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Palaeoproterozoic Supercontinents and Global Evolution

Product Code: SP323
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by S M Reddy, R Mazumder, D A D Evans and A S Collins
Publication Date: 06 October 2009
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The Palaeoproterozoic era (2500-1600 Ma) is a critical period of Earth history, with dynamic evolution from the deep planetary interior to its surface environment. Several lines of geological evidence suggest the existence of at least one pre-Rodinia supercontinent, named Nuna or Columbia, which formed near the end of Palaeoproterozoic time. Prior to this assembly, there may have been an older supercontinent (Kenorland) or perhaps only independently drifting supercratons. The tectonic records of amalgamation and dispersal of these ancient landmasses provide a framework that links processes of the deep Earth with those of its fluid envelope. The sixteen papers in this volume present reviews and new analytical data that span the geological record of Palaeoproterozoic Earth. The volume is useful as a reference book for students and professional geoscientists interested in this important period of global evolution.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-283-8
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-283-0
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 368
Weight: 1.10 kg


Palaeoproterozoic supercontinents and global evolution: correlations from core to atmosphere, S M Reddy & D A D Evans

The IGCP 509 database system: design and application of a tool to capture and illustrate litho-and chrono-stratigraphic information for Palaeoproterozoic tectonic domains, large igneous provinces and ore deposits; with examples from southern Africa, B M Eglington, S M Reddy & D A D Evans

The Columbia connection in North China, T M Kusky & M Santosh

The Precambrian Khondalite Belt in the Daqingshan area, North China Craton: evidence for multiple metamorphic events in the Palaeoproterozoic Era, Y Wan, D Liu, C Dong, Z Xu, Z Wang, S A Wilde, Y Yang, Z Liu & H Zhou

The Lüliang Massif: a key area for the understanding of the Palaeoproterozoic Trans-North China Belt, North China Craton, P Trap, M Faure, W Lin & S Meffre

Palaeoproterozoic to Eoarchaean crustal growth in southern Siberia: a Nd-isotope synthesis, D P Gladkochub, T V Donskaya, S M Reddy, U Poller, T B Bayanova, A M Mazukabzov, S Dril, W Todt & S A Pisarevsky

Palaeomagnetism and U–Pb dates of the Palaeoproterozoic Akitkan Group (South Siberia) and implications for pre-Neoproterozoic tectonics, A N Didenko, V Yu Vodovozov, S A Pisarevsky, D P Gladkochub, T V Donskaya, A M Mazukabzov, A M Stanevich, E V Bibikova & T I Kirnozova

Timing and duration of Palaeoproterozoic events producing ore-bearing layered intrusions of the Baltic Shield: metallogenic, petrological and geodynamic implications, T Bayanova, J Ludden & F Mitrofanov

Palaeomagnetism of the Salla Diabase Dyke, northeastern Finland, and its implication for the Baltica–Laurentia entity during the Mesoproterozoic, J Salminen, L J Pesonen, S Mertanen, J Vuollo & M-L Airo

Sm–Nd data for granitoids across the Namaqua sector of the Namaqua–Natal Province, South Africa, A Pettersson, D H Cornell, M Yuhara & Y Hirahara

Geodynamic evolution of the 2.25–2.0Ga Palaeoproterozoic magmatic rocks in the Man-Leo Shield of the West African Craton. A model of subsidence of an oceanic plateau, M Lompo

U–Pb and Sm–Nd constraints on the nature of the Campinorte sequence and related Palaeoproterozoic juvenile orthogneisses,Tocantins Province, central Brazil, M E S D Giustina, C G De Oliveira, M M Pimentel, L V De Melo, R A Fuck, E L Dantas & B Buhn

Evidence for 2.35 to 2.30Ga juvenile crustal growth in the northwest Borborema Province, NE Brazil, T J S Dos Santos, A H Fetter, W Randall Van Schmus & P C Hackspacher

SHRIMP U–Pb c. 1860 Ma anorogenic magmatic signatures from the NW Himalaya: implications for Palaeoproterozoic assembly of the Columbia Supercontinent, S Singh, A K Jain & M E Barley

Palaeoproterozoic seismites (fine-grained facies of the Chaibasa Formation, east India) and their soft-sediment deformation structures, R Mazumder, J P Rodríguez-López, M Arima & A J Van Loon

Correlations and reconstruction models for the 2500–1500 Ma evolution of the Mawson Continent, J L Payne, M Hand, K M Barovich, A Reid & D A D Evans



T. J. A. Reijers

In the 16 papers, in this volume are traced various tectonic records of amalgamation and dispersal of such ancient landmasses. That makes this volume a useful reference book for students and professional geoscientists on a rapidly growing new field of knowledge. As such it is warmly recommended.

Tapas Bhattacharyya,

………… excellent quality regarding both presentation and
information. Authors and editors jointly created a work with good readability. The book is
therefore valuable for all advanced undergraduate and graduate students of Precambrian
geology, as well as for researchers of the Proterozoic.University and college libraries alike
will find the volume useful to demonstrate the significance of integrated approaches from the
various geoscience disciplines

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