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Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement

Product Code: SP400
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S. Norris, J. Bruno, M. Cathelineau, P. Delage, C. Fairhurst, E.C. Gaucher, E.H. Höhn, A. Kalinichev, P. Lalieux and P. Sellin
Publication Date: 27 October 2014
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Special Publication 400

This Special Publication contains 43 scientific studies presented at the 5th conference on ‘Clays in natural and engineered barriers for radioactive waste confinement’ held in Montpellier, France in 2012.  The conference and this resulting volume cover all the aspects of clay characterization and behaviour considered at various temporal and spatial scales relevant to the confinement of radionuclides in clay, from basic phenomenological process descriptions to the global understanding of performance and safety at repository and geological scales.  Special emphasis has been given to the modelling of processes occurring at the mineralogical level within the clay barriers.  
The papers in this Special Publication consider research into argillaceous media under the following topic areas: large-scale geological characterization; clay-based concept/large-scale experiments; hydrodynamical modelling; geochemistry; geomechanics; mass transfer/gas transfer; mass transfer mechanisms.
The collection of different topics presented in this Special Publication demonstrates the diversity of geological repository research.

Published online 30/09/2014. Print copy available from 27/10/2014.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-654-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 632
Weight: 1.5 kg


NORRIS, S. Clays in Natural and Engineered Barriers for Radioactive Waste Confinement: an introduction 

DELAY, J., BOSSART, P., LING, L. X., BLECHSCHMIDT, I., OHLSSON, M., VINSOT, A., NUSSBAUM, C. & MAES, N. Three decades of underground research laboratories: what have we learned?


Large scale geological characterization

BEERTEN, K., DE CRAEN, M. & LETERME, B. Long-term evolution of the surface environment of the Campine area, northeastern Belgium: first assessment

DELCOURT-HONOREZ, M. & SCHOLZ, E. Earth tidal and barometric responses observed in the Callovo-Oxfordian clay Formation at Andra Meuse/Haute-Marne Underground Research Laboratory


Clay based concept/Large scale experiments

DIXON, D. A., PRIYANTO, D. G., MARTINO, J. B., DE COMBARIEU, M., JOHANSSON, R., KORKEAKOSKI, P. & VILLAGRAN, J. Enhanced Sealing Project (ESP): evolution of a full-sized bentonite and concrete shaft seal

GAUS, I., WIECZOREK, K., SCHUSTER, K., GARITTE, B., SENGER, R., VASCONCELOS, R. & MAYOR, J. C. EBS behaviour immediately after repository closure in a clay host rock: HE-E experiment (Mont Terri URL)

LANYON, G. W., MARSCHALL, P., TRICK, T., DE LA VAISSIE`RE, R., SHAO, H. & LEUNG, H. Self-sealing experiments and gas injection tests in a backfilled microtunnel of the Mont Terri URL

VAN MARCKE, P., LI, X. L., CHEN, G. J., VERSTRICHT, J., BASTIAENS, W. & SILLEN, X. Installation of the PRACLAY Seal and Heater

MOKNI, N., OLIVELLA, S., VALCKE, E., BLEYEN, N., SMETS, S., LI, X. & SILLEN, X. Hydro-chemical modelling of in situ behaviour of bituminized radioactive waste in Boom Clay

YAMADA, A., AKIYAMA, Y., NAKAJIMA, M., YADA, T., CHIJIMATSU, M. & NAKAJIMA, T. Studies of construction methods for Bentonite engineered barrier systems for sub-surface disposal: vibratory compaction


Hydrodynamical modelling

BéNET, L.-V., BOUILLET, C. & WENDLING, J. Analysis of the ambient conditions in an IL-LLW storage cell in a deep clay repository during the waiting closure period

VANDERSTEEN, K., GEDEON, M., MARIVOET, J. &WOUTERS, L. Regional groundwater flow modelling of the confined aquifers below the Boom Clay in NE Belgium



MELESHYN, A. Microbial processes relevant for the long-term performance of high-level radioactive waste repositories in clays

DYMITROWSKA, M., PAZDNIAKOU, A. & ADLER, P. M. Two-phase-flow pore-size simulations in Opalinus clay by the Lattice Boltzmann Method

VINSOT, A., LEVEAU, F., BOUCHET, A. & ARNOULD, A. Oxidation front and oxygen transfer in the fractured zone surrounding the Meuse/Haute-Marne URL drifts in the Callovian–Oxfordian argillaceous rock

TAKAYAMA, Y., TSURUMI, S., KOBAYASHI, I., OHWADA, H., ISHII, T., YAHAGI, R. & IIZUKA, A. Effect of montmorillonite content on mechanical and hydraulic properties of bentonite and its numerical modelling

WERSIN, P. & BIRGERSSON, M. Reactive transport modelling of iron–bentonite interaction within the KBS-3H disposal concept: the Olkiluoto site as a case study



MALMBERG, D. & KRISTENSSON, O. Thermo-hydraulic modelling of the bentonite buffer in deposition hole 6 of the Prototype Repository

YILDIZDAG, K., SHAO, H., HESSER, J., NOIRET, A. & SOENNKE, J. Coupled hydromechanical modelling of the mine-by experiment at Meuse-Haute-Marne underground rock laboratory France

