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Tertiary Deep-Marine Reservoirs of the North Sea Region

Product Code: SP403
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by T. McKie, P.T.S. Rose, A.J. Hartley, D.W. Jones and T.L. Armstrong
Publication Date: 02 November 2015
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Special Publication 403.

Discovery of the Arbroath, Montrose and Forties fields initiated intensive exploration of the Tertiary deep-marine play in the North Sea region. Subsequent discoveries demonstrated the success of this play and the geological diversity of the depositional systems. The play is now mature and in many areas the remaining exploration potential is likely to be dominated by small, subtle traps with a major component of stratigraphic trapping. Economically marginal discoveries need an in-depth understanding of subsurface uncertainty to mitigate risk with limited appraisal wells. Mature fields require detailed geological understanding in the search for the remaining oil. This volume focuses on the regional depositional setting of these deep-marine systems, providing a stratigraphic and palaeogeographical context for exploration, and development case histories that outline the challenges of producing from these reservoirs. The fields are arranged around the production life cycle, describing the changing needs of geological models as the flow of static and dynamic data refines geological understanding and defines the nature of new opportunities as fields mature.

Published online 22/10/2015. Print copies available from 02/11/2015.


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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-656-2
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 407
Weight: 1.1 kg


MCKIE, T., ROSE, P.T.S., HARTLEY, A., JONES, D.W. & ARMSTRONG, T.L. Tertiary deep marine reservoirs of the North Sea region: an introduction

Exploration and Regional Reservoir Context

MUDGE, D.C. Regional controls on Lower Tertiary sandstone distribution in the North Sea and NE Atlantic margin basins.

KILHAMS, B., HARTLEY, A., HUUSE, M. & DAVIS, C. Characterizing the Paleocene turbidites of the North Sea: Maureen Formation, UK Central Graben.

ELDRETT, J., TRIPSANAS, E., MCKIE, T., DAVIS, C., VIEIRA, M., OSTERLOFF, P. & SANDISON, T. Sedimentological evolution of Sele Formation deep-marine depositional systems of the Central North Sea.

THOMAS, R. & HARTLEY, A. Seismic geomorphology and sequence stratigraphy as tools for the prediction of reservoir facies distribution: an example from the Palaeocene and earliest Eocene of the South Buchan Graben, Outer Moray Firth Basin, UKCS.

NAGATOMO, A. & ARCHER, S. Termination geometries and reservoir properties of the Forties Sandstone pinch-out, Eastern Central Graben, UK North Sea.

Reservoir Characterisation and Appraisal: Defining and Managing Uncertainty

GRECULA, M., HOGNESTAD, J., PRICE, S., BOYA FERRERO, M., DE BRUIJN, G., NORABERG, K.T., ENGENES, K., MEARS, P., VAN OJIK, K. & MCGARVA, R. Interplay of fan-fringe reservoir deterioration and hydrodynamic aquifer: understanding the margins of gas development in the Ormen Lange Field.

COLLINS, J., KENYON-ROBERTS, S., BORDAS-LE FLOCH, N., CULLEN, B., WHITE, J. & DOWNEY, J. Arran Field: a complex heterolithic reservoir on the margins of the Forties Fan System.

JONES, D.W., LARGE, S., MCQUEEN, A. & HELMI, A. Reservoir geology of the Palaeocene Forties Sandstone Member in the Fram discovery, UK Central North Sea.

Early Field life: Managing Surprises

SCHWAB, A.M., JAMESON, E.W. & TOWNSLEY, A. Volund Field: development of an Eocene sandstone injection complex, offshore Norway.

CHARLES, R. & RYZHIKOV, K. Merganser Field : managing subsurface uncertainty during the development of a salt diapir field in the UK Central North Sea.

INGS, R.J., KONINGS, S.P.M., McATEER, J.R., KUMAR, R., WOOD, E.L., McINALLY, A.T., MELVIN, A, STANBROOK, D.A.  & AGNEW, C. Exploration of upside in a stranded discovery:  Lochranza, a Donan Field satellite.

Late Field Life: Challenges and Opportunities

ROSE, P.T.S. & PYLE, J.R. The habitat of bypassed pay in the Forties Field.

MOORE, I. Alba Field – how seismic technologies have influenced reservoir characterization and field development.

LYNN, G.J., BACCIOTTI, M., VAN BERGEN, P.F. & GRAY, K.R. Depositional controls on fluid flow in the Gannet A Field.



Mike Bowman

Featured in Geoscientist vol 26/11 Dec 2016/Jan 2017

This excellent compilation offers a valuable overview of one of the primary play systems in the North Sea Petroleum Province. McKie et al. have arranged the papers to offer a value-chain perspective, with a range of diverse case studies illustration the field life cycle from mature basin exploration through development to late life production.

It is also a good reference for those teaching reservoir systems or training classes covering this important area of reservoir geology. Papers are, overall, well written, and the extensive use of colour images adds a great deal to the value. Much valuable hard data and many figures enhance the text and offer an easy-to-read format as well as great reference material.

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