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Gas Generation and Migration in Deep Geological Radioactive Waste Repositories

Product Code: SP415
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by R.P. Shaw
Publication Date: 08 June 2015
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Special Publication 415

Understanding the behaviour of gases in the context of radioactive waste disposal is a fundamental requirement in developing a safety case for the disposal of radioactive waste. Of particular importance are the long-term performance of bentonite buffers and cement-based backfill materials that may be used to encapsulate and surround the waste in a repository, and the behaviour of plastic clays, indurated mudrocks and crystalline formations that may be the host rocks for a repository. The EC Euratom programme funded project, FORGE, has provided new insights into the processes and mechanisms governing gas generation and migration with the aim of reducing uncertainty. This volume brings together papers on aspects of this topic arising from both the FORGE project and work undertaken elsewhere. This has been achieved by the acquisition of new experimental data coupled with modelling, through a series of laboratory and field-scale experiments performed at a number of underground research laboratories throughout Europe.

Published online 27/04/2015. Print copies available from 08/06/2015.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-722-4
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 264
Weight: 0.85 kg


SHAW, R. P. The Fate of Repository Gases (FORGE) project

JACOPS, E., MAES, T., MAES, N., VOLCKAERT, G., WEETJENS, E. &  SILLEN, X. Gas-driven radionuclide transport in undisturbed and disturbed Boom Clay

POPP, T., R ÖLKE, C. &  SALZER, K. Hydromechanical properties of bentonite–sand block assemblies with interfaces in engineered barrier systems

PURSER, G., MILODOWSKI, A. E., NOY, D. J., ROCHELLE, C. A., HARRINGTON, J. F., BUTCHER, A. & WAGNER, D. Modification to the flow properties of repository cement as a result of carbonation

GUTIÉRREZ-RODRIGO, V., VILLAR, M. V., MARTÍN, P. L ROMERO, F. J. & BARCALA, J.M. Gas-breakthrough pressure of FEBEX bentonite

VILLAR, M. V., MARTÍN, P. L., ROMERO, F. J., GUTIÉRREZ-RODRIGO, V. & BARCALA, J.M. Gas and water permeability of concrete

ZHANG, C.-L. Investigation of gas migration in damaged and resealed claystone

SVOBODA, J. & SMUTEK, J. The experimental in-situ study of gas migration in crystalline rock with a focus on the EDZ

POPP, T., MINKLEY, W., WIEDEMANN, M. & SALZER, K. Gas-pressure-induced integrity of salt formations

AHUSBORDE, E., AMAZIANE, B. &  JURAK, M. Three-dimensional numerical simulation by upscaling of gas migration through engineered and geological barriers for a deep repository for radioactive waste

ALCOVERRO, J., OLIVELLA, S. & ALONSO, E. E. Modelling fluid flow in Opalinus Clay excavation damage zone. A semi-analytical approach

DYMITROWSKA, M., SMAÏ, F. & BOURGEAT, A. Thermodynamic modelling of hydrogen migration in argillite for a deep geological radioactive waste repository: IRSN contribution to FORGE

SEDIGHI, M., THOMAS, H. R., AL MASUM, S., VARDON, P. J., NICHOLSON, D. & CHEN, Q. Geochemical modelling of hydrogen gas migration in an unsaturated bentonite buffer

SHAO, H., XU, W., MARSCHALL, P., KOLDITZ, O. & HESSER, J. Numerical interpretation of gas-injection tests at different scales

YAMAMOTO, S., KUMAGAI, M., KOGA, K. & SATO, S. Mechanical stability of engineered barriers in a subsurface disposal facility during gas migration based on coupled hydromechanical modelling

BENNETT, D. P., CUSS, R. J., VARDON, P. J., HARRINGTON, J. F., SEDIGHI, M. & THOMAS, H. R. Exploratory data analysis of the Large Scale Gas Injection Test (Lasgit) dataset, focusing on ‘second-order’ events around macro-scale gas flows

NORRIS, S. EC FORGE project: updated consideration of gas generation and migration in the safety case



Mark Griffin

Featured in Geoscientist 25/11 Dec 2015/Jan 2016

This Special Publication summaries the recent research studies addressing these issues that were undertaken primarily within the EU Euratom programme FORGE (‘Fate Of Repository GasEs’) project.

The volume provides an excellent synthesis of the current research within this important area. All papers are well written and edited, concisely laid-out with clear and appropriate figures, photographs and data-tables. The inclusion of numerous colour figures and photographs enhances the understanding of the accompanying text.

The insights presented will be directly relevant to both research students and geoscientists in the field and practising radioactive waste management professionals undertaking potential repository design and performance evaluation, risk assessment and safety case development.

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