DE LA VAISSIéRE, R., MOREL, J., NOIRET, A., CôTE, P., HELMLINGER, B., SOHRABI, R., LAVANCHY, J.-M., LEVEAU, F., NUSSBAUM, C. & MOREL, J. Excavation-induced fractures network surrounding tunnel: properties and evolution under loading

HAUSMANNOVA, L. & VASICEK, R. Measuring hydraulic conductivity and swelling pressure under high hydraulic gradients

GRAHAM, C. C., HARRINGTON, J. F., CUSS, R. J. & SELLIN, P. Pore-pressure cycling experiments on Mx80 Bentonite

KOBAYASHI, I., SUZUKI, K., ASANO, H., SELLIN, P., SVEMAR, C. & HOLMQVIST, M. Mechanical interpretations of the homogeneous nature of bentonite due to swelling

ZHANG, C.-L. Characterization of excavated claystone and claystone–bentonite mixtures as backfill/seal material

ABABOU, R., CAñAMóN, I. & POUTREL, A. Equivalent upscaled hydro-mechanical properties of a damaged and fractured claystone around a gallery (Meuse/Haute-Marne Underground Research Laboratory)

XU, W. J., SHAO, H., HESSER, J. & KOLDITZ, O. Numerical modelling of moisture controlled laboratory swelling/shrinkage experiments on argillaceous rocks

DELERUYELLE, F., BUI, T. A., WONG, H. & DUFOUR, N. Analytical modelling of a deep tunnel in a viscoplastic rock mass accounting for a simplified life cycle and extension to a particular case of porous media

CZAIKOWSKI, O., MIEHE, R. & ROTHFUCHS, T. Self-sealing barriers of sand/clay mixtures – lessons learnt from in situ experiment and retrospective modelling

PRIYANTO, D. G., DIXON, D. A., KIM, C.-S., KORKEAKOSKI, P. & VILLAGRAN, J. E. Preliminary modelling of the saturation of a full-sized clay and concrete shaft seal

BéNET, L.-V., TULITA, C., CALSYN, L. & WENDLING, J. Evolution of temperature and humidity in an underground repository over the operation period


Mass transfer/Gas transfer

DE LA VAISSIE`RE, R., GERARD, P., RADU, J.-P., CHARLIER, R., COLLIN, F., GRANET, S., TALANDIER, J., PIEDEVACHE, M. & HELMLINGER, B. Gas injection test in the Callovo-Oxfordian claystone: data analysis and numerical modelling

BROMMUNDT, J., KAEMPFER, Th. U., ENSSLE, C. P., MAYER, G. & WENDLING, J. Full-scale 3D modelling of a nuclear waste repository in the Callovo-Oxfordian clay. Part 1: thermo-hydraulic two-phase transport of water and hydrogen

ENSSLE, C. P., BROMMUNDT, J., KAEMPFER, Th. U., MAYER, G. & WENDLING, J. Full-scale 3D modelling of a nuclear waste repository in the Callovo-Oxfordian clay. Part 2: thermo-hydraulic two-phase transport of water, hydrogen, 14C and 129I

BéNET, L.-V., TULITA, C., PASTEAU, A. & WENDLING, J. Analysis of the long-term hydraulic-gas transient in the central zone of a deep clay repository

BENNETT, D. P., CUSS, R. J., VARDON, P. J., HARRINGTON, J. F. & THOMAS, H. R. Phenomena exposure from the large scale gas injection test (Lasgit) dataset using a bespoke data analysis toolkit

CUSS, R., HARRINGTON, J., GIOT, R. & AUVRAY, C. Experimental observations of mechanical dilation at the onset of gas flow in Callovo-Oxfordian claystone

NAMIKI, K., ASANO, H., TAKAHASHI, S., SHIMURA, T. & HIROTA, K. Laboratory gas injection tests of compacted bentonite buffer material for TRU waste disposal

SENGER, R., ROMERO, E., FERRARI, A. & MARSCHALL, P. Characterization of gas flow through low-permeability claystone: laboratory experiments and two-phase flow analyses

TAWARA, Y., HAZART, A., MORI, K., TADA, K., SHIMURA, T., SATO, S., YAMAMOTO, S., ASANO, H. & NAMIKI, K. Extended two-phase flow model with mechanical capability to simulate gas migration in bentonite

VINSOT, A., APPELO, C. A. J., LUNDY, M., WECHNER, S., LETTRY, Y., LEROUGE, C., FERNáNDEZ, A. M., LABAT, M., TOURNASSAT, C., DE CANNIERE, P., SCHWYN, B., MCKELVIE, J., DEWONCK, S., BOSSART, P. & DELAY, J. In situ diffusion test of hydrogen gas in the Opalinus Clay


Mass transfer mechanisms

SAVOYE, S., IMBERT, C., FAYETTE, A. & COELHO, D. Experimental study on diffusion of tritiated water and anions under variable water-saturation and clay mineral content: comparison with the Callovo-Oxfordian claystones

HARRINGTON, J. F., VOLCKAERT, G. & NOY, D. J. Long-term impact of temperature on the hydraulic permeability of bentonite

GONDOLLI, J. & VEČERNíK, P. The uncertainties associated with the application of through-diffusion, the steady-state method: a case study of strontium diffusion

WEETJENS, E., MAES, N. & VAN RAVESTYN, L. Model validation based on in situ radionuclide migration tests in Boom Clay: status of a large-scale migration experiment, 24 years after injection




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