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Transform Margins: Development, Controls and Petroleum Systems

Product Code: SP431
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by M. Nemčok, S. Rybár, S.T. Sinha, S.A. Hermeston and L. Ledvényiová
Publication Date: 26 September 2016
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Special Publication 431

This volume covers the linkage between new transform margin research and increasing transform margin exploration. It offers a critical set of predictive tools via an understanding of the mechanisms involved in the development of play concept elements at transform margins. It ties petroleum systems knowledge to the input coming from research focused on dynamic development, kinematic development, structural architecture and thermal regimes, together with their controlling factors. The volume does this by drawing from geophysical data (bathymetry, seismic, gravity and magnetic studies), structural geology, sedimentology, geochemistry, plate reconstruction and thermo-mechanical numerical modelling. It combines case studies (covering the Andaman Sea, Arctic, Coromandal, Guyana, Romanche, St. Paul and Suriname transform margins, the French Guyana hyper-oblique margin, the transtensional margin between the Caribbean and North American plates, and the Davie transform margin and its neighbour transform margins) with theoretical studies.

Published online 08/09/2016. Print copies from 26/09/2016.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-744-6
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 385
Weight: 1.1 kg


NEMČOK, M., RYBÁR, S., SINHA, S. T., HERMESTON, S. A. &  LEDVÉNYIOVÁ, L. Transform margins: development, controls and petroleum systems – an introduction   

MORLEY, C. K. Cenozoic structural evolution of the Andaman Sea: evolution from an extensional to a sheared margin  

DORÉ,  A. G., LUNDIN,  E. R., GIBBONS, A., SØMME, T. O. & TØRUDBAKKEN,  B. O. Transform margins of the Arctic: a synthesis and re-evaluation  

SINHA, S. T., NEMČOK, M., CHOUDHURI, M., SINHA, N. & RAO, D. P. The role of break-up localization in microcontinent separation along a strike-slip margin: the East India–Elan Bank case study

SAPIN, F., DAVAUX, M., DALL’ASTA, M., LAHMI, M., BAUDOT, G. & RINGENBACH, J.-C. Post-rift subsidence of the French Guiana hyper-oblique margin: from rift-inherited subsidence to Amazon deposition effect 


MOLČAN, M., HERMESTON, S., JONES, D., CUERVO, E., CHENG, R. & FORERO, G. Development history of the southern terminus of the Central Atlantic; Guyana–Suriname case study 145

LONCKE, L.,MAILLARD, A., BASILE, C., ROEST, W. R., BAYON, G., GAULLIER, V., PATTIER, F.,MERCIER DE LÉPINAY, M., GRALL, C., DROZ, L.,MARSSET, T., GIRESSE, P., CAPRAIS, J. C., CATHALOT, C., GRAINDORGE, D., HEURET, A., LEBRUN, J. F., BERMELL, S., MARCAILLOU, B., SOTIN, C., HEBERT, B., PATRIAT, M., BASSETTI, M. A., TALLOBRE, C., BUSCAIL, R., DURRIEU DE MADRON, X. & BOURRIN, F. Structure of the Demerara passive-transform margin and associated sedimentary processes. Initial results from the IGUANES cruise  

NEMČOK, M., RYBÁR, S., EKKERTOVÁ, P., KOTULOVÁ, J., HERMESTON, S. A. & JONES, D. Transform-margin model of hydrocarbon migration: the Guyana–Suriname case study

DICKSON, W., SCHIEFELBEIN, C. F., ODEGARD, M. E. & ZUMBERGE, J. E. Petroleum systems asymmetry across the South Atlantic Equatorial Margins

DAVISON, I., FAULL, T., GREENHALGH, J., O BEIRNE, E. & STEEL, I. Transpressional structures and hydrocarbon potential along the Romanche Fracture Zone: a review

NEMČOK, M., HENK, A. & MOLČAN, M. The role of pre-break-up heat flow on the thermal history of a transform margin

SANCHEZ, J.,MANN, P. & EMMET, P. A. Late Cretaceous–Cenozoic tectonic transition from collision to transtension, Honduran Borderlands and Nicaraguan Rise, NW Caribbean Plate boundary

REEVES, C. V., TEASDALE, J. P. & MAHANJANE, E. S. Insight into the Eastern Margin of Africa from a new tectonic model of the Indian Ocean  

NEMČOK, M., SINHA, S. T., DORÉ, A. G., LUNDIN, E. R., MASCLE, J. & RYBÁR, S. Mechanisms of microcontinent release associated with wrenching-involved continental break-up; a review

HENK, A. & NEMČOK, M. Lower-crust ductility patterns associated with transform margins



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