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The Nature and Origin of Compression in Passive Margins

Product Code: SP306
Series: GSL Special Publications - print copy
Author/Editor: Edited by H Johnson, A G Doré, R W Gatliff, R E Holdsworth, E R Lundin & J D Ritchie
Publication Date: 20 October 2008
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Increasingly, researchers have reported that passive margins do not show a simple uninterrupted thermal sag pattern of post-rift subsidence following continental separation. Rather, the structural and stratigraphic development of such margins may record evidence of complex phases of differential subsidence, exhumation and fold development. Some of the fold structures observed on passive continental margins appear to be related to regional stresses transmitted through basement rocks, whereas others are related to gravitational sliding and toe-thrusting. This special publication concentrates on the first of these categories. The morphology and distribution of such folds, together with potential mechanisms for generation of regional stress, are described in a series of papers by authorities in the field. As well as being an enigmatic feature of passive margin geology, the compressive folds have significance in the exploration for petroleum.

Type: Book
Ten Digit ISBN: 1-86239-261-7
Thirteen Digit ISBN: 978-1-86239-261-8
Publisher: GSL
Binding: Hardback
Pages: 232
Weight: 0.70 kg


  • Potential mechanisms for the genesis of Cenozoic domal structures on the NE Atlantic margin: pros, cons and some new ideas, A G Doré, E R Lundin, N J Kusznir & C Pascal
  • Post-rift compressional reactivation potential of passive margins and extensional basins, S Cloetingh, F Beekman, P A Ziegler, J D Van Wees & D Sokoutis
  • Present-day stresses, seismicity and Neogene-to-Recent tectonics of Australia's 'passive' margins: intraplate deformation controlled by plate boundary forces, RR Hillis, M Sandiford, S D Reynolds & M C Quigley
  • Evidence for kilometre-scale Neogene exhumation driven by compressional deformation in the Irish Sea basin system, S P Holford, P F Green, J P Turner, G A Williams, R R Hillis, D R Tappin & I R Duddy
  • The effects of Cenozoic compression within the Faroe–Shetland Basin and adjacent areas, J D Ritchie, H Johnson, M F Quinn & R W Gatliff
  • Uplift, compression and the Cenozoic Faroe–Shetland sediment budget, J R Smallwood Palaeogene evolution of the Ymir and Wyville Thomson ridges, European North Atlantic Margin, H Ziska & T Varming
  • Compressional structures on the West Iberia rifted margin: controls on their distribution, G Péron-Pinvidic, G Manatschal, S M Dean & T A Minshull
  • Elastic flexure and distributed deformation along Australia's North West shelf; Neogene tectonics of the Bonaparte and Browse basins, M Keep & M Harrowfield
  • Fault reactivation in the Port Campbell Embayment with respect to carbon dioxide sequestration, Otway Basin, Australia, C Rogers, P J van Ruth & R R Hillis


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