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River-Dominated Shelf Sediments of East Asian Seas

Product Code: SP429
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by P.D. Clift, J. Harff, J. Wu & Y. Qui
Publication Date: 24 August 2016
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Special Publication 429

The rivers of East Asia are some of the largest and most important to human society and the global economy. They drain a variety of terrains from the Tibetan plateau, the hill country of southern China and the steep mountains of Taiwan. The sediment they carry potentially records the longterm evolution of continental environments within the marine stratigraphic record. Sediments reaching the ocean have to traverse the wide continental shelves where they may be reworked and transported by longshore currents, typhoon storm waves, as well as large ocean currents such as the Kuroshio. Deciphering any marine record requires us to understand the dynamics of sediment transport on the continental shelves, and this region acts as a global type example of such processes. Studies in this volume span a wide range of subdisciplines in the marine sciences and provide new insights into how sediment is distributed offshore after leaving the river mouths.

Published online 09/08/2016. Print copies available from 24 August 2016.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862397408
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 268
Weight: 1 kg


Clift, P. D., Harff, J., Wu, J. & Qiu, Y. Introduction to the River-Dominated Shelf Sediments of the East Asian Seas

Provenance Proxies

Clift, P. D. Assessing effective provenance methods for fluvial sediment in the South China Sea

Shao, L., Qiao, P., Zhao, M., Li, Q., Wu, M., Pang, X. & Zhang, H. Depositional characteristics of the northern South China Sea in response to the evolution of the Pearl River

Chemical Weathering

Hu, D., Clift, P. D., Wan, S., Böning, P., Hannigan, R., Hillier, S. & Blusztajn, J. Testing chemical weathering proxies in Miocene–Recent fluvial-derived sediments in the South China Sea

Cui, Z., Hou, Y., Xia, Z., Liang, K., Xue, Q. & Zhang, L. Geochemical characteristics and palaeoenvironmental reconstruction of the sediments from the Gulf of Tonkin, South China Sea

Sea-level Rise and Sediment Storage

Ni, Y., Harff, J., Xia, Z., Waniek, J. J., Endler, M. & Schulz-Bull, D. E. Post-glacial mud depocentre in the southern Beibu Gulf: acoustic features and sedimentary environment evolution

Chen, H., Harff, J., Qiu, Y., Osadczuk, A., Zhang, J., Tomczak, M., Cui, Z., Cai, G., Wen, M. & Li, L. Last Glacial Cycle and seismic stratigraphic sequences offshore western Hainan Island, NW South China Sea

Zong, Y., Huang, G., Li, X. Y. & Sun, Y. Y. Late Quaternary tectonics, sea-level change and lithostratigraphy along the northern coast of the South China Sea

Yang, S., Bi, L., Li, C., Wang, Z. & Dou, Y. Major sinks of the Changjiang (Yangtze River)-derived sediments in the East China Sea during the late Quaternary

Shelf Currents

Wu, J., Ren, J., Liu, H., Qiu, C., Cui, Y. & Zhang, Q. Trapping and escaping processes of Yangtze River-derived sediments to the East China Sea

Anthropogenic Impacts

Jia, P., Xia, Z., Yin., Y. & Xue, Q. Lingdingyang Bay, Pearl River Estuary (China): geomorphological evolution and hydrodynamics.

Wang, Y., Liu, X., Li, G. & Zhang, W. Stratigraphic variations in the Diaokou lobe area of the Yellow River delta, China: implications for an evolutionary model of a delta lobe

Environmental Impacts

Zhou, Y., Chen, F., Wu, C., Yu, S. & Zhuang, C. Palaeoproductivity linked to monsoon variability in the northern slope of the South China Sea from the last 290 kyr: evidence of benthic foraminifera from Core SH7B

Zhang, J., Tomczak, M., Li, C., Witkowski, A., Qiu, Y., Chen, H. & Gao, H. Significance of the Paralia sulcata fossil record in palaeoenvironmental reconstructions of the SE Asia marginal seas over the Last Glacial Cycle

Gao, S., Wang, D., Yang, Y., Zhou, L., Zhao, Y. A., Gao, W., Han, Z., Yu., Q. & Li, G. Holocene sedimentary systems on a broad continental shelf with abundant river input: process–product relationships



Karl Stattegger, University of Kiel, Germany

It highlights recent developments in our understanding of fluvial sediment fluxes and shelf deposits with the marginal seas of eastern Asia in terms of provenance and weathering, sea-level rise and sequence stratigraphy, sediment transport, anthropogenic and environmental impacts.

In summary, the book not only highlights several complexities of fluvial sediment transport and deposition on continental shelves but also shows the limitations of shelf deposits in the geological record. In addition to the excellent introduction, I would have liked to see a concluding chapter with a synthesis of the multi-faceted and heterogeneous collection of articles.

I can fully recommend this book to researchers interested in East Asian sedimentology and, more generally, in continental shelf sedimentation processes and resulting sedimentary records.

Review featured The Holocene 27 (12)

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