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Palaeozoic Climate Cycles: Their Evolutionary and Sedimentological Impact

Product Code: SP376
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by A. Gąsiewicz and M. Słowakiewicz
Publication Date: 03 February 2014
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Special Publication 376

This volume presents results of a variety of case studies documenting the Late Palaeozoic climate changes and cyclicity of deposition. The collected papers cover many aspects related to palaeoenvironmental analysis with sedimentological, stratigraphic, palaeobiological, geochemical, and palaeomagnetic studies of the fossil record around the Late Palaeozoic Ice Age and soon after. They span a stratigraphic interval from Carboniferous to Permian–Triassic transition around the world.

This book comprising results for a range of disciplines, is a valuable source for not only researchers who are actively working on specific aspects of the Late Palaeozoic and looking for an up-to-date reference on this inhospitable  time in the Earth’s history. It is also of interest to climate modellers and the wider scientific community with an interest in the latest research on the decline of the Palaeozoic World.


Published online 09/12/2013. Print copy available from 03/02/2014.

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Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN:
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-357-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 586
Weight: 1.4 kg


GĄSIEWICZ, A. & SŁOWAKIEWICZ, M. Late Palaeozoic environmental changes: an introduction  From Late Carboniferous to Early Triassic record

WOPFNER, H. Late Palaeozoic–Early Triassic deposition and climates between Samfrau and Tethys: A review

WANG, X., QIE, W., SHENG, Q., QI, Y., WANG, Y., LIAO, Z., SHEN, S. & UENO, K. Carboniferous and Lower Permian sedimentological cycles and biotic events of South China

ZUBIN-STATHOPOULOS, K. D., BEAUCHAMP, B., DAVYDOV, V. I. & HENDERSON, C. M. Variability of Pennsylvanian–Permian Carbonate Associations and implications for NW Pangea Palaeogeography, east-central British Columbia, Canada

SZURLIES, M. Late Permian (Zechstein) magnetostratigraphy in Western and Central Europe Case studies: Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous crisis

BOJAR, A.-V., NEUBAUER, F. & KOEBERL, C. Geochemical record of Late Devonian to Early Carboniferous events, Palaeozoic of Graz, Eastern Alps, Austria Case studies: Late Carboniferous to Early Permian palaeoenvironmental perturbations

DINEEN, A. A., FRAISER, M. L. & ISBELL, J. L. Palaeoecology and sedimentology of Carboniferous glacial and post-glacial successions in the Paganzo and Río Blanco basins of northwestern Argentina

WAKSMUNDZKA, M. I. Carboniferous coarsening-upward and non-gradational cyclothems in the Lublin Basin (SE Poland): palaeoclimatic implications

GEBHARDT, U. & HIETE, M. Continental Upper Carboniferous red beds in the Variscan intermontane Saale Basin, central Germany: orbital forcing detected by wavelet analysis

TABOR, N. J., ROMANCHOCK, C. M., LOOY, C. V., HOTTON, C. L., DIMICHELE, W. A. & CHANEY, D. S. Conservatism of Late Pennsylvanian vegetational patterns during short-term cyclic and long-term directional environmental change, western equatorial Pangea

UENO, K., HAYAKAWA, N., NAKAZAWA, T., WANG, Y. & WANG, X. Pennsylvanian–Early Permian cyclothemic succession on the Yangtze Carbonate Platform, South China

HANKEN, N.-M. & NIELSEN, J. K. Upper Carboniferous–Lower Permian Palaeoaplysina build-ups on Svalbard: the influence of climate, salinity and sea-level

ISBELL, J. L., HENRY, L. C., REID, C. M. & FRAISER, M. L. Sedimentology and palaeoecology of lonestone-bearing mixed clastic rocks and cold-water carbonates of the Lower Permian Basal Beds at Fossil Cliffs, Maria Island, Tasmania (Australia): Insight into the initial decline of the late Palaeozoic ice age

KOSSOVAYA, O., VACHARD, D. & IZART, A. Climatic impact on the reef biota in the Cisuralian and Guadalupian (Permian), East European Platform Case studies: Middle to Late Permian palaeoclimatic impacts

LAYA, J. C., TUCKER, M. E., GRÖCKE, D. R. & PEREZ-HUERTA, A. Carbon, oxygen and strontium isotopic composition of low-latitude Permian carbonates (Venezuelan Andes): climate proxies of tropical Pangea

NIELSEN, J. K., BŁAŻEJOWSKI, B., GIESZCZ, P. & NIELSEN, J. K. Carbon and oxygen isotope records of Permian brachiopods from relatively low and high palaeolatitudes: climatic seasonality and evaporation

KOSSOVAYA, O. L. & KROPATCHEVA, G. S. Extinction of Guadalupian rugose corals: an example of biotic response to the Kamura event (southern Primorye, Russia)

KIERSNOWSKI, H. Late Permian aeolian sand seas from the Polish Upper Rotliegend Basin in the context of palaeoclimatic periodicity

CZAPOWSKI, G. & TOMASSI-MORAWIEC, H. Palaeogeographic and palaeoclimate factors of salinity fluctuations in the eastern part of the Late Permian (Zechstein) European Basin: case study from the salt basin in Poland

GĄSIEWICZ, A. Climatic control on the Late Permian Main Dolomite (Ca2) deposition in northern margin of the Southern Permian Basin and implications to its internal cyclicity

SŁOWAKIEWICZ, M. & GĄSIEWICZ, A. Palaeoclimatic imprint, distribution and genesis of Zechstein Main Dolomite (Upper Permian) petroleum source rocks in Poland: Sedimentological and geochemical rationales Case studies: Permian-Triassic transition

FIO, K., SREMAC, J., VLAHOVIĆ, I., VELIĆ, I. & SPANGENBERG, J. E. Permian deposits and the Permian–Triassic boundary in Croatia: palaeoclimatic implications based on palaeontological and geochemical data

HIETE, M., RÖHLING, H.-G., HEUNISCH, C. & BERNER, U. Facies and climate changes across the Permian–Triassic boundary in the North German Basin: insights from a high-resolution organic carbon isotope record



Daniel E. Horton, Stanford University, United States

Review featured in Geologos 20.4

……I found many of the studies to be fascinating from both a scientific and descriptive science perspective. I was encouraged to read several studies that applied new analytical techiques in an attempt to answer longstanding sedimentological questions and/or challenge established ideas. In particular, I was appreciative of those studies whose climatic interpretations were made with an eye towards physically-constrained numerical modelling results (e.g., Roscher et al., 2011; Horton et al., 2012), and would encourage papaeoenvironmental researchers to consider this dynamics-based approach in future endeavours.

Review featured Geological Magazine, online January 2015

The papers here range in topic from analyses of the characteristic sedimentary cycles, to palaeontological or isotopic patterns shown by various fossil groups.
These studies are consistently detailed, well-illustrated, closely described and discussed, and build up a mosaic of geological process and product in this phase of Earth history.
…..a solid and worth-while compilation:both source-book and reference book that will be very useful – and perhaps indispensable – to those who are researching the many geological enigmas of the late Palaeozoic.

Stanislaw Skompski

This part of the book is very well integrated and the component papers have been carefully selected. This most probably results from the personal interest of the book editors, A Gasiewicz and M Slowakiewicz, whose scientific activity is focused on the widely interpreted geology of the Southern European Permian Basis...worthwhile for all geologists who investigate Late Palaeozoic successions.

In conclusion, this excellent set of case studies can be thoroughly recommended and it needs to be in all institutional libraries.

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