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The Role of Volatiles in the Genesis, Evolution and Eruption of Arc Magmas

Product Code: SP410
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by G.F. Zellmer, M. Edmonds and S.M. Straub
Publication Date: 17 March 2015
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Special Publication 410.

The subduction zone volatile cycle is key to understanding the petrogenesis, transport, storage and eruption of arc magmas. Volatiles control the flux of slab components into the mantle wedge, are responsible for melt generation through lowering the solidi of mantle materials and influence the crystallizing phase assemblages in the overriding crust. Further, the rates and extents of degassing during magma storage and decompression affect magma rheology, ultimately control eruption style and have consequences for the environmental impact of explosive arc volcanism. This book highlights recent progress in constraining the role of volatiles in magmatic processes.

Individual book sections are devoted to tracing volatiles from the subducting slab to the overriding crust, their role in subvolcanic processes and eruption triggering, as well as magmatic-hydrothermal systems and volcanic degassing. For the first time, all aspects of the overarching theme of volatile cycling are covered in detail within a single volume.

Published online 16/02/2015. Print copy available from 17/03/2015.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 9781862396890
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 292
Weight: 0.85 kg


ZELLMER, G. F., EDMONDS, M. & STRAUB, S. M. Volatiles in subduction zone magmatism 

Tracing volatiles from the subducting slab to the overriding crust

NEGULESCU, E. & SĂBĂU, G. Fluid-mediated alteration of eclogite lenses in subduction complexes: a case from the Leaota Massif (South Carpathians)

THORWART, M., DZIERMA, Y., LIESER, K., BUHS, H. & RABBEL, W. Shear-wave velocity structure of the Chilean subduction zone (39–40°S) based on Rayleigh wave dispersion: evidence of fluid release and melts in the mantle beneath the Villarrica volcano

BÉGUÉ , F., GRAVLEY, D. M., CHAMBEFORT, I., DEERING, C. D. & KENNEDY, B. M. Magmatic volatile distribution as recorded by rhyolitic melt inclusions in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand 

The role of volatiles in subvolcanic processes and eruption triggering

EDMONDS, M., BRETT, A., HERD, R. A., HUMPHREYS, M. C. S. & WOODS, A. Magnetite-bubble aggregates at mixing interfaces in andesite magma bodies 

CHRISTOPHER, T., EDMONDS, M., TAISNE, B., ODBERT, H., COSTA, A., HARDS, V. & WADGE, G. Periodic sulphur dioxide degassing from the Soufrière Hills Volcano related to deep magma supply 

CIGOLINI, C., LAIOLO, M. & COPPOLA, D. Revisiting the last major eruptions at Stromboli volcano: inferences on the role of volatiles during magma storage and decompression 

ROBERGE, J., GUILBAUD, M.-N., MERCER, C. N. & REYES-LUNA, P. C. Insight into monogenetic eruption processes at Pelagatos volcano, Sierra Chichinautzin, Mexico: a combined melt inclusion and physical volcanology study 

GENAREAU, K., CRONIN, S. J. & LUBE, G. Effects of volatile behaviour on dome collapse and resultant pyroclastic surge dynamics: Gunung Merapi 2010 eruption

Volatiles in magmatic-hydrothermal systems and volcanic degassing

ZELLMER, G. F., HWANG, S.-L., SAKAMOTO, N., IIZUKA, Y., HARADA, S., KIMURA, J.-I., TAMURA, Y. & YURIMOTO, H. Interaction of arc magmas with subvolcanic hydrothermal systems: insights from compositions and metasomatic textures of olivine crystals in fresh basalts of Daisen and Mengameyama, Western Honshu, Japan 

TARAN, Y. & ZELENSKI, M. Systematics of water isotopic composition and chlorine content in arc-volcanic gases 

BAGNATO, E., TAMBURELLO, G., AVARD, G., MARTINEZ-CRUZ, M., ENRICO, M., FU, X., SPROVIERI, M. & SONKE, J. E. Mercury fluxes from volcanic and geothermal sources: an update  



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