroleum geology of the Black Sea. The methodologies of these studies encompass crustal structure, geodynamic evolution, stratigraphy and its regional correlation, petroleum systems, source to sink, hydrocarbon habitat and play concepts, and reviews of past exploration. They provide insight into the many ongoing controversies concerning Black Sea regional geology and provide a better understanding of the geological risks that must be considered for future hydrocarbon exploration.

Published online 24/07/2018. Print copies available from 13/08/2018.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786203588
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 484
Weight: 1.2 kg



Simmons, M.D. Tari, G.C. & Okay, A.I. Petroleum geology of the Black Sea: introduction

Crustal structure and tectono-stratigraphy

Shillington, D.J., Minshull, T.A., Edwards, R.A. & White, N. Crustal structure of the Mid Black Sea High from wide-angle seismic data

Okay, A.I., Altiner, D., Sunal, G., Aygül, M., Akdoğan, R., Altiner, S. & Simmons, M. Geological evolution of the Central Pontides

Tüysüz, O. Cretaceous geological evolution of the Pontides

Keskin, M. & Tüysüz, O. Stratigraphy, petrogenesis and geodynamic setting of Late Cretaceous volcanism on the SW margin of the Black Sea, Turkey

Aysal, N., Keskin, M., Peytcheva, I. & Duru, O. Geochronology, geochemistry and isotope systematics of a mafic–intermediate dyke complex in the İstanbul Zone. New constraints on the evolution of the Black Sea in NW Turkey

Hydrocarbon plays of the western Black Sea

Boote, D.R.D. The geological history of the Istria ‘Depression’, Romanian Black Sea shelf: tectonic controls on second-/third-order sequence architecture

Krezsek, C., Bercea, R.-I., Tari, G. & Ionescu, G. Cretaceous sedimentation along the Romanian margin of the Black Sea: inferences from onshore to offshore correlations

Rees, E.V.L., Simmons, M.D. & Wilson, J.W.P. Deep-water plays in the western Black Sea: insights into sediment supply within the Maykop depositional system

Regional petroleum systems and source rocks

Sachsenhofer, R.F., Popov, S.V., Bechtel, A., Coric, S., Francu, J., Gratzer, R., Grunert, P., Kotarba, M., Mayer, J., Pupp, M., Rupprecht B.J. & Vincent, S.J. Oligocene and Lower Miocene source rocks in the Paratethys: palaeogeographical and stratigraphic controls

Mayer, J., Rupprecht, B.J., Sachsenhofer, R.F., Tari, G., Bechtel, A., Coric, S., Siedl, W., Kosi, W. & Floodpage, J. Source potential and depositional environment of Oligocene and Miocene rocks offshore Bulgaria

Vincent, S.J. & Kaye, M.N.D. Source rock evaluation of Middle Eocene–Early Miocene mudstones from the NE margin of the Black Sea

Messinian–recent stratigraphy

Sipahioğlu, N.Ö. & Batı, Z. Messinian canyons in the Turkish western Black Sea

Fallah, M., Mayer, J., Tari, G. & Baur, J. Holocene source rock deposition in the Black Sea, insights from a dropcore study offshore Bulgaria

Petroleum potential of the eastern Black Sea and deep-water exploration review

Tari, G., Vakhania, D., Tatishvili, G., Mikeladze, V., Mayer, J., Sheya, C., Siedl, W., Banon, J.J.M. & Trigo Sanchez, J.L. Stratigraphy, structure and petroleum exploration play types of the Rioni Basin, Georgia

Tari, G.C. & Simmons, M.D. History of deepwater exploration in the Black Sea and an overview of deepwater petroleum play types



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