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History of Geoscience: Celebrating 50 Years of INHIGEO

Product Code: SP442
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by W. Mayer, R.M. Clary, L.F. Azuela, T.S. Mota and S. Wołkowicz
Publication Date: 06 June 2017
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Special Publication 442

The study of the Earth’s origin, its composition, the processes that changed and shaped it over time and the fossils preserved in rocks, have occupied enquiring minds from ancient times. The contributions in this volume trace the history of ideas and the research of scholars in a wide range of geological disciplines that have paved the way to our present-day understanding and knowledge of the physical nature of our planet and the diversity of life that inhabited it.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the founding of the International Commission on the History of Geology (INHIGEO), the book features contributions that give insights into its establishment and progress. In other sections authors reflect on the value of studying the history of the geosciences and provide accounts of early investigations in fields as diverse as tectonics, volcanology, geomorphology, vertebrate palaeontology and petroleum geology. Other papers discuss the establishment of geological surveys, the contribution of women to geology and biographical sketches of noted scholars in various fields of geoscience.

Published online 15/05/2017. Print copies available from 06/06/2017.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781786202697
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 456
Weight: 1.2 kg



MAYER, W. Introduction: enquiries into the history of geology

Tracing the history of INHIGEO (International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences)

MALAKHOVA, I. The founding of INHIGEO: documents and letters, with comments

GRIGELIS, A. & CZARNIECKI, S. International Commission on the History of Geological Sciences: the earliest events

BORK, K. B. & COOPER, B. J. INHIGEO in recent times

JOHNSTON, M. R. & TAYLOR, K. L. Historians of geology in the field: a half-century of INHIGEO excursions

RUDWICK, M. Insiders and outsiders: INHIGEO seen from the sidelines

Why study the history of geology

COOPER, B. J. Changing reflections on the history of geology

On theories, ideas and concepts in geology

KÖLBL-EBERT, M. Thinking about the geosciences in their religious/philosophical context

RACKI, G. Methodological uniformitarianism of Hugo Kołła˛taj: an unknown Polish precursor of the Lyellian geological paradigm

CWOJDZINSKI, S. History of a discussion: selected aspects of the Earth expansion v. plate tectonics theories

LETSCH, D. Swiss contributions to mid-nineteenth century tectonic research: a step backwards or the prologue to the nappe tectonics revolution?

TAYLOR, K. L. Before volcanoes became ordinary

ALVARADO, G. E. & PATINO, L. C. The history of volcanology in Costa Rica: from the Amerindian legends to the beginning of the twenty-first century

ORME, A. R. Dynamic geomorphology: historical convergence towards modern practice

LUCAS, S. G. & ALVARADO, G. E. Vertebrate palaeontology in Central America: a narrative and analytical history

NEWCOMB, S. Progression of instrument use and practice in mineralogy and petrology, 1750–1950

Teaching the history of geoscience

FIGUEIRÔA, S. F. De M. Innovation and critical thinking: contributions of the history and philosophy of geological sciences to teaching, especially undergraduate teaching

CLARY, R.M. Controversies in the history of geology and their educational importance for facilitating understanding of the nature of science

ZHOU, Y. Review of the history of higher education in geology during the past 100 years in China

On the contribution of women to the geosciences

KÖLBL-EBERT, M. & TURNER, S. Towards a history of women in the geosciences

Biographical studies

BESSUDNOVA, Z. A. The first Russian monograph on the History of Geology by Grigory E. Shchurovsky, professor of Moscow University: on the 150th anniversary of the publication

AALTO, K. R. Clarence Dutton’s geology

RICCARDI, A. C. Life and geological studies of Joaquín Frenguelli

SATO, T., YAMADA, T. & YAJIMA, M. Teiichi Kobayashi: his life and works, with an emphasis on his contribution to the history of the geosciences in Japan

Government agencies, institutions and societies

KLEMUN, M. Spaces and places: an historical overview of the development of geology in Austria (Habsburg Monarchy) in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries

RÁBANO, I. Early history of the Spanish Geological Survey: the Commission for the Geological Map of Spain (1849–1910)

MOTA, T. S. & CARNEIRO, A. The ups and downs of geology in Portugal: the Geological Survey, a historical perspective

AZUELA, L. F. Towards a nationwide geological survey in nineteenth century Mexico

MORELOS-RODRI´GUEZ, L. Brief history of geological and mining exploration in nineteenth century Mexico

RICCARDI, A. C. Geographical and geological explorations of the La Plata Museum 1884–1905

TAQUET, P. A look into the history of geology in France

ZHANG, J. Social functions of historical studies of Chinese geology

Regional geological studies

SUNDQUIST, B. Early geological studies and mapping in Sweden

DIEMER, J. Murchison in Sweden: consolidating Lower Silurian stratigraphy in the summer of 1844

GRIGELIS, A. The earliest geological observations in Lithuania: a historical viewpoint

GRANICZNY, M., WOłKOWICZ, K., URBAN, H. & WOłKOWICZ, S. Contribution of Polish geologists to geology in Siberia and the Far East

CLARY, R. M. & SHARPE, T. The furthest end of the Earth: the role of geological research in Antarctic exploration, 1895–1922

Reviews on the history of petroleum exploration and production

WOŁKOWICZ, S., GRANICZNY, M., WOŁKOWICZ, K. & URBAN, H. History of the oil industry in Poland until 1939

GERALI, F. & RIGUZZI, P. Gushers, science and luck: Everette Lee DeGolyer and the Mexican oil upsurge, 1909–19

GERALI, F. & GREGORY, J. Harsh oil: finding petroleum in early twentieth century Western Australia



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