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Reservoir Compartmentalization

Product Code: SP347
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S J Jolley, Q J Fisher, R B Ainsworth, P J Vrolijk & S Delisle
Publication Date: 06 December 2010
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Reservoir compartmentalization, the segregation of a petroleum accumulation into a number of individual fluid/pressure compartments, controls the volume of moveable oil or gas that might be connected to any given well drilled in a field, and consequently impacts on reserves ‘booking’ and operational profitability. This is a general feature of modern exploration and production portfolios, and has driven major developments in geoscience, engineering and related technology. Given that compartmentalization is a consequence of many factors, an integrated subsurface approach is required to better understand and predict compartmentalization behaviour, and to minimize the risk of it occurring unexpectedly. This volume reviews our current understanding and ability to model compartmentalization. It highlights the necessity for effective specialist discipline integration, and the value of learning from operational experience in: detection and monitoring of compartmentalization; stratigraphic and mixed-mode compartmentalization; and fault-dominated compartmentalization.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-316-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-316-5
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 384
Weight: 1.0 kg


JOLLEY, S. J., FISHER, Q. J. & AINSWORTH, R. B. Reservoir compartmentalization: an introduction

FOX, R. J. & BOWMAN, M. B. J. The challenges and impact of compartmentalization in reservoir appraisal and development

SMALLEY, P. C. & MUGGERIDGE, A. H. Reservoir compartmentalization: get it before it gets you

PÁEZ, R. H., LAWERENCE, J. J. & ZHANG, M. Compartmentalization or gravity segregation? Understanding and predicting characteristics of near-critical petroleum fluids

CHUPAROVA, E., KRATOCHVIL, T., KLEINGELD, J., BILINSKI, P.,GUILLORY, C., BIKUN, J.& DJOJOSOEPARTO, R. Integration of time-lapse geochemistry with well logging and seismic to monitor dynamic reservoir fluid communication: Auger field case-study, deep water Gulf of Mexico

GILL, C. E., SHEPHERD, M. & MILLINGTON, J. J. Compartmentalization of the Nelson field, Central North Sea: evidence from produced water chemistry analysis

GAINSKI, M., MACGREGOR, A. G., FREEMAN, P. J. & NIEUWLAND, H. F. Turbidite reservoir compartmentalization and well targeting with 4D seismic and production data: Schiehallion Field, UK

TOZER, R. S. J. & BORTHWICK, A. M. Variation in fluid contacts in the Azeri field, Azerbaijan: sealing faults or hydrodynamic aquifer?

SCOTT, E. D., GELIN, F., JOLLEY, S. J., LEENAARTS, E., SADLER, S. P. & ELSINGER, R. J. Sedimentological control of fluid flow in deep marine turbidite reservoirs: Pierce Field, UK Central North Sea

WONHAM, J. P., CYROT, M., NGUYEN, T., LOUHOUAMOU, J. & RUAU, O. Integrated approach to geomodelling and dynamic simulation in a complex mixed siliciclastic–carbonate reservoir, N’Kossa field, Offshore Congo

MCKIE, T., JOLLEY, S. J. & KRISTENSEN, M. B. Stratigraphic and structural compartmentalization of dryland fluvial reservoirs: Triassic Heron Cluster, Central North Sea

AINSWORTH, R. B. Prediction of stratigraphic compartmentalization in marginal marine reservoirs

HOVADIK, J. M. & LARUE, D. K. Stratigraphic and structural connectivity

YIELDING, G., BRETAN, P. & FREEMAN, B. Fault seal calibration: a brief review

FREEMAN, S. R., HARRIS, S. D. & KNIPE, R. J. Cross-fault sealing, baffling and fluid flow in 3D geological models: tools for analysis, visualization and interpretation

IRVING, A. D., CHAVANNE, E., FAURE, V., BUFFET, P. & BARBER, E. An uncertainty modelling workflow for structurally compartmentalized reservoirs

VAN HULTEN, F. F. N. Geological factors effecting compartmentalization of Rotliegend gas fields in the Netherlands

CORONA, F. V., DAVIS, J. S., HIPPLER, S. J. & VROLIJK, P. J. Multi-fault analysis scorecard: testing the stochastic approach in fault seal prediction

RICHARDS, F. W., VROLIJK, P. J., GORDON, J. D. & MILLER, B. R. Reservoir connectivity analysis of a complex combination trap: Terra Nova Field, Jeanne d’Arc Basin, Newfoundland, Canada



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