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Magnetic Susceptibility Application: A Window onto Ancient Environments and Climatic Variations

Product Code: SP414
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A.C. Da Silva, M.T. Whalen, J. Hladil, L. Chadimova, D. Chen, S. Spassov, F. Boulvain and X. Devleeschouwer
Publication Date: 14 October 2015
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Special Publication 414

Magnetic susceptibility (MS) is a tool frequently used by geologists on sediments or rocks to perform correlations and sea-level or climatic reconstructions. Applied measurements are made on unoriented, bulk samples and bulk MS is mostly influenced by the magnetic mineral content of the rock and often interpreted as influenced by detrital inputs. Magnetic data acquisition is fast and straightforward and this allows the high-resolution sampling needed for palaeoclimatic research (e.g. spectral analysis). However, the link with detrital inputs is not always preserved and the impact of diagenesis on the final MS signal can blur primary information. This volume includes contributions dealing with the origin of the magnetic minerals, and the application of MS as a palaeoenvironmental or palaeoclimatic proxy and also as a tool to provide astronomical calibration in order to improve the chronology of selected time intervals.

Published online 03/09/2015. Print copies available from 14/10/2015. 


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-721-7
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 283
Weight: 0.85 kg


Pas, D., Da Silva, A.C., Devleeschouwer, X., De Vleeschouwer, D., Labaye, C., Cornet, P., Michel, J., Boulvain, F., Sedimentary development and magnetic susceptibility evolution of the Frasnian in Western Belgium (Dinant Synclinorium, La Thure section).

Whalen, M.T., Sliwinski, M., Payne, J.H., Day, J.E., Chen, D., Da Silva, A.C. Chemostratigraphy and magnetic susceptibility of the late Devonian Frasnian-Famennian transition in Western Canada and Southern China: implications for carbon and nutrient cycling and mass extinction.

Sardar Abadi, A., Da Silva, A.C., Mossadegh, H., Spassov, S. & Boulvain, F. Lower Carboniferous ramp sedimentation of the Central Alborz Basin, North Iran: integrated sedimentological and rock–magnetic studies.

Dechamps, S., Boulvain, F., Da Silva, A.C. Magnetic susceptibility and facies relationship in Bajocian-Bathonian carbonates from the Azé caves, southeastern Paris Basin, France.

Jadot, H., Boulvain, F. Sedimentology and magnetic susceptibility of recent sediments from New Caledonia

Chadimova, K. Vacek, F., Sobien, K., Slavik, L., Hladil, J. Petrophysical record of the Late Silurian shallow-water carbonate facies across the Lau event (Prague Synform, Czech Republic) and dynamic time warping alignement of the magnetic susceptibility logs.

Devleeschouwer, X., Riquier, L., Babek, O., De Vleeschouwer, D., Petitclerc, E. Sterckx, S., Spassov, S.: Magnetization carriers of grey to red deep-water limestones in the GSSP of the Givetian-Frasnian boundary (Puech de la Suque, France): signals influenced by moderate diagenetic overprinting.

Alekseev A.O., Kabanov P.B., Alekseeva T.V. & Kalinin, P.E. Мagnetic susceptibility and geochemical characterization of an upper Mississippian cyclothemic section Polotnyanyi Zavod, (Moscow Basin, Russia).

Blumentritt, D.J. & Lascu, I. A comparison of magnetic susceptibility measurement techniques and ferrimagnetic component analysis from recent sediments in Lake Pepin (USA).

Ellwood, B.B., El Hassani, A., Tomkin, J.H., Bultynck, P. A climate-driven model using time-series analysis of magnetic susceptibility (c) datasets to represent a floating-point high-resolution geological timescale for the Middle Devonian Eifelian stage.

Grabowski J., Narkiewicz M., De Vleeschouwer D.: Forcing factors of the magnetic susceptibility signal in lagoonal and subtidal depositional cycles from the Zachełmie section (Eifelian, Holy Cross Mountains, Poland)

De Vleeschouwer D., Boulvain, F., Da Silva, A.C., Pas, D., Labaye, C., Claeys, P. The astronomical calibration of the Givetian (Middle Devonian) timescale (Dinant Synclinorium, Belgium).

Mayrhofer S., Lukeneder A. Susceptibility and radiometry data used for stratigraphic correlations: case study on Upper Triassic beds in Turkey



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